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Using MIDI to Control Your Strymon Pedals – Part 1

TimeLine MIDIIf you have a Timeline, BigSky, or Mobius, you will notice that there are MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports on the back of your pedal.  These can be used to control the pedals from an external MIDI controller that is programmed to send MIDI messages that can change presets and control parameters on the pedal from the controller.

What is MIDI (briefly)?

If you are not familiar with MIDI, it is a communication language that is used for MIDI equipped hardware to talk to each other.  This allows one device to send a MIDI message to another device as a digital signal to pass along real time musical information.  There are several different types of MIDI messages that can be sent on up to 16 MIDI Channels.  These messages are sent via the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports on compatible devices.  It is important to also remember that MIDI does NOT transmit audio; only digital MIDI messages.  Today we will focus on MIDI Program Change to recall and change presets on the pedal.

MIDI Connections

MIDI messages are usually sent across MIDI cables that connect to the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports of MIDI compatible devices.  Most devices, like our pedals, utilize a 5-pin MIDI cable, but there are some 7-pin MIDI connections and some devices can communicate with MIDI over USB and other connections.

It is normal practice to connect a cable from the MIDI OUT port of a device like a MIDI controller to the MIDI IN port of the receiving device like one of our pedals. 

MIDI cable plugged into Strymon pedal and MIDI controller

There are also some devices and MIDI interfaces that will tell you where to connect the cables with text on the ends that may say TO MIDI IN or TO MIDI OUT.  Just be sure to check the MIDI device or its documentation for the correct connection setup.

If you would like to control two or more Strymon pedals with a MIDI connection, you can start by connecting the MIDI OUT from the MIDI Controller to the MIDI IN port of the first Strymon pedal.  Then, connect the MIDI OUT from that first Strymon pedal to the MIDI IN of the next Strymon pedal and do the same for any additional MIDI equipped pedals you would like to control.

Connecting multiple Strymon pedals together via MIDI

Now, in order for the MIDI messages from the controller to be passed on to each device in the MIDI chain, you must enable MIDI Through on each pedal before the last device in the MIDI chain.  On the Strymon pedals, this is found in the GLOBLS menu in the MIDI TH parameter.  Set MIDI TH to ON and this will enable MIDI Through on the pedal.

Set MIDI Through on TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius

MIDI and TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius

With TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius, MIDI can be used to control the presets and parameters of the pedal externally from a MIDI Controller or from another MIDI equipped Strymon pedal.  You would just need to make sure that the MIDI controller and the Strymon pedals are set to communicate on the same MIDI Channel.  MIDI Channel 1 is set as the default MIDI Channel on the Strymon pedals.  To change the MIDI Channel, go into the pedal’s GLOBLS menu by pressing and  holding the VALUE encoder button down for a few seconds.  Then, turn the VALUE encoder to the MIDI CH parameter and press VALUE once again.  Here you can select the MIDI Channel you would like to use to control the pedal through.  Once selected, you can exit this menu by pressing the VALUE encoder, then, the TYPE encoder buttons.

Set MIDI Channel on TimeLine, BigSky, Mobius

MIDI Program Change

MIDI Program Change by itself can provide access for up to 128 different presets by sending MIDI Program Change numbers 0-127.  This will correspond to the first 128 presets on TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius.  The presets on these pedals all correspond to MIDI Program Change messages.  For example, on TimeLine and Mobius pedals:

  • Preset 00A = MIDI Program Change #0
  • Preset 00B = MIDI Program Change #1
  • Preset 01A = MIDI Program Change #2
  • Preset 01B = MIDI Program Change #3
  • etc…

On BigSky, each Bank has 3 presets (A, B, and C) instead of 2 (A and B) like TimeLine and Mobius.  Here is how the presets on BigSky correspond to MIDI Program Change messages:

  • Preset 00A = MIDI Program Change #0
  • Preset 00B = MIDI Program Change #1
  • Preset 00C = MIDI Program Change #2
  • Preset 01A = MIDI Program Change #3
  • etc…

As an example, you can program a switch or button on a MIDI controller to send MIDI Program Change #0 to a Strymon pedal and it will recall the first preset (00A) on the pedal.  Keep this in mind when programming the rest of the controls on your MIDI controller so that you can recall the presets that  you like using MIDI messages.  We will cover additional MIDI messages in a future blog post on using MIDI with our pedals.

