Enter to win a limited edition purple Mobius!

Congratulations to Doug Floyd and Brendan Vincent, who won the limited edition purple Mobius pedals! Stay tuned for other giveaways in the future.


Enter to Win a Mobius

Chassis SamplesWhat? A purple Mobius modulation pedal? What is this even? Shouldn’t it be dark blue?

Well, our design process includes trying out a lot of new ideas—some ideas turn into new pedals, some don’t, and and some evolve into something completely different. All of this often involves playing around with new chassis colors, finishes, and processes to see how we like them.

purple Mobius in labNot too long ago we must have had a lot of purple things on our mind because we all wanted to see how Mobius would look like in a purple outfit! We built up two of these and really dug how they came out. But in the end we may save this color for another pedal. So that means these are the only TWO purple Mobius pedals that may ever exist! And we’re giving them away. Enter to win below!

The rules are simple:

  • Complete the contest form below by 11:59pm PT on August 9.
  • Please only enter once. Entering more than once will not improve your odds.

The prize:

  • Limited edition purple Strymon Mobius modulation and 9V power supply ($449 value)
  • Strymon t-shirt ($15 value)

The terms:


Enter the contest:

Learn more about Mobius:

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

250 Responses

  1. I have owned the Lex pedal since it came out. I love your pedals and I need a new modulator pedal. The Möbius does it all. I want one!

  2. david cosby says:

    Give me so love

  3. nic dematteo says:

    purple is rad.

  4. David says:

    Suddenly I have a craving for grape juice.

  5. John Gormus says:

    I love my Big Sky and Timeline. Allows for my great tone to be heard with the addition of rackmount studio quality effects. Great company.

  6. Love my Strymons… Big Sky Brigadier Timeline and El Capistan.. would love a Mobius in my rig

  7. I’ve dreamed of a purple Mobius ever since I had to sell my wife’s engagement ring so I could afford an El Capistan. I even had to trade my first-born to afford a ’59 Les Paul Standard. But everyone tells me a got a good deal.

    Hi to Hugo, Darlene, and everyone in tech support.

  8. Jim says:

    Cool pedal

  9. Keith kujath says:

    I pity the people that can’t purchase this prized purple product. I will gladly put it to use myself.

  10. Aaron Rasband says:

    The color of Prince!

  11. Reza Khan says:

    already own blue sky so I love the strymon product

  12. I love Strymonpedals!
    I own a Big Sky pedalen which is awesome bit woud like to own a Mobius too .

  13. vincent valenti says:

    Thanks. Love my BlueSky

  14. Jonathan Blacas says:

    What a beautiful purple haze outfit !
    Can’t wait to see (and own 😉 )the choosen one for this color !
    Greats from France !

  15. Manny says:

    So great!!! Will be so happy trying this in Europe!

  16. Rex Rodrigo says:

    Definitely a great pedal! I would love to get one to church use.

  17. Edgar says:

    Very cool pedal, thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  18. Pete says:

    Send me one of each lol

  19. Len says:

    Looking forward to trying Strymon products before I purchase an Effects Pedal.

  20. Chris Faricy says:

    Strymon is my favorite Effects pedal manufacturer. Quality built tonal machines. The Mobius pedal appears as rugged as a tank, like my Big Sky Reverberator. I sure would be Proud to have a Purple Strymon Mobius in my pedal line. I love Strymon quality & innovation. Pick me 🙂

  21. Jeff Watkins says:

    Impeccable creativity tools! I love my El Capistan. The pinnacle of art and engineering.

  22. Rob Smith says:

    Purple haze your guitar! It’s amazing, it’s Mobius.

  23. Brian says:

    I love your pedals. I have a timeline personally and would love a purple möbius! Our guitarist has a timeline and big sky and they all sound phenomenal! We have about five new tracks in the works we’re finishing up and gearing up for a new album featuring your pedals. Fingers crossed!

  24. shane hester says:

    you guys fricken rooooooooooooooooooock?

  25. Alexandre Duayer Chaves says:

    A purple Mobius?!?! I have 3 standards and now I need the purple one

  26. Dan Dezio says:

    I am glad you guys are doing this. I own the El Capistan, BigSky, and the Timeline.

