Big end-of-year giveaway

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Jeff Kerwin from Tallahassee, FL. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

Present from StrymonWe wanted to celebrate the holiday season and give you the chance to win a Strymon four-pack! Enter to win a holiday care package that includes our TimeLine delay, blueSky Reverberator, OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost, and our brand new Mobius modulation. I’m not sure what we were thinkingβ€” that’s over a $1400 value!

All you need to do is fill out the form below. Contest ends on December 18. Good luck and happy holidays. Ok, go!!

Big End-of-year Giveaway

The rules:

  • Enter the contest form below.
  • Please only enter once. Entering more than once will not improve your odds.
  • That’s it!

The prize:

  • Strymon TimeLine multidimensional delay pedal and 9V power supply ($449 value)
  • Strymon Mobius multidimensional modulation pedal and 9V power supply ($449 value)
  • Strymon blueSky reverberator pedal and 9V power supply ($299 value)
  • Strymon OB.1 optical compressor & clean boost and 9V power supply ($218 value)

The terms:

Enter the contest:

Enter the form below.

Contest has ended.

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Jeff Kerwin from Tallahassee, FL. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

219 Responses

  1. Dan Gamache says:

    Who doesn’t love giveaways!

  2. Rob Hollis says:

    Can’t wait for the Mobius!

  3. Derek Doss says:


  4. Alex Kerr says:

    I do not love give-a-ways. I often wonder if they are a hoax. I have submitted entries to thousands of them over my lifetime and I have never won so much as a guitar pick. HAHA, you asked. πŸ˜›

    • Ethan says:

      @Alex – I wouldn’t be surprised if some giveaways aren’t legit. But our giveaways are! Good luck man! This one is gonna be good. πŸ™‚

  5. Jacob says:

    My best friend won an xbox live sweepstakes , after spending about 30 seconds filling out something like this. 60 inch flat screen, surround sound, text pads for the controllers… It’s unreal every time I go play halo on it… Slim odds is all..

  6. Ken says:

    Have also 10 X 1000’s from giveaways never even heard if anyone won anything ??? I myself have never won nothing but SPAM!!Hope my Luck will change ! at least one time before I Die , my luck will be on my side. would Love it 2 win !! it just might be what I need to Bring a little more Blue in my BLUZE !! keepin my Fingers X . thanks 4 the Chance SN/ Kilovolt

  7. Dave says:


  8. BOBBY BURRESS says:

    Everone loves a giveaway

  9. Drew Davis says:

    i may have to donate my current pedals to those folks who lost their gear in Sandy, so I can make room for a few Strymon pedals

  10. Ethan says:

    I have yet to win a giveaway … yet. Merry Christmas to you all!!

  11. metaldave says:


  12. The Rob says:

    I just peed a little.

  13. Robbster says:

    Dear Santa…….pleeeeze !?!

  14. Stephen says:

    Merry Christmas!! If you do not like Strymon; You are having fun

  15. donald says:

    murray christmas love strymon

  16. Koori Wong says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Greatings from China, this is your China Dealer. Can wait to get our hands on Mobius!

  17. David says:

    I’m getting an error message when I try to submit. I don’t know if anyone else is. Just a heads up

  18. joe says:

    wuut. is this U.S only contest? joe here from manila!

  19. Kinct says:

    it keeps showing ” Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way” while I submit the giveway. why is it?

    • Ethan says:

      @Kinct – Sorry about that. Our web host changed some settings that made our contest form stop working. It should be working now! πŸ™‚

  20. Eric Martin says:

    I just got my TimeLine a week ago, but I’d love another, especially if it came bundled with a Mobius, blueSky, and OB.1.

  21. Blake Hickey says:

    Already own a Timeline, and I’m about to buy a Mobius, but it can’t hurt to have duplicates!

  22. Stephan Stacey says:

    Yes please!

  23. David says:

    @Ethan – Still no dice for some reason. Maybe the web host doesn’t like my suggestion for a multi-reverb unit haha?