Have any questions? Post them below! Need some help setting up MIDI with your Strymon rig? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

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126 Responses

  1. hi i uploaded the latest firmware on the disaster area dpc5 and i cannot get the midi mode to control the bank up and bank down of the timeline. should i upgrade the firmware for the timeline too? Thanks.

    1. @Samuel – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble after updating your DPC5 controller. Nothing has changed in terms of changing the presets or banks on our pedals with the latest firmware updates. Do you know what has changed from the previous firmware of your controller to this latest version? Is your controller programmed to bank up and down after the update? Please check this when you get the chance and let me know if you continue to have trouble by sending an email to [email protected]

  2. Just want to say that I love the fact that the TimeLine has MIDI In.

    lately I’ve added the TimeLine to my Ableton Live/MIDI setup. I use only outboard synths and fx, all triggered and synced from Ableton Live and processed through a small Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Mixer.

    I have clips running in Live to trigger Record and then Play on my TimeLine. On my Mackie Mixer I use the MUTE Aux Send 3/4 to send audio to the TimeLine inputs. Whatever synth(s) or drum machines I have ‘muted’ to the Aux 3/4 Outs can be looped in the TimeLine in a perfect four-bar loop, and it plays back in time as well.

    This setup is great for turning random synth noise/sounds into loops with a timed structure. Adding a TimeLine delay after the loop helps with turning random sounds into time-structured loops. I find the Filter Delay or Pattern Delay (stereo to the mixer for ping pong) work best.

  3. I stoły dont know how to Access via midi banks in my mobius and timeline after 128 preset (129-200) i have g lab gsc 4 midi looper fully programmable and i cannot do this. can u explain and help.? i belive that half of the world of users have the same problem with this devices

    1. @Kuba Ieciej – If your pedal is already in the first MIDI bank, you can just send MIDI Program Change messages to recall the first 128 presets. To access the next set of 128 presets, you would need to program your MIDI controller to send MIDI CC# 0 with a value of 1 along with the MIDI Program Change message to access a preset from the second MIDI Bank. At this point, any MIDI Program Change messages sent to the pedal will access presets in this second MIDI Bank. Your MIDI controller would need to have the ability to send this MIDI CC along with MIDI Program Change to access presets from other MIDI Banks. Make sure to check your MIDI controller’s documentation for information on how to set this up.

    1. @Roel – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the MIDI connection. Make sure that your MIDI cable connections are correct:  MIDI IN cable to MIDI OUT port and MIDI OUT cable to MIDI IN port UNLESS the cable ends tell you where to connect them (To MIDI IN and TO MIDI OUT, for example).

      This usually happens when using a that is not robust enough for the data communication with our pedals such as plug-and-play MIDI interfaces that do not use developed drivers and MIDI ports found on audio interfaces or MIDI controllers. We recommend dedicated MIDI interfaces with developed drivers such as the Roland UM-ONE or the Yamaha UX-16 which work reliably for us when set up correctly. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at [email protected]

  4. hey saw in this tutorial a short mention of using a strymon pedal(like a timeline) to control other midi strymons
    my question is how does that work an is there any complications with it? I’d like to avoid a seperate midi controller if can
    like my biggest question would be banking and tap tempo vs c preset clashing?

    1. @Brian Jenkins – You can use our large Strymon pedals (BigSky, Mobius, and TimeLine) to send MIDI to the other larger Strymon pedals to sync their presets and send other MIDI commands. Just make sure all the pedals are set to the same MIDI Channel in the GLOBLS menu and turn ON MIDI PA for sending MIDI Program Change messages to change presets and MIDI CT for sending MIDI CC messages for other controls. With these settings, switching presets on the first pedal in the MIDI chain will send MIDI Program Change messages to change presets on the other Strymon pedals receiving this MIDI data. Also, pressing on the TAP switch of the first pedal of this MIDI chain will send CC# 81 to the other pedals which can control tap for the TimeLine and Mobius, but will also engage and disengage the C preset on the BigSky. There is no way for the pedals to ignore the MIDI data being sent to them unless the pedals are on a separate channel or you use a MIDI filtering device to block this MIDI CC message.

      Some things to keep in mind are that you should save your presets in the order you would like them recalled together starting with the first preset 00A on each of your pedals. Also, turning ON the MIDI CT parameter will cause the pedals to send MIDI CC messages for all of the controls that you adjust on the pedals which will affect the settings of the other pedals down the line. As this can lead to undesirable changes if you adjust your pedals during performance, we recommend setting MIDI CT to OFF.