    I have been interested in the mobious for a while now. Planned to buy it but then my girlfriend got pregnant and now I don’t have the extra money anymore. Working two jobs and still not enough. Even if I don’t win, it gives me something to look forward to.

    When I received the email I felt a jolt of energy and inspiration for the first time in awhile. Thanks for doing this, I look forward to seeing the winners. Good luck everyone!

  27. Neal Abney says:

    Have the Blue Sky and Love It

  28. Zeke says:

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen,,,

  29. Thanks for holding this contest… But most importantly the purple color is awesome.

  30. Geoff says:

    Time machine, space craft, creativity, versatility….amazing!

  31. Vincent Leyendecker says:

    I lust after Strymon pedals and have managed to acquire a Flint (used) which is my favorite and most used pedal so far.

  32. Bob Benton says:

    Best pedals made

  33. Jeff Weber says:


  34. Frank says:

    Thanks. What I can see of the interface looks well-thought out. My gripe against so many ‘multi-capable’ devices is that tweaking them and really making them your own becomes more frustration than exploration due to poor design.

    It sounds incredibly flexible – another gripe of mine is some devices are what I call ‘preset-skewed’ – they make it easy to stick to the presets and really difficult to build sounds from the ground up. I’m curious to see how the Mobius stacks up.

    I’d love to have one of these to check out – hard to believe I could give up my collection of mini-cords and chaining box after box after box…

  35. Bill McCarty says:

    Raising money now to buy my first Strymon’s, a Big Sky and Timeline. Can’t wait to get them!

    You guys ROC!


  36. Steve Chance says:


  37. The effects this pedal is capable of is truly mind blowing,i could listen this with guitar all day The rotary effect reminds me of the Leslies of old days gone by an it rings clearer than any pedal i have heard yet,nice job by Strymon

  38. What Roger Meyer started with his brilliant modulation pedals for Hendrix nearly 50 years ago, you are taking to a whole new level for the 21st century. Very nice!
    I saw a quick glimpse of a Wurlitzer piano at the start of this vid, so I am glad you are thinking of us keyboard players – we love Strymon too!

  39. oops, that should be Roger MAYER of course…

  40. Alan Kaye says:

    Great idea! Love the Möbius concept.

  41. Tony Kean says:

    Purple! OMG purple! It’s like Willy Wonka has designed a Styrmon pedal just for me. I do hope I get the golden ticket. “Hold on to the ticket. Run for it Charlie and don’t stop until you get all the way home with your beautiful Purple Mobuis!”

  42. Proud owner of a Strymon Flint and would love to have the Mobius patched in with it.

  43. Mike Mitchell says:

    I have used Strymon on stage and in the studio for over four years. They are hands-down the best sounding pedals I have ever used. Strymon keep up the good work!

  44. Michael Brunetto says:

    I think that it looks really cool. I think I prefer the purple, actually.

  45. Tuily says:

    Damn, this pedal is awesome!

  46. Alan Currall says:

    “Weighty openings and grand declarations often
    Have one or two purple patches tacked on, that gleam
    Far and wide,…

    Bring on the purple pose!

  47. Julio says:


  48. Javier Ramirez says:

    Möbius, a magnificent star in the modulation universe, indeed, other pedals do a good job but in my opinion is that the difference lies up on not just in quality but in the capabilities that open the doors of something above average or in better terms it proposes sonically something with beauty and elegance redefining the concept on creation. Technically we know by now that the Strymon engineers are after excellence! Again the Strymon products are a reality to get or discover that something that all of us aspire for .

  49. Nelio Costa Silva says:

    The best Jimi hendrix purple haze ever, in my brain!!

  50. Filipine Helu says:

    Super stoked for chance to complete my Strymon Trio 🙂

  51. Mykal says:

    I’m a touring guitarist whose had my eye on the Möbius for quite some time now to complete my pedal board!!!

  52. James B. says:

    Can you please take this idea and transfer it to the Tap/Favorite Switch? I would love to have one that matches my Brig or El Cap. 🙂

  53. Richard says:

    Awesome pedal!!!