  24. Karl says:

    Awesome! That would make for a stellar Christmas.

  25. Brent Johnston says:

    Great Giveaway!

  26. Andrew Strickland says:


  27. Richard says:

    Is my favourite pedal company giving away pedals? Of course I’ll hit F5 until the form reappears :). So excited for Mobius!

  28. tamas says:

    maybe it’s the end of the world in a couple of weeks, but I’d love tweek these stuff! hope see them soon! πŸ˜‰

  29. Edmund Moon says:


  30. Matt B says:


    Fingers crossed.

    Even if I don’t win I really hope you guys consider my ideas for future pedals.

  31. Brane says:

    I’ve entered the contest! πŸ˜€ and it is 1am and time for sleep. So,good luck to everybody. Greetings from Bosnia

  32. Bruno Lavos says:

    Hey people of the world.
    I hope that whoever wins this treat, have a really nice and creative time with it. Wonderful tools! Wonderful colors for sonic landscaping. Sexy and Good looking! πŸ˜€
    Greetings from Portugal
    Be Happy!

  33. Erik says:

    Strymon’s team knows how to share a sweet Christmass with all of us πŸ™‚

  34. Casey Scott says:

    DUUUUUUDE! That’s sweet!

  35. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed! I really want to win this. I already have BIG plans for this prize.

    Stacy Alexander

  36. Tyler Stasierowski says:

    This is a killer package! One of the best pedal boards you could buy.

  37. Jered says:

    This would rule.

  38. Travis says:

    That is a killer four pack!!!

  39. Adam Steinz says:

    Easily beats ANY giveaway I’ve seen, lately! Strymon is about to make somebody’s Holidays VERY happy!

  40. Neil St. says:

    This package would be a lifetime [email protected]

  41. Basil says:

    Strymon shares a sweet Christmas with all of us πŸ™‚

  42. John Janigan-Mills says:

    Best of luck to eve
    ryone who has entered! Thanks for the opprotunity Strymon!

  43. Bill Bradley says:

    I can see this company blossoming like Line 6 and other local companies that have made it big. Stryman’s niche? Organic sounding pedals that are rack mount powerful but stompbox friendly. I have a feeling we have already heard some hit music with Stryman pedals being used. They are showing up on more and more pedal boards than you can shake a stick at. Next up a multi effect Stryman board with OD! Grab and go…you’ll have everything!

  44. Harry V says:


  45. Botiench says:

    Cool πŸ˜‰

  46. Mark Sirois says:

    TimeLine is a very creative pedal. Not your ordinary delay.
    Can’t wait for Mobius

  47. Mark Sirois says:

    Thanks for the contest

  48. Tony says:

    Merry Christmas to all, and good luck!!

  49. Frank Gironda says:

    All The Best

  50. Jeff Schultz says:

    Good luck all!

  51. Thanks for the contest and taking suggestions for the future. Have a merry Christmas and thanks…

  52. Doyen Keaton says:

    Great looking products, hope to check these out soon. Cheers Doyen

  53. Larry R. says:

    Love your products!

  54. Tommy says:

    Thanks a lot! Happy holidays!!!

  55. Jamie Pinto says:

    greatest pedals around, without a doubt, and now the best give away ever. <3 Strymon

  56. Vito says:

    I only recently discovered Strymon. I haven’t tried any of the gear (yet), although the demo videos are very impressive. There’s a Flint with my name on it somewhere, sometime…maybe for Christmas. Meantime, thanks for the contest.

  57. Randy says:

    Anyone who wins the package is a lucky person. Strymon makes a high quality product both in terms build and sound. I know because I have one.

  58. Tom Rollison says:

    You guys are killing me. I’m going to have to get a second job or something cause I really love your pedals. Trying to save up.

  59. Ilinka Kijanovic says:

    Awesome and greatly crafted products, fellas! Thanks a bunch for opening the competition! Cheers, have a happy holidays!