  5. Hello, i have g-lab gsc-2 midi switcher and i still have not found how to program buttons to send ‘bank up’ and ‘bank down’ midi messages to the timeline
    Can you help me?

    1. @moussorange – If you are using the GSC-2 MIDI switcher, you can use that to just recall the presets directly without having to bank up or down. Unless you plan on selecting the presets with the switches on the TimeLine itself, there is no need to bank up or down. To Bank Up or Down via MIDI, you would need to mimic the MIDI behavior of the onboard footswitches. You would need to send MIDI CC#’s 81+82 with values 0 then 127 at the same time to Bank up and CC#’s 80+82 with values 0 then 127 at the same time to bank down.

  6. Hi,

    So if I have a midi controller sending a program change to my let’s say three Strymon pedals, Mobius, Timeline and BigSky. Will all of them change to the same preset? Or can I send a message saying 1 on Mobius, 2 on Timeline and 5 on BigSky?
    Or do I need to re-arrange the presets on the pedals so that when I send 1 all pedals change to preset 1? What if I want a preset with just the timeline and the other pedals bypassed?

    1. @Marten – If all 3 pedals are set to the same MIDI Channel, then all three will respond by changing to the same preset in numerical order. If each pedal is set to a different MIDI Channel in the GLOBLS menu, you would need to send MIDI Program Change messages to each of these MIDI Channels to recall presets on each pedal separately. If all pedals are on the same MIDI Channel, it would be wise to save the presets in the order you would like them recalled with the presets of the other pedals. For a bypassed pedal, you can save a preset with the MIX parameter set to 0% to use this as a bypass preset. The Mobius Chorus effect has a MIX parameter in the PARAMS menu to use this way.

  7. Hi – Just to clarify from the above post… there is no way to send a program change message which turns an effect (preset) on the Bigsky off? I use a MFC-101. I can get the program change message to send and activate a Bigsky preset, but clicking the footswitch again on the MFC-101 does not turn the effect off. Thanks for your feedback!

    1. @Rick – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 For clarification, MIDI Program Change messages will only recall the presets on the pedal in either bypassed or engaged state depending on the bypass state before receiving this MIDI message. MIDI CC# 102 controls the BYPASS state of the pedal. You must send MIDI CC# 102 with a VALUE of 0 to bypass the effect and MIDI CC# 102 with a value of 127 to engage the effect. This can be done with a MIDI toggle switch sending CC# 102. Sending MIDI Program Change along will not act as a bypass control for the presets.

  8. Hi – I have a Mobius and am using a MIDI foot controller (GLAB GSC3).

    I need to have patches whereby the Mobius is bypassed but if I bypass the effect and save it when the patch is recalled it automatically turns the effect on again.

    I was hoping that if I could store a patch bypassed it would be possible to then use the Mobius to activate the two patches associated with that MIDI channel.

    For instance on a clean setting it would be useful to hit the clean patch on the MIDI controller and then have say a Phaser or a Chorus pedal that could be activated directly from the Mobius to save having to bank through the patches on the MIDI controller.

    Is this possible or do I need to set the mix to zero for a bypassed sound and then have access to only one?

    Would it be possible to change this in the future with a firmware update as this would be a really useful feature?

    Cheers and Happy New Year !!


  9. Hi,
    I use my Strymon Timeline a lot and it is very important in my pedal setup.

    Because I like to use it to make feedback and sounds, I very often sit down on the ground to work with the knobs. Sitting down during a gig is OK for a few times, but not if you have to do it every song.
    So, I want to put the Timeline on a key-stand to tweak the delay in an easier way.
    I’m a guitar player, so switching between channel A and B is much easier with my feet. A foot-controller would be the perfect solution for my problem.
    Unfortunately it is not, because I use an expression pedal (which is amazing). It means I miss an output for the foot-controller.

    Is there a solution for my problem? I thought maybe a simple MIDI controller works?
    Switching between Banks I can do with my hands (Per song I mostly use 2 presets). So I need to switch between A and B in a bank with a footcontroller. Can someone help me out?

    Thanks a lot!