  54. Jeff says:

    Oh Boy. Cant wait. Got a spot all picked out.


  55. Jake says:

    My girlfriend and friends pooled together and got me a El Capistan for my birthday last year, I couldn’t afford it on my own, I had been drooling over it for months. It’s the greatest delay pedal i’ve ever played, thank you so much for all you do! You guys are the best of the best.

  56. Dave G says:

    You’re only limited by your imagination with this pedal…….An absolutely,amazingly,insanely,new adventure with tone !!!!!!!

  57. Heng TU says:

    Nice purple , sweet pedal

  58. Sangkima says:

    You’ve change the world with your creation

  59. Mikael Stein says:

    The pedal soundc amazing. If I will not be the winners I will surley by one. Kind regards


  60. Steve Whitworth says:

    Love the color- but when I told a bandmate that I might end up with a purple Mobius, she suggested that I see a urologist…

  61. Since i got the “Big Sky” my Dreams are made of Strymon

  62. John says:

    Perple how cool is that

  63. Robert Sherr says:

    There is a problem with your giveaway site. The fields are somehow blocked and it’s impossible to enter any information.

  64. Scott Zamzow says:

    Purple Möbius = Waves of Colour
    I own three other Strymon Pedals, and Möbius is next on my list.
    I could use a lot of Modulation, in the Purple Hue.

  65. This pedal would fit right in with the music I am creating for our 2nd cd. Just love that sound. Outer limits!

  66. Sebastian says:

    I have never won anything in my life, but can’t win unless we try. Good luck everyone.

  67. Purple is the color of money

  68. Vladimir R says:

    Yes! This one will go perfect with my modular!

  69. Evgenii says:

    Thank you for the wonderful chance!

  70. Dan Spench says:

    Strymon, you guys are my favorite! I love my Bigsky so much. Been saving for a Mobius. The purple color looks fabulous.

  71. Daniel says:

    Beautiful. Love the color!

  72. Douzi says:

    I hope I win

  73. Dave Miley says:

    This thing will match my old Rack mount Soldano SLO 100

  74. Patmanduu says:

    It shal be mine… Oh yes, it shall be mine!

  75. Jonboy says:


  76. Michel Blanc says:

    Courently using a Strymon Timeline. Love it!

  77. Andy Keen says:

    Power to the Purple

  78. Wow, the purple pedal looks really cool. Been after some more strymon pedals for a while; they’re truly amazing.

  79. Alessandro Pegoraro says:

    Möbius: when maths and art meet together, what a fantastic experience…..

  80. Neil Piper says:

    How cool is that! It looks somewhat classier. Don’t know why, can’t put my finger on it. Still the same great pedal but in a temp disguise.or is it. “Wait and see”. No matter what you guys do you’re sure to bank a winner your pedals are a cut above the rest.

  81. Marshall Otwell says:

    Love my TimeLine! Totally over the top delay. Been lusting after a Mobius for a while now, you guys must have been reading my mind …

  82. Peter says:

    My older pedals gather dust these days. The Strymon sound is audibly the pinnacle of the mountain!

  83. Philip Johansson says:

    Looking good in purple!

  84. André Rijbroek says:

    A purple box will not match my board, but hey, the sound will blow this anomaly out of the way!

  85. Jake Strickland says:

    The color purple, for some untold reason, seems to be the only ‘logical’ color for such a sonorous modulation pedal.

  86. Stefan says:

    I couldn’t imagine that I would leave my Eventide – but I did. My Big Sky and my Time Line brought me to a new level of digging into sounds. Thanks Strymon for creating such fine sound machines and seducing us to try out soundscapes. Now Mobius would be the third step to dig deeper…

  87. Darvin Jordan says:

    Best modulation pedal ever!

  88. Best modulation ever!

  89. Michael George says:

    I’d make a spot available on my board for this beauty. I would love it and call it George. I wish myself luck 🙂

  90. Hans says:

    bought last week the blue one, but a second in purple won’t hurt

  91. Leon says:

    If I win this, I’ll give away my Boss chorus pedal…

  92. robin anthony says:

    beautiful pedal!!! 🙂

  93. Tom Murdock says:

    I get great sound from my El Capistan!
    I could use another great pedal.
    Thanks Strymon

  94. Ciao, spero di poter vincere questo magnifico purple mobyus!

    Hello , I hope to win this magnificent purple mobyus !


