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This Week’s Timeline Preset: Daniel Kastner’s “Wonderment”

Daniel Kastner - Preamp Band

Daniel Kastner is always posting great clips on his Instagram @preampband. So it was exciting when he agreed to share one of his TimeLine presets with us.

I’ll let Daniel tell you a bit about himself.

“I’m Daniel Kastner, and I started Preamp to make dark ambient music four years ago. My early tracks were recorded with low-tuned guitars and a small bunch of pedals. The Strymon TimeLine was crucial for my first foray as a solo artist. More recently, I expanded my sound into the alternative space. This versatile delay pedal continues to be my mainstay. The lush effects inspire me to write contrasting dark and light music.

After moving to Seattle, I made time to build new synthesizer and pedal patches. I think up questions for new setting ideas I want to try. For example, what would a Wurlitzer electric piano sound like through the TimeLine with a vintage Kevin Shields-approved filter effect in the feedback loop? I then attempt to make it a reality just on the delay unit. Being able to create custom programs is an incredibly personal way to tell my musical stories.”


Daniel shares: “A few weeks ago, I plugged my old MIDIVERB II rack unit into the feedback loop of the Strymon TimeLine. The dTAPE machine played so organically with the reverse reverb trails. I created the Wonderment patch after this successful experiment to have a standalone preset that reminds me of those beautiful reverb effects. It has already inspired new songwriting. Being able to hold the infinite repeats is a great bonus for creating walls of sound in live and studio settings.”


Start making dream pop with the Strymon Timeline:

Download the preset:

Using the Strymon Librarian or our new Nixie preset editor? Download the preset and load it into your TimeLine.

Also enjoy Preamp’s latest video “Kind Men”

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