  60. Marty Wiebelhaus says:

    LOVE my LEX!!!

  61. James says:

    Love all the strymon stuff. Want to fill my board with Strymon. Thank you soo much for the contest. Keeping my fingers crossed !!!

  62. Zach D says:

    Really want to try the OB.1 out…

  63. Steven says:

    Strymon pedals are awesome. Thanks for the great contest.

  64. Eddie says:

    Awesome give away!

  65. Partho Ghosh says:

    Good luck to all!

  66. Martin Lavallee says:

    Wow guys … You’re product line is the most amazing in the industry !!
    Keep on developing such amazing musician creative tools.
    Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

  67. Joel says:

    Love all your pedals! Love my Blue Sky the most!
    I plan on having one of each of your pedals by the end of 2013. Seriously.
    Soldier on boys!

  68. Adam B. says:

    I’m gonna hang an extra large stocking from the fireplace mantle, just in case. Thank you, everyone at Strymon.

  69. You make the best pedals out there! Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  70. Dave Kaple says:

    You guys have beautiful products…looking forward to much more gear., cheers!

  71. William Cain says:

    Good luck everyone, and happy holidays.

  72. vaz oliver says:

    Really nice pedals…
    good luck to all!

  73. Grhumpy says:

    Pure game for pure sound !!!
    Hope to win like everybody here πŸ˜‰

  74. Leif E. says:

    Here’s hoping for some Strymon gear under the tree!

  75. Eric Gibbs says:

    Very nice Engineering and layout
    Happy Holidays and HNY

  76. KennyM says:

    Merry X-mas and thanks for the inspiration.

  77. Konstantin says:

    Wow! Cool!

  78. Miles says:

    What an amazing giveaway. Thank you for making such incredible gear. Happy holidays!

  79. David Pray says:

    Strymon = Lush. Appreciate all the brain power that goes into your gear.

  80. King Solomon says:

    Strymon is the best digital based effects pedal manufacturer I know of. So here’s to winning 4 of them. Good luck to all!

  81. Dave Carnett says:

    The two Strymon pedals I have are the most used pedals on my board!

  82. Craig S. says:

    My Timeline is my favorite pedal…Incredible sound products and top notch all the way! Thanks for the contest and Happy Holidays to everyone at Strymon!

  83. Jonny says:

    I hope to win every pedal….but one would be awesome.
    Tried one out a while back and it was cool

  84. Zensen says:

    You’re absolutely Right on the track !!!

  85. gtr4Him says:

    Thanks for these contest offer!

  86. Grace says:

    Happy Holiday Strymon !

  87. Steven Castro says:

    Innovation at your fingertips. Absolutely amazing. Thank you to all of you for makin such great products and contributing to amazing music

  88. James Green says:

    Thx for the contest, great stuff Strymon

  89. Morgan says:

    Strymon is amazing – their build quality is epic! keep it up and good luck to everyone in the contest

  90. Jeffrey Carl Johnson says:

    Wow! That is an awesome package to give away. Somebody is going to be so thrilled! Good luck everybody.

  91. Steve Collins says:

    Strymon effects are the best I’ve heard and I’ve been playing for 20 years!! I love all kinds of gear but these Strymon pedals are my new favorites. They sound warm and huge!!!

  92. Bob Prince says:

    I just want everything. Is that asking too much?

  93. James Ramos says:

    Thanks to strymon team for the contest. Best pedals of the world!!!

  94. Nurmaisha says:

    Thank you so much for the contest. All the best!

  95. Jordan says:

    Love your products, hoping to have an opportunity to experience something new!

  96. Aenzea says:

    Thanks for the contest Strymon and good luck to all! Just imagine how many sounds the winner will get from this combo! I wouldn’t know where to start.

  97. Awesome giveaway! Thank you.

  98. Artyom says:

    available after January 12, 2103
    ))))))))))))))) the next generation

  99. zontar says:

    Well here’s a good way to get some Strymon pedals.
    I’ve been wanting a Reverb…

    Thanks for the contest–win or lose.