  95. Bruce Duncan says:

    I need this!

  96. Ted says:

    Love my Lex, use it with my bass all the time! Would love to win this Mobius pedal and give it a whirl too!

  97. Ruppert says:

    Collectors choice

    The strymoneers really built top notch stompboxes, packed with magic and inspiring melodies…

  98. Kial says:

    This would sound so awesome on my Eurorack modular!

  99. Guy Davies says:

    It’s my Birthday, would make an ace present! Not to mention it would keep my Big Sky Company!

  100. Damien H says:

    Oh great gods of grapeness, I absolutely LOVE this color. That is one sexy Mobius. Good luck, everyone.

  101. David Ditrich says:

    I would look great next to my Timeline and flint! (fingers crossed)

  102. Brad Rick says:


  103. David says:

    I would buy it for the vintage trem and vibe, then I would probably spend all my time playing with the destroyer!

  104. John says:

    Love the timeline and really want a Möbius!

  105. Smash says:

    delicious modulation

  106. Diego says:

    Send that purple beauty all the way to Argentina! Cheers Strymon!

  107. Allan Earl says:

    I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and Strymon are amazing pedals. I played the big sky at my local church and the worship leader said he thought angels were singing He seemed quite disappointed when he found out it was only me and my big sky lol Love it Love it Love it – Simply the best and my Christmas and Birthday wish lists are for more Strymon pedals please

  108. Dave says:

    I just know i’m gonna’ be having dreams about winning a purple Mobius at least every other night now!!!
    Let’s hope my dreams come true eh (fingers, toes & balls are crossed! ;)).

    Thanks for the opportunity Strymon!
    I love what you do so please keep on doing it.

  109. Daniel says:

    Sweet, good luck to everyone.

  110. Adam Steinz says:

    Love that purple color! It’s a great match for such a versatile piece of equipment; such a BEAUTY!!!

  111. Ronald says:

    Simply great pedals. I would love to win but I never win anything. So good luck guys.
    I hope one of you win.

    Ron A

  112. Mark says:

    yes yes yes… Want it and need it!

  113. Steve Payne says:

    This belongs on my pedalboard !

  114. Colby says:

    Currently own the Timeline, BigSky, OB1, and Flint. Would love to add the Mobius!!!!

  115. Billy says:

    Beautiful! You should definitely use this color on another pedal.

  116. Luc DENIS says:

    i know this pedal will be mine

  117. Will says:

    This will look fantastic next to my big sky, timeline and DIG!

  118. Rommel Hall says:

    The Purple Mobius would really look great on my pedalboard sitting right next to my FLINT!

  119. Johanb says:

    Excellent ! Would fit just right next to my ob1, flint, el capistan & brigadier !!!!

  120. Bert says:

    The Strymon Mobius gives me just the sound that no other fx gives me. I just need that sound to make my sound perfect. thanks.

  121. Ryan McGrath says:

    I love using my Ola pedal, but I would really enjoy exploring what the Mobius does!

  122. Ryan McGrath says:

    If purple isn’t the color for this pedal, it should be the color of your tube screamer/rat/klon overdrive you folks should be working on!

  123. Charles says:

    With the power of the SHARC DSP chip I imagine we’ll all be able to soon change the color of the enclosure AT WILL…maybe, with every preset!!

  124. jeff says:

    looks and sounds incredible – would love to get one

  125. Now starting to build No. 2 pedal board this would be a great addition to my collection BE LUCKY

  126. butch Signorelli says:

    nice to hear an old school type of real, thick chorusy sound again that so many manufacturers do not make anymore. would have a permanent home in my live rig and studio rig! Thanks strymon for making a mod sound I’ve been looking for!!

  127. Mike Gist says:

    Thanks Strymon, the Purple Möbius is a kick butt Giveaway !

  128. Bob says:

    I’m adding a comment to the other 124 in a sad attempt to influence the draw. Go Strymon!

  129. Neill says:

    My flint and Elcap need a new buddy!!!!!!

