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Deco Reviews !

Deco Tape Saturation DoubletrackerAfter hardly any delay (I’m sorry, I had to) the reviews for our Deco Tape Saturation & Doubletracker are pouring in, and we can’t wait to hear what people are saying about our latest pedal.

Deco hails the tradition of the tape recording studios from the ’50s and ’60s, and we’re honored to hear that Deco isn’t just a nice emulation—it sounds like a frickin’ tape machine!, according to Premier Guitar.

Our mission with Deco was to capture “the slaps, flanging, and chorusing of vintage studio tape decks,” so we couldn’t be happier that Deco “does so with stunning realism” and provides the most convincing tape sounds I’ve encountered in a stompbox,” for Premier Guitar‘s Joe Gore. 

Read the Premier Guitar Deco review      

logos3For the good folks at Music Radar, Deco provides a journey through classic studio sounds of yesteryear, with Sun Studio-style slapback echo straight from rockabilly heaven and warm flange effects that channel the spirit of Abbey Road in 1967 real highlights for retro pop fans.

We’re excited that Music Radar has been dialing in the perfect slapback and flange settings, and we love that they’re not stopping there: “Although it takes the emulation of old sounds as its starting point, the Deco offers a huge amount of range for the creatively minded player seeking inspiration – we’ve barely scratched the surface.”  We really appreciate the enthusiasm — for us, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to inspire creativity.

» Read the Music Radar review

When we set out to create Deco, we knew we wanted to really deliver those smooth, nostalgic sounds of the past.  That’s why we’re overjoyed when we hear that Deco is “pure tape goodness, like being transported back in time,” according to SonicState.  As much as we appreciate those extremely kind words, we’re speechless over the review’s headline, which reads, “Well this just sounds… just, wow.”  We are just as “wowed” to have been featured in SonicState‘s Best Effects Pedals of 2014.

» Read the SonicState review

Whether it be the iconic doubletracking effects, the rich, dynamic tape saturation, the auto-flange feature, the wobbling modulation, or all of the above, Deco’s sonic possibilities range from subtle to wildly experimental — adding up to an “awesome tonal toolbox that is, simply put, a heck of a lot of fun to play,according to Mass Street Music. 

» Read the Mass Street Music review

We’ve also come across some awesome Deco video demos — featuring not only in-depth reviews, but some amazing playing as well.

ProGuitarShop says, “Strymon Deco brings the warm, saturated tones and distinctive effects that were formerly only available on vintage analog tape machines and puts these rich tones in compact pedal form.”  In this demo, Andy Martin allows his exceptional playing to do the talking — taking you through Deco’s tonal repertoire one lick at a time.

Hopefully you’ve checked out Premier Guitar‘s Deco review. In this demo vid, John Bohlinger gives a detailed review of the sounds and features that Deco offers during which he exclaims, “I dig that!”

We absolutely love it when musicians experiment with our effects not only for guitar, but for other instruments as well.  In this video review, Guitarist explains that, for a guitar player, Deco makes it “easy to dial in the classic Sun Studio slapback, longer tape delays, warm saturated flange, and artificial doubletracking chorus-style effects,” emphasizing that “the creative potential doesn’t stop there. If you’re the type of musician that likes to experiment in the studio, there’s nothing to stop you using the Deco to process drums, bass, vocals, and, of course, guitars.”  As always, we loving nothing more than inspiring creativity in our fans and customers.

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