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El Capistan – a preview

Coming soon, El Capistan dTape™ Echo.

El Capistan

Stay tuned for the dTape™ technology white paper, sound samples and videos. More info on the sound, tonal flexibility and the range of controls coming soon.

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18 Responses

  1. This looks great! I am looking forward to doing a AB test with this delay and the Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay!!

  2. I am really hoping for:

    1) Complex dirty repeats (not just a simple low pass filter). I have wondered how it would be to effectively reduce the sample bit-depth (or sample freq) with each repeat, sum these lower resolution repeats with some “random” noise (dither or perhaps color a bit like an echoplex)and then send to the expected LP filter.

    2) The ability for the repeats to have greater than unity gain when the repeat knob is at 100%. It’s pure analog-feedback delight when the you max the repeat knob on an old tape delay! The output grows with no additional input other than the repeats.

    I just got the Bluesky pedal and I LOVE it! You lads are amazing! Hope this new delay pedal is full of analog dirt found in a real tape delay. Funny how hard it is to make a super clean 24-bit AFE+ADC+DSP+DAC sound dirty in the right way ;).

    Cheers boyz!

  3. @ G.Davis – we’re busy putting the finishing touches on El Capistan, we’re expecting to ship within a couple weeks.

  4. I would pay up to $2,000 for a good rack unit that has analog dry mixes, stereo outputs, and fast MIDI switching. Maybe you could offer two racks units:

    1) Reverb and delay combo would KILL. Basically, a Bluesky, Brigadier and the El Capistan in a single rack unit. All parameters programable, FAST switching MIDI, stereo outputs, updates via USB, internal switching AC supply. Make it the finish of the El Capistan pedal ;).

    2) Modulation rack unit. All parameters programable, FAST switching MIDI, stereo outputs, updates via USB, internal switching AC supply.

    Your signal chain and DSP sounds better than the other modelers!! Interested in releasing a rack unit!?!?!?

  5. just a quick question… is there any control over dotted eighth/quarter/etc notes from the tap tempo like there is on the brigadier?

  6. I’m really interested in either the Brigadier or the El Capistan………hopefully the demos will show the differences?

    Fun with my Strymon toys:

    1)If you run a muff-style fuzz into an Orbit Flanger you can get a KILLER Ernie Isley “Who’s That Lady” tone!

    2)Run a vibe pedal on slow speed into a Blue Sky in shimmer mode and it’s ambient heaven!

  7. Been checking out videos/demos of the ‘Timeline’ and ‘el capistan’.

    Really think you guys at Strymon are missing the boat with the el capistan. As a non-guitarist, the ability to sync the delay time to midi is a just a no-brainer. I’d get the Timeline, but I want the full tape-delay emulation the el capistan offers.

    I’ve seen a few mods online for adding midi to the unit and Max MSP patches adding the hidden controls so there is no 2nd page. Clearly people have seen this omission and taken drastic measures.

    I really you guys need to make a non-guitar centered unit. More knobs, desktop or rack size, stereo in and midi.Got to say it again but fora non-guitarist, more electric centered user the lack of midi-sync is a huge mistake.

    Go on, el capistan mark 2, just stick a midi in and add a few more hands-on controls.

    Do love your guys stuff tho.


  8. Just wanted to add. There is j3 jumper on the el capistan PCB, does this give midi access?

    I made a few spelling errors above, I meant to say that “for a more electronic-music centered user, the lack of midi-sync is a huge mistake.

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