  130. Brad says:

    If I win, …will it make me play better??? I hope so.

    Love my brigadier, been looking for a modulation pedal that can keep up!

  131. Kevin Andrew says:

    I like turtles!

  132. Nicolas says:


  133. Everything purple sounds better!

  134. Michal says:

    Cool sound algorithms & color

  135. Thomas Sylvain says:

    Hope my dream will comes true !!!

  136. Mike says:

    Strymon is the best. My Blue Sky is incredible…with a purple Möbius, I think Steve Morse Deep Purple licks would sound amazing!

  137. Edward Hazebroek says:

    I think Strymon pedals are the best! I have te Timeline and BigSky. Together with the Mobius, a perfect trinity.
    Awesome color, this purple! What can I say, I’m a big Strymon fan!

  138. Joe says:

    Purple signal eater!

  139. Tim says:

    Purple ! My favorite color from my favorite pedal brand …will match my purple divided by 13 head !

  140. Oscar says:

    Would love to have it on my arsenal!!!

  141. I love my Strymon Blue Skye and stongly suspect that I would love the Mobius as Mobius has a similar design and use concept (select type of pitch effect, tweak it in, assign it to preset and pedal position). Great stuff!

  142. Duncan says:

    That pedal looks amazing!(already know it sounds great). Would love to have this next to my Lex and Timeline w/Multiswitch…the sounds of Heaven at my feet! Thanks Strymon for your incredible pedals

  143. STRYMON – The greatest real sounding not only guitar pedals EVER !!! Cann’t wait for it !!!:)))

  144. Patrick says:

    Blue Sky + Purple Mobius = Heaven

  145. Randy Roach says:

    Purple majesty!!!

  146. gregory brown says:

    I have a mobius but my friend would get the old one, purple probably sounds better.

  147. Howard Howes says:

    I love the sound of my Strymon gear !

  148. Daniel says:

    This pedal is going straight to Hamburg-Germany!
    Thanks in advantage 😉


  149. Special K says:

    Love that Purple, why only 2? Should be an option when buying…

  150. Matt O'Neill says:

    I have a big sky and a timeline that in my opinion is the best delay pedal I have owned. The purple möbius would sure look good next to them!

  151. Rob C. says:

    The Big Sky Reverberator has an incredible difference in my tone; seasoned pros have commented on how fantastic this new version of my tone is. The Mobius would make another quantam tone leap, so go ahead! Send one my way! Love it!

  152. Joseph Roberts says:

    This will go well with my Barney The Dinosaur suit!

  153. Mark Mindry says:

    I purchased a Bigsky last year, due to the exchange rate with my country it cost a third of my monthly salary. I would gladly do it again for a Mobius.

  154. Laurent de C says:

    Mmmmh nice purple on my PB…
    does it sound purple too? ^^
    will love it!

  155. Hans says:

    A purple Mobius will be the best company for playin’ Purple Rain.


  156. Jeremiah L. says:

    Man. That looks sexy as hell. And my favorite color. It would look so bad ass next to my Big Sky. Fingers crossed. And thanks for the Chance Strymon.

  157. Chuck says:

    My “timeline” needs company!

  158. Hey Guys;
    I’m Francisco Frias, a RIO-BRAZIL based Guitarrist (both Nylon Acoustic, and Electric).
    I’ve got my Master’s of Music at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, in the 90’s!

    You have the heck of an array of FX Pedals! They’re all spectacular, regarding Sound processing, and delivery!!!
    I’m gonna include some of’em in my rig soon!
    Those MOBIUS & TIMELINE of yours are just ‘terrific’ machines !!!!
    And do you know what, the PURPLE MOBIUS RULES !!!
    Best regares from BRAZIL!

  159. Ruben Suarez says:

    I play guitar but never had a strymon pedal.I would like To have one of your pedals.One time i try a blue sky in a music store i was amaize with the sound.Thanks,a friend from puerto rico.

  160. Jack K. says:

    Purple Mobius next to Grey Timeline = Perfection!!
    Loving Strymon Effects here on the East Coast.

  161. I have the BigSky and Timeline for my synths! I’d LOVE to have a Mobius to compete the set! And to get one in a limited finish would be amazing!!