    1. @Thomas – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 You can use a MIDI controller that is programmed to send the Program Change messages that correspond to the presets you would like to use in your performances to change presets. As this would connect through the MIDI IN port of the TimeLine, you can continue using an expression pedal in the EXP input of the pedal to control other parameters.

  10. Hi, I have a timeline and I need to connet it with my midi program change. I’ve try to Connect it and working ,but what can I do if i want the same delay in more program ?for exemple: delay 00A on Programs change 1-2-4-6-24thanks

    1. @Andrea – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 You would need to save this preset in different locations on your TimeLine. To copy a preset to a new location via MIDI, press and hold the TYPE encoder button on the TimeLine until the display shows ‘SAVE’, then, press the switch on your MIDI controller to send the MIDI Program Change message you would like to copy this preset to. It will then save this preset in the new location on the TimeLine that corresponds to the MIDI Program Change message you sent to the pedal.

  11. can expression pedal changes be sent through midi? For example, big sky möbius and timeline are connected through midi and one expression pedal is changing the desired parameters on all three devices.

    1. @Kurt Buchanan – Yes, MIDI CC# 100 corresponds to the expression pedal on all 3 of those pedals, so if you have MIDI CT in the GLOBLS menu set to ON, it will send this MIDI CC# 100 to the other pedals to control the parameter assigned to expression pedal on those other units. Just keep in mind that moving any knobs or additional parameters on the first pedal will also send MIDI CC# messages that correspond to those parameters to the other pedals in the MIDI chain.

  12. Hi there

    I have a question, I own a timeline, I can connect a MIDI controller such as DMC3 (Disaster Area) to control banks, and connected to the input EXP Tap Tempo?.

    Thank you

    1. @David – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 Yes you can use a MIDI Controller like the DMC with the TimeLine along with using a separate device like a tap switch to control TAP Tempo through the EXP input.

  13. When I send a PC to switch the TimeLine to switch to a patch it loads the patch and turns on the effect (Yeah! very nice). However it does not affect the bank the pedal thinks it last was in when you select bank mode (press and hold A+B or B+TAP).

    Also, it never sends the bank it is currently on in any Sysex or other message I can see (it does send the current patch, on power on or change).

    It would be nice if either:
    1) TL’s internal ‘current bank’ # would update when a program change set preset on
    2) TL reported it’s ‘current bank’ # and current patch when it was sent some Sysex message.

    Midi control is awesome, and I’m sure you have lots of often conflicting requests to change it!

    1. @Steve Mayhew – I am not clear on the behavior you described when sending the pedal a MIDI Program Change message. It is designed to respond by loading the preset that corresponds to the MIDI PC message it receives, and that is all. Can you please clarify exactly what you are trying to achieve here? If possible, please send an email to [email protected].

  14. I have Big Sky, Time Line and Mobius pedals. I want to switch ON and OFF them at the same time with Strymon Multi Switch. I was advised to do it through MIDI sockes and cables. I’ve done that. I can change banks and presents at the same time on all of them, BUT I CANT Switch ON and OFF at the same time. I can switch OFF and ON only one of them to which the external multi pedal connected. Its connected through EXP socket. What to do?

    1. @Zhenya – With a MultiSwitch connected to one pedal like the TimeLine, and the TimeLine connected to the BigSky via the MIDI ports, you can change presets on both the TimeLine and BigSky by using the MultiSwitch through the TimeLine. However, there is no way to bypass or engage the presets with a MultiSwitch since a Bypass message is not sent from the pedals. The best workaround is to save ‘BYPASS’ presets on the TimeLine and BigSky where the MIX on these presets is set to 0% to remove the effect from the audio output. As the TimeLine and BigSky have an analog dry-signal pass-through, you can save these ‘BYPASS’ presets anywhere in your pedals’ memory when you need the effects bypassed.

  15. Thanks for the article Strymon, I’m using a G2 to control my Big Sky presets, I was wondering if there was anyway to control the ‘hold’ (freeze) functions on the Big Sky remotely?

    1. @Aaron Grimwood – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 The only way to do this would be by using an external MIDI controller (like your G2) with a latching switch programmed to send MIDI CC# 97 with values of 0=OFF and 127=ON to control the HOLD feature.

  16. Hi, i have the timeline, big sky and mobius togheter.

    I would like to control them all with my MIDI pedalboard in this way :

    MIDI program change 1 : bank 01A (all 3 pedals)
    MIDI program change 2 : bank 02A (all 3 pedals)
    MIDI program change 3 : bank 03A (all 3 pedals)

    and so on….