  100. Eliezer says:

    This giveaway ALONE, would be enough to start and finish a pedalboard… Nothing but awesome. Strymon FTW!

  101. Fred St Clair says:

    Thanks guys you are a great company

  102. paul says:

    Thanks for these give aways!:)

  103. Evgeniy says:

    That’s just incredible charity! Thank you;)

  104. Mario says:

    Thank you Strymon for being so awesome in everything!

  105. Pete Horam says:

    Wonderful prize guys…fingers and toes crossed!

  106. Lollofunky says:

    Oh what a great fantastic super beautiful Xmas present! Fingers Crossed!

  107. Reza says:

    This is fantastic! Lucky person who wins this.

  108. Danny sherman says:

    Winning this would be the blessing of a lifetime for a full time musician like myself. I’ve done 8 months of touring this year and haven’t made a dollar from it. I have 10 months scheduled out for next year and somehow I have fix all my broken gear with no money. This would seriously fix 99% of my problems. If not me then I hope a struggling touring musician wins this.

  109. Danny sherman says:

    Literally all of my dream pedals

  110. ERic Melaerts says:

    This is gonna be such a nice present under the X-Mas tree.
    Thanks Santa Strymon.

  111. Bruno Lompech says:

    That was just a dream, just a dereeeaaaaammmmm !!!

  112. GLes says:

    The Mobius demo is very interesting and thorough.
    This give-a-way is the Christmas Spirit to the Nth degree.
    The winner should probably do Christmas ‘Caroling’ on a street corner through a haze of your effects!
    Merry Christmas

  113. damon says:

    Well now…you have our attention.

  114. chris says:

    i own the blue sky and absolutely LOVE the reaction i get from people when they hear it!! i am n love with the mobius and the timeline and want them both!! you guys make incredible products!!! also, many thanks to Mr State Shirt for all the great demos!!

  115. Michel says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Good luck!

  116. R. Bridges says:

    I love all the contest pedals. Want! Badly.

  117. Damien says:

    Well done guys.. Very nice present! Hope to be the lucky one!

  118. Gary says:

    I love my Strymon Timeline – – I would love to win these other pedals – – I’d be like a kid in a candy store for sure!!!

  119. Barry Seigel says:

    A GREAT combination of giveaways !!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  120. David Cragin says:

    Finally – digital done right. When I win this giveaway I will rule the world with love and kindness.

  121. Matt Wright says:

    This is the collection that I’ve always dreamed of having. Way to go Strymon, you’ll always have my business!

  122. Erick Gonzales says:

    i must say , thanks for this contest be worldwide i love your products i try a timeline of a friend of mine and i love it!

    thanks thanks thanks!

    best regards


  123. Mark says:

    The perfect way to add more Stymon to my pedalboard….that way Dad could have a fantastic Christmas!!! The kids are already taken care of……

  124. Razvan says:

    Perfect giveaway. All you need in terms of high-end quality effects pedals. The winner’s going to be a really lucky guy, oh boy!

  125. Igor Kasyanyuk says:

    You guys seriously rock! Merry Christmas!

  126. Jeff says:

    No offense to any of the other entrants, but I hope you all lose. lol. Thanks Strymon. I love my Timeline.

  127. Santiago says:

    Would be the ultimate pedal board…

  128. maroon4ik says:

    Thanks guys!!! You’re great!!! Your products are awesome!!!

  129. Rick says:

    What a great contest. Someone is gonna have a Merry Christmas.

  130. Bwrinn says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’m blown away by your engineering quality and sound.
    I like to think of Strymon as the Apple of the effects community.

  131. Ken Gier says:

    When I first heard the sound of your effects,I was totaly amazed by the clairty and the adjustments of configuration of the sound.And for a company to give away these items is to much,I only hope to be the one that will be able to use these effects every day of my life,it would be an honor!