  162. Theodore Shin says:

    Guys, I desperately need more of that liquid funk in my life.

  163. Patricio says:

    Nice purples sounds

  164. Tom McKinley says:

    Hey, I would love a purple Mobius…or even a brown Flint….

  165. encarna says:

    Woww !! Great sound 🙂

  166. Derek Sasaki says:

    Winner , winner chicken dinner ?

  167. Jean-Claude says:

    Très beau son, très belle pédale

  168. Rob Rueber says:

    I have an El Capistan – Would love to have one of these to go with it!

  169. Martin says:

    … I promise I will take a video of me doing anything youll request (maybe even in HD!!) if i win this piece of heaven.

  170. Roger Zapata says:

    What a dreamy soundscape this pedal reproduces, I would be honored to have it on my board.

  171. Devan Boggs says:

    Yes! My favorite pedal in my favorite color! Please pick me!

  172. Regis says:

    I need to increase my pedalboard with this machine!!

  173. eunoia says:

    Speaking of under the sea, costly and labor-intensive dyes Tyrian purple (or royal purple) and Tekhelet were historically made by the ancient Phoenicians using mucus from the hypobranchial gland of two species commonly referred to as “murex”, Murex brandaris and Murex trunculus, which are the older names for Haustellum brandaris and the Hexaplex trunculus. This dye is a rare animal-produced organobromine compound, which the snails make using a specific bromoperoxidase enzyme that operates on dissolved bromide in sea water.

  174. Alexis Diaz says:

    I always wanted a high quality modulation pedal. Also the color is cool! Thank you for this opportunity.

  175. Daniel says:

    Love the sound that comes out of that pedal I could definitely use that pedal I’m always looking for new sounds….

  176. Alex Cavalcanti says:

    Strymon rocks! The most amazing pedals.

  177. tom says:

    A very interesting effects pedal that i’m hoping to be playing it soon. 🙂

  178. Kevin says:

    What a great color looks sharp

  179. Joseph Bennett says:

    Would love this purple pedal!!!! I don’t own any strymon effects yet, but hopefully I will soon!

  180. Gomes says:

    Awesome arsenal of modulations!

  181. Chub E NukkulZ says:

    Purple Haze Craze!

  182. Glenn Waters says:

    Sounds like the box you would like to have!!

  183. mark c says:

    More Mobius please!

  184. Leonard Hawkins says:

    I painted my pedal board purple and moved some stuff around…. jJust getting ready for my new purple mobius.

  185. Yannis says:

    Great pedals!

  186. Lorendzo says:

    Already own two strymon pedals, and, as an italian proverb sais, ‘non c’è due senza tre’ (there’s no two without Three);)

  187. Steve says:

    This purple Mobius would look great next to my Big Sky and Timeline!

  188. Brady says:

    Gimme gimme! So awesome!

  189. Dan R says:

    I play theatre shows with a woodwind player who always insists I have a purple pedal on my board. This would be so much more versatile than just my flanger.

  190. Sam says:

    Don’t pick me. I bet I won’t win.

  191. Matnids says:


  192. Linus says:

    Godddd, I would buy one right now if I didn’t have to spend my money on medical bills! Ever since I first got the Strymon Blue Sky, I’ve been hooked on their effects pedals. Plus, the purple is oh so sexy.

  193. Fred Newman says:

    Fantastic engineering by the folks at Strymon. Love their work.

  194. John Marlwin L. Bascuña says:

    Got Timeline and Big Sky. I hope to complete the Strymon Trinity!:)

  195. lorenzo says:

    I have a timeline and a bluesky… Hope to win it, this could be Great!

  196. Rob Riley says:

    I want it.

  197. Rory says:

    Pretty Please??

  198. Ernie says:

    “Can’t wait ta try it”!!!

  199. Eirik Zakariassen says:

    I so want this on my board 😀

  200. danijel says:

    Taman imam još mista za nju u pedalboardu

  201. Tim Sepulvado says:

    Like I said on IG. Never won a contest in my life! I have probably the worst luck! But I am putting together a new pedal board for my next tour and this pedal is essential to my sound… It would sure be the best first contest win…. I’m planning on replacing most of my pedals I have now with this amazing gear! Here is to getting it started!!!!