    What i have to do?

    1. @Marco – There is no way to have all 3 pedals on the same bank and preset together since the BigSky has 3 presets per bank (A,B, and C) and the TimeLine and Mobius have 2 presets per bank (A and B). The TimeLine and Mobius will sync up in the manner that you like, but not the BigSky.

      1. Ok. How i can sync up the Timeline and Mobius in the manner i like?

        For example i would like to sync up like this :

        MIDI program change 1 : bank 6A (Timeline / Mobius)
        MIDI program change 2 : bank 10B (Timeline / Mobius)
        MIDI program change 3 : bank 15A (Timeline / Mobius)

        1. @Marco – Unfortunately, there is no way for the pedals to be synced up together to recall these specific presets together. You would either need to send the specific MIDI Program Change messages for each of these presets on a separate MIDI channel for each pedal, or save the presets in the banks and preset numbers that DO sync up together when recalled with a single MIDI Program Change message (MIDI Program Change #2 will recall presets 01A on TimeLine and Mobius, and 00C on the BigSky, for example).

  17. Hi,

    I love the strymon products, own the BigSky, Mobius and Timeline.

    I was wondering if Strymon will support 14bit midi in the future to allow for more precise controle over midi?

    And I’d love to see your take on pitch shifting!

    Best regards,

    1. @Leon Kleikers – The current generation of Strymon pedals, will continue with the current MIDI control they have, but I cannot speak for products we choose to release in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

  18. I use TIMELINE and MOBIUS
    My MIDI controller doesn’t support CC value, so it doesn’t on/off.

    In order to turn off timeline, I set MIX knob to 0(zero).

    However, MOBIUS applies effector even if the depth value is 0(zero)

    I set tremolo value at 0 (zero) to workaround this problem, however I feel still there is some effect on tone.

    Please let me know how to turn completely off the effector while I turn on the MOBIUS effector itself on.

    1. @In – A better way to achieve a bypass sound from the Mobius without actually bypassing the effect with MIDI or the on-board switches would be to set the switch on the back of the pedal to PRE/POST and use only the LEFT INPUT and LEFT OUTPUT connections for a MONO signal path. In this setup, if you set the PRE/POST parameter in the PARAMS menu of each preset to POST, you will only hear a (buffered) bypassed sound. You can save you presets with this setting and connection setup for a bypassed setting on the Mobius. And for the presets you would like to have active, set the PRE/POST parameter to PRE and the effect will be heard on the presets saved this way.

  19. Hi there,

    I have following MIDI chain
    VoodooLab Commander -> Mobius -> Timeline -> BigSky

    It switches devices as expected. I also noticed that I can tap tempo into Mobius and it will set the same tempo in Timeline which is really nice feature. Unfortunately tapping tempo in Mobius always activates BigSky’s preset C in any bank am at the moment. Is there are way not to pass tempo changes to BigSky and pass only midi information from VoodooLab Commander? Hope this question makes are sense.


    1. @Goran Racic – This behavior sounds like you are sending MIDI CC’s that correspond to the footswitches of the pedals (MIDI CC# 81) instead of just sending a REMOTE TAP message (MIDI CC# 93). The BigSky will still correspond to this MIDI CC# 93 which will control its PRE-DELAY time, however, it will no longer engage the C preset. Another option would be to set each pedal to its own MIDI Channel and send MIDI Messages to each pedal on its own channel so that it does not affect the other pedals. If you have further questions, please email us directly to [email protected]

  20. Is it possible for the multi switcher to control the timeline and send midi signals for preset up and preset down to the big sky from the timeline without the tap button on the external foot switch effecting the big sky? Ie I would have the multi switcher setup to do preset up and down and tap in the middle.

    Or would I have to use a proper midi controller to have an external tap?

    1. @Tato – Unfortunately we do not recommend a wireless MIDI interface like the Quicco as the MIDI ports do not provide enough voltage to power these devices from the MIDI ports. We have a Quicco m.1 here that we tested and does not work reliably with our products.

      1. Dear Hugo,

        So here we go. Love the Strymon from the Zuma to the TimaLIne (the later which I am currently contemplating), but Pedals and Cables take up space on the board and as if that wasn’t enough also connections on my BOSS ES-5. So controlling on/off and more via MIDI becomes an intricate part of succes.

