Artist Feature: Visual Artwork

This time we are sneaking away from the music side and looking at all the wonderful visual artists out there in the music world. It’s always fun to see the many facets of creativity that surround us. Hope you enjoy these gems.

Feed Me has created some amazing artwork. If you follow him on Instagram you can see many of the pieces in rough form, growing into the finished piece. Below are two of those initial drawings.

Nick Casale is a musician… and a graphic designer. Not only does he post much of his artwork, he also highlights other excellent artists. Always fun to be introduced to other creators of great visual work. Here is one of the album covers that Nick created.

When Mike Lowery isn’t playing music, he is sketching and illustrating children’s books. I have to share two of his sketches. The first one because it’s musical. The second one because I’m a fan of whales. πŸ™‚

Dave Hanson has a way to fill his time while touring by painting the world. Here are a couple of his paintings of different places.

Jenna Fournier finds time to play guitar and paint, so of course she found the perfect opportunity to combine those two loves.

Herman seems to always enjoy hanging out with his human. But his human is not only a talented musician, Tyson makes some pretty incredible scupltures. You can’t go wrong checking out Herman and Tyson’s instagram.

Periodically in between a fun look at David Gurr’s musical life, he throws in a little artwork treat. Here are a couple of his pieces.

Philip Benton gives a great energy and background for that beautiful guitar with his guitar wall board paintings. Thanks for sharing with us on Facebook, Philip!



And for something a bit different here are some art pieces that were created as gifts for the musician in their life.

Patryk Pilasiewicz shared “Recently, my daughter Susan gave me one of the most beautiful and unexpected gifts – her version of BlueSky Reverberator πŸ™‚ She gave me a little box and told with serious face: “Dad, I know, that you need this. I hope, this helps you until you get a real one”.
It was fantastic :-)”


This beautiful gift is an art piece from Instagram user @nedumalaobetom created with pen and pencil for her husband.

Another artistic gift and this one that is also edible πŸ™‚ Created for @aulosuk for his birthday.

This tasty treat created for Hiroki.

Do you paint, illustrate, design? Please share below πŸ™‚

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