  132. Franklin says:

    What a great holiday giveaway! You guys continue to show your outstanding commitment to excellence as well as your appreciation towards your excited customers. El Capistan and Lex are making this pedal steel player very happy. I’m sure you will continue to blow my mind (and others) in the future. Put me on the Strymon bandwagon!

  133. Patrick Brown says:

    Happy Holidays from Atlanta, GA.!
    Love your products!

  134. Wonko says:

    December 18th is my birthday, this would make a great birthday present!

  135. Chai T says:

    Oh yeah baby! Can’t wait till the postman delivers these babies to ME! I promise to make video demos for everyone as a consolation.

  136. Barrington Haynes says:

    Wondering wether to go all X-Factor/American Idol on here and explain how it’s been such a tough year for me as my mum has just passed away and I haven’t been able to pick up a guitar since she got ill six months ago. This would be the perfect antidote to that – so please vote for me…

    On a more ‘me’ note – I absolutely love the Strymon pedals, very excited to see the Mobius and really think the blueSky could kick out my TC Nova Reverb. Was looking at the El Capistan too – wonder whether you can have too many delay pedals on one board as I have an EXH DMM and Malekko 616?!

  137. Tom T says:

    I’ll be honest i don’t own any of your pedals but i hear dan boul play them all the time and they are some of the best effects i’ve heard. You’ll be on my pedal board one day πŸ˜‰

  138. Abalone says:

    The sound of these pedals would defenetly be heard on our new album.
    Rock On !!

  139. joey everett says:

    Killer giveaway!!! Most company’s have lame prizes, just another testimony to Strymon’s greatness!!

  140. mahieux says:

    Je suis preneur. Merci

  141. Mike says:

    I am currently saving my pennies to get a Flint. I am VERY impressed by Strymon products and hope to own several soon. This giveaway is just amazing. All the best to the winner!

  142. Robert says:

    I love Strymon products, and to have a chance to WIN some, WOW!
    Really…WOW! I’m going out to purchase some new patch cables (just in case I win).

  143. Travis says:

    Seriously, I think amplifiers should be on the horizon. You guys have nailed the transparent tone thing, and covered about all you can cover with the advent of the mΓΆbius… Except OD. I could totally see a Timmy meets morning glory pedal with the boost side of the OB.1 to accompany for a 2 in 1 pedal

  144. Jason says:

    There are 152 responses before me and I’m sure everyone here is saying the same thing…we have Strymon pedals, we love Strymon pedals and the chance to WIN 4 Strymon pedals is just fantastic! Thank you to everyone at Strymon!!

  145. doug says:

    I am saving for the Flint, this combination of reverb / trem is the old school effects approach that I prefer and the Flint simply nails this.

  146. Franc says:

    I would love to win one of those pedals for a smaller pedal board I’m trying to set up.

  147. Phil says:

    I think the El Capistan is the best echo pedal I have ever used. Many years ago I had an old Watkins valve Copycat,and the El Capistan gets me the sound that I used to have, but has much more control and has many other features. I recently got the Lex and am having great fun reliving the late 60’s with the Leslie sounds from it. Saving my pennies for a Mobius – it looks like it will cover all the old flanging and phaser sounds I love.

  148. Keny says:

    I am saving rto buy a STRYMON LEX and OLA Pedal. I have a STRYMON EL CAPISTAN and BLUE SKY rthe quality of sound and workmanship are excellent!

  149. mattyboy says:

    please pick my entry to be the winner,thankyou.

  150. Steve says:

    I need to win something!!!

  151. michael duckworth says:

    As an older “die-hard” analog guy I must tip my hat to Strymon for coming up with some truly amazing sounding, very versatile pedals that are jammed packed with some excellent features.

  152. Mike says:

    I am definitely hoping to own some Strymon pedals someday!

  153. sebastien says:

    I just want to make beautiful noise !!! help me

  154. Matteo Lorenzetti says:

    Simply the best!

  155. Riordan says:

    No matter what you were thinking, this giveaway is going to make someone extremely happy!