        Now you say that the seamingly nifty and quick Qiucco m.1 is not receiving enough power. (I am guessing that you are measuring that on the fly? And that the indicator light is not blinking ‘on’).
        This leaves me in tears.

        So what can I, and my compadres around the world – who love and need the midi possibilities you provide – do to daisy chain more of you pedals in the same signal loop and individually control them via wirelessly MIDI?

        Thank you for any and all info.

        1. @Jesper – We are currently not aware of a wireless MIDI solution that will be powered from the MIDI ports of our pedals reliably. The wireless MIDI devices we have tried are relying on voltage that may be available from the MIDI ports, but our pedals were not designed expecting anything to be powered from the MIDI ports. So, another solution that does not rely on power from the MIDI ports would be the only option here for wireless MIDI.

  21. Great article! I love your products. I currently have the Mobius, Big Sky and Timeline. I have Mobius midi out to Big Sky midi in, to midi out to Timeline midi in. If I use the tap button on the Timeline to set tempo, it does not affect any of the presets at all. However, if I unplug the midi in cable from the Big Sky, Timeline tap tempo works perfectly fine. I also eliminated the Big Sky and came from the Mobius to the Timeline via midi and had the same issue. The same problem occurs when I am using a Boss ES-8 to control midi messages and tap tempo to these units.

    1. @Houston Blancett – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the TimeLine tap tempo in this setup. The Mobius and BigSky do not have the ability to send any messages to impede the on-board TAP TEMPO of the TimeLine. Is the TimeLine receiving MIDI clock from the ES-8 through these pedals when you experience this behavior? Please send us an email to [email protected] with further details on how you experience this behavior with the TimeLine when connected via MIDI.

  22. Hi, how to set midi strymon timeline to musicom efx lite 6m? Because there’s no explanation at their user manual.

    1. @Jo – You can use the information in this blog on how to program your MIDI Controller. MIDI Program Change messages determine the preset you select with your controller, so you will need to find out how to program the EFX Lite 6M to send the Program Change messages for the desired preset you would like to recall. How to send Program Change messages should be detailed in the manual for the EFX Lite.

  23. Hi There

    I’ve got my Mobius and Timeline going though a one control crocodile tail loop switcher. I’ve got it all hooked up to run it with midi to change presets with the switcher etc. I can’t find any info on how to sync up each preset with each switch on the one control. Up to now I’ve just edit which ever preset the switcher has landed on the timeline and mobius .This has worked for a few patches but it’s not saving everything in the write place when I write a new patch. I don’t mind just changing each preset according to what ever patch the switch lands on , but how do I get these presets to stay where I’ve put them and not jump around?. I’m assuming something is communicating correctly between the switcher and the strymon pedals. I’ve got midi thru switch on in both pedals .

    Thanks 🙂

    1. @max – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble controlling your Strymon pedals with the loop switcher. If your loop switcher is sending the same MIDI Program Change messages to both pedals on the same MIDI Channel, then the presets that are recalled on both pedals are sync’d together with the MIDI messages they are receiving. Can you provide full details on exactly what messages are being sent and which presets (bank number and channel letter: 00A or 12B for example) are being recalled on each pedal with each specific MIDI message? This will help us have a better understanding of what you are experiencing. Please check out one of our other blogs on MIDI which can help you with this. The only difference from that blog is that you are using an external controller vs. using the Strymon pedals to change presets, but the behavior is the same: Please send us an email to [email protected] if you need further help.

  24. I have a px8 plus sending a midi command to the timeline, then dassie channing it the the b2lie sky. I can get the timeline to work just fine, but my blue sky won’t change presets. I have new cables so that shouldn’t be the issue. Is there another step I’m missing when combining midi cables?

    1. @Wade – There are several ways of controlling our pedals via MIDI and a few steps to take before attempting to send messages to them. If the BigSky is placed after the TimeLine in the MIDI chain, you must make sure that MIDI TH (MIDI Through) is set to ON in the GLOBLS menu of the TimeLine to ensure that the incoming messages are being sent to the next pedal (BigSky) through the MIDI OUT port. Also, if the messages are being sent on a single MIDI Channel (channel 1, for example), make sure that both pedals are set to the same MIDI Channel (MIDI CH) in the GLOBLS menu of both pedals. If you continue having trouble with this setup, please send us an email to [email protected] with details on your setup, connections, and the messages you are sending to both pedals.

