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How can I control my Strymon Pedal with MIDI?

If you have a Strymon BigSky, Compadre, Iridium, Mobius, NightSky, Riverside, Sunset, TimeLine, or Volante pedal, you can use MIDI to control or access various parameters and features of the pedal with an external MIDI controller or another device that can send MIDI messages.  Please keep in mind that although the MIDI protocol is universal, not all MIDI controllers operate in the same manner or have the same features.  Please refer to your MIDI controller’s operation manual for information on how to program the device to only send the MIDI messages you want to your pedals.

For a listing of all the parameters and features you can access via MIDI on our pedals, please refer to the MIDI Specification page at the end of the manual.

BigSky manual – pg. 23

Compadre manual – pg. 13

Iridium manual – pg. 23

Mobius manual – pg. 24

NightSky manual – pg. 15

Riverside manual – pg. 18

Sunset manual – pg. 15

TimeLine manual – pg. 25

Volante manual – pg. 7

Here are several blogs we put together with information on controlling our pedals via MIDI:

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