  202. blue deep shorts met timeline nad flint, we would like to meet the purple mobius very much! take care.

  203. Joe Fenton says:

    I think…..yup….this contest made me wet my pants!!!!!!
    Mmmmmmm Mobius *drool*

  204. Jonathan C. says:

    Carrots were originally purple. -_-

  205. Carl-Oscar Myrslo says:

    I never win. It’s my turn!

  206. Jeff Lucchini says:

    I’ve got the Big Sky and it’s amazing, adding a moebius would be Insane…

  207. Smittslubs says:

    Doubt I’ll win this, as a I rarely win anything of good flavour, but I have a craving for creamy purple drank, hook it up Strymon. 🙂

  208. jim says:

    great!!!!! good luck ppl!!!

  209. Simon Walsh says:

    My favorite effect pedal makers I have bought big sky and timeline I’d love purple mobius, my daughter is called Violet its my favorite color:p

  210. jazzdefector says:

    That would look great next to my Big Sky. When are you guys going to make a looping pedal BTW?

  211. Mario Paredes says:

    Hola Strymon people!
    i hope i can win 🙂 mucha suerte! good luck! viel erfolg everybody!
    saludos rockeros!

  212. Need this in my life!!

  213. Steve Stevenson says:

    Thinking outside the box and the potential it has.

  214. Warren Briggs says:

    Amazingly versatile…full bodied tones & chimey…and made in the USA!

  215. RJ says:

    Fingers crossed.

  216. Steven says:

    Oh man what an awesome prize to win ! Best wishes to everyone !

  217. Lee Harless says:

    Thanks for letting me play. Good luck, everyone.

  218. Fords says:

    There goes my G system if I win that

  219. John says:

    Favorite effect in favorite color!!

  220. Shane Wooding says:

    I have 6 Strymon pedals including a Mobius, best modulation pedals I’ve ever owned. Even so, a purple Mobius would be very cool.

  221. Isaias Rosas says:

    Hello isaiasrosas212 from Instagram. Thank you guys for such wonderful modulation you guys offer on your products, simply amazing. Keep up the good work and look forward to what you guys have in store for us..

  222. Orlando says:

    Strymon rules!!! Purple Mobius!!!

  223. Frits says:

    Wow what an amazing multi pedal!! It gives you tone and let you play. Top Strymon people.

  224. Adrian says:

    Tremendo pedal… lo quiero en mi gear

  225. Jim Justice says:

    Very cool effects; love to have those sounds.

  226. Dugawa says:

    Looks fun, can’t wait to try!

  227. Mark Mathew says:

    Looks like it will work great on pedal board!

  228. William Wagnon says:

    Story on pedals ROCK!

  229. Carl Martin says:

    Awesome pedal and I really love purple!

  230. Nicolas says:

    So good !!!

  231. my eagles tribute band needs this to go with my flint

  232. Jakob says:

    Good luck to EVERYONE!!!

  233. Alex says:

    I’m poor and would love this beautiful pedal.

  234. Ian says:

    Currently looking for something to replace my ModFactor. Ive been using a blue sky for a while and it has really done wonders for the band musically, so I hope a purple möbius is just the ticket for getting my modulation to sound as good in reality as it does in my mind. Good luck to all!

  235. Daniel S says:

    This wiuld be a fine addition to my pedalboard. With my bluesky i could create more awesome, spacey, ambient bass tunes

  236. Jan Sladkowski says:

    The mobius leaves me stuned since i first heard about this little wizard tool !

  237. Jeremiah L. says:

    Cannot wait. Really could use this for my board paired with my Big Sky.

  238. Peter Mitchell says:

    Love the Big Sky and completely intrigued with what this unit is capable of.

  239. Angela A Simmons says:

    Love it! what a win, crossing my fingers 😉

  240. gonzalo says:

    strymon en Argentina, lo mejor…me encanta el Mobius

  241. Hara Lemes says:

    This is not a pedal. This is art.

  242. ljefe says:

    Who won the purple Mobius pedals?

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