  25. I’m completely new to the whole midi strymon thing and I have a timeline and a one control crocodile tail.
    I feel like a complete noob, but I would love a step by step guide to create a delay and then save it to a patch. I have no idea how to do it.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I have seen so many gigs and people really utilizing the timeline and I would love to be able to do it too.

    1. @Jack – We do not have a One Control Crocodile Tail loop switcher, but the setup for saving and recalling presets is the same for all controllers. You can try the following steps to store presets in the order you want:

      – Dial in a TimeLine setting you would like as your first delay preset for the Crocodile Tail Loop (CTL).
      – Press and hold the TYPE encoder button down until the display shows ‘SAVE’.
      – Press the PGM1 footswitch on your CTL. This will save the preset in the location that corresponds with the MIDI Program Change message the CTL’s PGM1 footswitch sends when pressed.

      You can follow these steps for each of the PGM1-7 footswitches on the CTL to store your presets in the order that corresponds with the footswitches of the CTL.

      1. Hi Hugo! Your suggestions worked perfectly. Thanks for that! The only problem I’m having now, is that I have also added the Mobius to my board. I’ve got it setup so that the midi through is on on the timeline but I can’t seem to use the same saving method from the mobius. I even did a factory reset on the Mobius (because I bought it used).
        It almost seems like the Mobius takes commands from the timeline and that the preset on the timeline dictates what preset is used on the Mobius.
        I can’t save a preset to the CTL, it always switches back to some other preset and the light (A) turns yellow instead of staying green like it does with the saved presets to the CTL on the timeline.
        Any suggestions. Thanks again for your help. Just to sum up: the strymons are absolutely amazing, so I really want to be able to fully utilze them for gigging. Cheers!

          1. @Jack – I would recommend setting both MIDI CT and MIDI ST to OFF. Also, make sure MIDI TH is ON and that the MIDI CH(annel) is set to the same channel that your controller is transmitting messages to.

        1. @Jack – Glad to hear that my initial suggestion worked, but sorry you are still having trouble. Do you know if this problem remains if you connect the MIDI OUT from your Crocodile Tail Loop directly into the MIDI IN of Mobius? Also, do you know what MIDI channel the Mobius is set to? Make sure it is set to the same channel that you are transmitting MIDI messages from the Crocodile Tail Loop (and the TimeLine if you want them on the same channel). Please send us an email to [email protected] if you continue to have trouble.

  26. Hello.

    i have some troubles with my TimeLine :

    I’ve tryed to control the TimeLInes looper via Ableton live.
    i’ve programed a midi clip in ableton with cc message “87” and the value is above zero. (photo in attachments)
    But every time when clip starts it suddenly engage either record and play !???
    And sometimes only record?
    Sometimes i hear some krak and clicks and my pedal stop to provide any delays but i can hear the dry signal

    Other CC messages works fine ; play loop, stop the loop etc.

    Usb to midi interface that i’m using is Roland UM-ONE.
    all drivers are newest and properly installed
    Firmware of timeLine is 1.5.8
    Ableton live 9.7.1

    Can you help me with that?

    1. @Sam – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the TimeLine in your setup. It would be helpful to know exactly what messages are being sent from the Quartz when you experience this behavior. You can use a program called Bome’s SEND Sx (PC) or MIDI Monitor (Mac) to record what is being sent through the pedal via MIDI from Ableton and save the data as a file that you can send to us to evaluate. That would be a big help for us to determine what might be happening here. Please give this a try and send us an email with this MIDI data recording to [email protected] for us to analyze the data to determine what is happening.

  27. Love the strymon pedals! I have the Mobius and the Timeline. I use them with my new Boss ms3 switcher with midi ofcourse. I use the Timeline on channel 1 and the Mobius on channel 2. I would like to choose for example pc 10 on the Timeline (channel 1) and pc 5 on the mobius (channel 2). With the ms3 I can switch them separetly and I also can sent cc messages for bypassing the effects. When I switch them via the ms3 in this order: Timeline on – off, Mobius on – off it works. But when I switch it like this: Mobius on, timeline on, mobius off, then I try to turn the timeline off but it stays on. And also the on/off lights on the ms3 and the strymons don’t match anymore. Hope you can help me! (:

    1. @Joren Sterk – This behavior is likely due to the specific MIDI Messages being sent to the pedal and, without knowing the exact MIDI messages being sent, I’m not clear where the problem may lie. Can you please provide a video recording that shows these exact steps occurring on your pedals along with a recording of the exact MIDI messages being sent to these pedals as a data file for us to analyze and review while watching your video to have a better understanding of the problem? You can use a program calle Bome’s Send SX for PC or MIDI Monitor for Mac to record the MIDI data being sent to the pedals. Also, the LEDs of the Strymon pedals are not designed to sync up with an external MIDI controller’s LEDs, so you would have to keep track of the messages sent and the LEDs that go on and off on your controller to avoid confusion on what is on and what is off.