  156. lynn brannen says:

    A great sweeps!

  157. Stephen says:

    Every time I come across a Youtube video of a shoot out where Strymon is included, Strymon is always on top! So impressive…I want the whole line!
    Thank you for the great products and a chance to own such a stellar line of effects.

    Happy Holidays!

  158. Xoran Sorvor says:

    Amazing sound, quality et powerfull effects. I like this !

  159. sarah woods says:

    Join those us wishing for the win Happy Holidays to all

  160. Ben May says:

    Total game-changing package

  161. Dene O'Neill says:

    Really enjoying my El Capistan and waiting excitedly for my Lex.
    Thought I was finished with my board until I listened to the Blue Sky. Damn.

  162. Moises Campos says:

    Just entered the contest.
    Wish me Luck!

  163. Nate B says:

    To be honest, I’m hoping I get blessed with this giveaway. However, if it goes to someone else, congrats! I’m impressed with Strymon’s realization of their professionalism and not being snobs about it. They’re being generous. Props!

  164. Rob Wessel says:

    Your Timeline pedal combines in one box what I now use a combination of a few other pedals as well as software plugins to do. The ability to do all this with one pedal would save time in my studio and open the potential to perform some of my ideas live. Keep up the great work!

  165. Vincent says:

    Can’t wait to by the El Capistan!!!!!! Best echo pedal ever.

  166. Rustam Mazhidov says:

    Thank you for all that you do Strymon! If i win this four-pack prize it will be happiest day of my life!

  167. Junior Hudgins says:

    Anything Strymon in my little studio would truely be a blessing

  168. Mike Anderson says:

    Hey Guys ,Let’s crank that thing up!

  169. Lilly A. says:

    OMG if I win these pedals I might just die, & then I’d have to resurrect to obviously play time of course haha πŸ™‚ this would be a dream come true b/c I NEED new pedals especially strymon pedals, plus I’m broke so winning this would be the BEST Christmas gift EVER!!!

  170. Carlo says:

    I’m from Italy and I hope to win this pedals!!! Here is very difficult to find those amazing stuff!!! I love Strymon pedals!!! Merry Christmas from Italy!!! πŸ™‚

  171. etzel says:

    I hope i dont wake up from this dream…

  172. Flavia Messinese says:

    I hope to win with all my heart!
    I love Strymon pedals!! <3

  173. Jordan says:

    I think Strymon should make a single-space rack unit with all of the effects for under a grand:) That would be the ultimate fx unit!

    For now I’m LOVING my El Cap!

  174. tim says:

    MIDI control!

  175. Giampaolo says:

    I have Timeline….I can no longer ‘do without!

  176. Dale Duncan says:

    hope i win, nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Mike W says:

    I always like a bit of Flanging every now and then ….

  178. Brian G says:

    Own an El Capistan, it is used in my rig all the time. Strymon are the best thing going right now for sure!

  179. Claudio says:

    I think the El Capistan is the best thing appened in my life…
    I’m so in love with my little big grey box!

  180. Damianos - Kosmas Roussos says:

    Well lets hope we get something good this year πŸ™‚

  181. I have toured the world this year with the Timeline and Bluesky at the heart of my board and I am so happy to be able to make the sounds that are in my head a reality so easily. I’ve had people across the US and Europe complimenting me on my tone everywhere and there’s no doubt that Strymon’s pedals are a major component of my sound I couldn’t live without them now. Gotta have two amps though!

  182. Donald says:

    I am making room on my board and will own some of these soon!

  183. David Ringe says:

    Great giveaway you guys. Keep up the good work!

  184. Tom says:

    Love this company!

  185. Sunny says:

    yeah! would be great to have another strymon – always state of the art!

  186. RODRIGO says:

    Despite i’m not a big reverb geek, the Blue Sky is actually my wet dream!!!! I WANT IT!!

