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BigSky reviews!

BigSky ReverberatorThe reviews for BigSky are now appearing through the clouds of the interwebs, and we’re incredibly excited to hear what people have to say.

Featuring 12 unique reverb machines – from rooms, halls, and plate reverbs to “cloud”, “bloom” and “magneto” and more – “Big Sky is something of a triumph, producing hyper-realistic rooms, ambient space trips and everything in between with ease and finesse,” writes Sound on Sound magazine.

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Our friends at Premier Guitar think that BigSky is a “virtual mad-scientist lab for those who are endlessly fascinated with the possibilities of audio signals bouncing off unseen objects—and then being twisted, warped, chopped, and vaporized.” It’s so great to hear that what they call “otherworldly and authentic vintage tones” within BigSky provoked such a colorful and evocative reaction.

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Gabriel from Best Guitar Effects attended our recent Strymon Social event, and used that opportunity to spend some time talking with our co-founders Gregg, Dave, and Pete. To learn about his “intel-gathering reconnaissance mission” at the Strymon labs, click on over to his incredibly in-depth BigSky review. We’re pleased to learn that he ranks BigSky as “simply one of the best reverb processors available today.” And we’re glad to hear his praise for the wealth of “studio-grade power” in it’s performance-friendly form-factor.

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Guitarist magazine also has some very nice things to say about BigSky. They noted that the reverberations within BigSky “make your jaw drop and your playing soar” and that it makes them “want to write poetry to the soundtrack of its glorious ambience.” We’re so glad to hear that BigSky got their creative juices flowing!

» Read the Guitarist BigSky review

We’re incredibly honored that BigSky has received the SonicState Best Effect Pedal of 2013 award, with their team noting “everything about it is stunning.” When it comes to creative inspiration, they cited the real-time tweakability of BigSky as being “on a different level to any reverb we’ve tried before.” And they totally made us blush when they said our “products sound great, they look great, they’re perfectly engineered, and they essentially fit a whole studio rack’s worth of effects and patches into a tiny little box for using on the road.” Thanks guys, we’re so glad you’re enjoying what we’re up to here in the labs! 🙂

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13 Responses

  1. Yes, great pedal… I know I will own it sooner or later, but in Brazil it costs more than twice as anywhere else!

    1. Hi Gilbert and Yago, yes unfortunately the exchange rate and high import taxes in Brazil are the primary factor. We hope that this situation will take a turn for the better soon. 🙂

  2. All it took was fifteen minutes in one of our local guitar stores for me to walk out with a Big Sky. Along with the Timeline and Mobius, this beast is simply best in class for me, and with the other two now forms the nucleus of my admittedly fairly substantial pedalboard – thanks again for a superlatively brilliant effects box.

  3. The color, the sound…. I don’t know what, to be exact draws me; but I just need to have it. Magic maybe?

  4. I haven’t played a Big Sky yet, but being a reverb fanatic I went absolutely crazy when I discovered Strymon and their incredible pedals. I have friends who have the Big Sky and I’ve heard nothing but praise for it. I hope to get one in the near future. Strymon, keep up the good work, yall are the best!

    PS: Love the demo videos for the Big Sky btw

  5. The “Big Sky” is absolutley incredible! The versatility of it is amazing! This pedal has so much to offer any musican in virtually any genre of music. Strymon you have done well!

  6. The Big sky Is absolutely awesome. I have yet to find a preset That’s useless, they all Sound amazing. I was mixing a Project This summer and the client and i were somewhat dissatisfied with all the studio reverbs on hand none seems to “hit the spot”. Then, Just to ses how it Goes i plugged the Big sky, recall one of the”cloud” setting and Bam! We were just blown away. The sens of Space, the Sound quality Just amazing for a guitar pedal. Get one.

  7. just got the big sky, it doesn’t seem to work well with fuzz is there something that i am doing in my chain? does it have anything to do with buffers? i was really interested in using it with overdrive and dirt. it sounds great by itself just i use reverb as a wash along with the fuzz. any comments would be great

  8. I have been looking for a new pedal and I think it found me. All of the reviews and demonstrations have me excited to see what I will produce. Pretty soon I’ll be off in the clouds on the cloud setting. This pedal will be replacing my Holy Grail. . I can’t wait.

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