  187. Erik Nivison says:

    Yeah…can i just point out that i suspect Strymon of using black magic in every stompox. They really are friggin sweet.

  188. Chris Stocks says:

    This is a spectacular opportunity for someone to end the year on a happy and tone filled note. What a great giveaway, good luck to everyone and a Happy Christmas and New Year to all the the fine people at Strymon.

  189. Naqi says:


  190. Kim says:

    I want Mobius! it’s perfect! WOW

  191. lucan says:

    santa clause is coming too town merry x mas strymon

  192. Nancy says:

    What a generous giveaway! I would love to win these pedals for my husband! He is a worthy musician, songwriter, worship leader at our local church. This would be such an awesome inspirational gift!

  193. Strymon is the most inspiring brand I’ve ever known. Its availability in Belgium is limited (I haven’t seen any music stores selling these here yet). But I sure will buy one of these pedals as soon as I’ve got the money. There is a vast array of brands that made modulation pedals (with choruses, phasers, etc…). But the modulations in the new Mobius sound like nothing I’ve heard before. And that’s the best thing about Strymon. They’re not trying to make what’s been made over and over.

  194. Tobias Hansen says:

    I’m Currently saving up for a Blue sky Reverberator! It’s so awesome! This giveaway is amazing! Just wow!

  195. Slobes says:

    Straight up, I am just too poor to afford Strymon on pedals. I have heard a number of them. 4 effects pedals would certainly kick some bootay!

  196. Lars says:

    Simply the best pedals in the world!

  197. Bob says:

    A hardened rock techie was moved to tears at the end of a recent gig- and it wasn’t because we had played that bad. I turned the “Get them blarting” knob on the Capistan up to max. and it was like waving a magic wand. Now, what I’d give to win this sorcery kit….!!

  198. Dave says:

    Santa, Let me win this contest, ive been nice all year!

  199. David Schultz says:

    I’ve followed strymon for a while & dreamed of so many new ideas from the demos but of course $$$ isn’t as big as my dreams. To win this would be… I don’t have the words.

  200. James says:

    Seriously? Wow! The TimeLine, blueSky, and OB.1 are ALL pedals I want on my board. The Mobius is just icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway!

  201. Andrea Gioe says:

    Siete fantastici!!!!!!

  202. Jimmy says:

    This contest is a great idea from Strymon. Here’s hoping I win πŸ™‚

  203. Denis says:

    “I’ve followed strymon for a while & dreamed of so many new ideas from the demos but of course $$$ isn’t as big as my dreams. To win this would be… I don’t have the words.”
    +1 πŸ˜€
    x2 πŸ˜‰

  204. C’mon baby! Would love to put these bad boys to use with my various projects; incredible work, you Strymon folks! Best of luck to all who entered!

  205. Petrus says:

    Wow! Winning these cool pedals actually wouldn’t be bad.

  206. Ben Grace says:

    Looking forward to the contest drawing, happy holidays!

  207. Mike Linden says:

    You should rename this to “Big end of the world giveaway.” Ha but seriously you guys are awesome for doing this. I look forward to buying a lot of your pedals in the near future.

  208. Jarred says:

    Everything on my Christmas list is being given away !!
    This would be such a blessing !

  209. Zach Sarlo says:

    This list of pedals is indeed all I want for Christmas. I have played but ever so unfortunately, after years of interest, have never even owned any Strymons! I could never scrounge up the extra separate cash without it being disturbed/violated by my other various financial obligations. It would be amazing to win especially considering I’m more than broke :/ This give away is so very generous of you guys. You seem like a very down to Earth group of fellows and a very respectable, dignified company. Happy Holidays guys!

  210. MARSHA COSGROVE says:

    wonderful contest

  211. Steve Kim says:

    Timeline and bluesky’s such a top notch delay and reverb pedals….. perfect for everything…. Especially worship

  212. Donnie says:

    Please tell me that I have won, I want to rip my pedalboard apart and get the timeline and mobius on there.

  213. Ruud Wagenaar says:


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