    1. @Juan Jose – Yes, as long as you have your Beat Buddy set to send MIDI Clock. Just connect the MIDI OUT port to the TimeLine’s MIDI IN port and set the MIDI CL parameter in the PARAMS menu of your desired presets to ON for the delays to sync with the MIDI Clock input it is receiving. (MIDI Clock per preset is a parameter in the latest 1.v84 firmware of TimeLine.)

      1. Okay, but when I change the preset they all stay in 600ms and not in their value, they only return to their normal value when the Beatbuddy stops.

        1. @Juan Jose Biosca – Very sorry about this, but the TimeLine’s delays will sync to MIDI Clock from your Beat Buddy, but NOT the looper on the TimeLine.

      2. Honestly, after having done many tests I think that the Timeline looper can not synchronize correctly with the Beatbuddy.

    1. @Chris – The TimeLine’s looper does not sync to external MIDI Clock so it will not sync to the Beat Buddy in that manner on its own. It can be sync’d to a sequencer sending MIDI CC messages that control the TimeLine Looper’s functions, and if the Beat Buddy is sync’d to this sequencer’s MIDI Clock signals, all will be sync’d together.

  28. Greetings. I need to know how to set the function of holding the pot tight to maintain the BigSky reverb using the BOSS ES-8 controller pot

    1. @Fabricio – Thanks for checking out the blog! I am not clear on what you are trying to do here. Are you trying to control a specific parameter on a preset of the BigSky? Can you please provide us with further details on exactly what you are trying to achieve with MIDI and the BigSky?

  29. I have the muicomlab EFX LE. I established a “program change” for a determined bank and preset, for a eventide timefactor. The EFX correctly changes the bank and preset of the eventide, but sets it to “OFF”. Please help!

    1. @Alex – It sounds like you may need to consult the MIDI Implementation guide of the Eventide pedal or contact their support to verify if there are any additional messages you have to send to ensure that it results in the preset recalling in the engaged state. On our Strymon pedals, the presets will always recall in the state the pedal was before it receives the MIDI Program Change messages. So if the pedal was BYPASSED before sending a MIDI Program Change message, the new preset will also recall in the BYPASSED state.

  30. Hi . I’m a fellow Mobius and TimeLine user. I have the px8 Plus switch from Voodoo Labs . Followed the tutorial on the settings to apply on the Strymon devices . From there, I’ve got absolutely no clue on what to do next and how .

    I wanted to setup such that a bank up would switch both patches on Mobius and TimeLine to the patches that I want

    1. @Jp Fortuno – For the functionality you are looking for, your PX-8 would need to send a MIDI Program Change message that corresponds to the presets that you would like to recall on each of the pedals when you are banking up on that device. The presets of both the TimeLine and Mobius correspond to the same MIDI Program Change messages, so, for example, if you send them both MIDI Program Change #0, they will both recall preset 00A. You would need to program your MIDI controller, in this case, the PX-8, to send the desired MIDI Program Change messages for the desired presets you want to recall when you bank or change presets with the PX-8.

  31. Hey!

    I am trying to update the firmware of my Timeline with Nixie. Every time I hit update it says:

    “The firmware updater is having trouble talking to selected device.


    Durring firmware updates, only connect one device to the MIDI port.


    If there are multiple devices in a MIDI daisy-chained configuration, the firmware updater may have trouble addressing the correct device.”

    I don’t have any other devices plugged in. Any idea what I need to do?

  32. Hi Hugo, I do not know if my question has already been asked … if so I apologize in advance ….
    It is possible to recall the combinations of the three pedals (TimeLine, Mobius, Big Sky) for example:

    MIDI program change 1:
    bank 01A Time Line
    bank 05B Mobius
    14C Big Sky bank

    1. @Gabriele – Yes this is possible if you set each of your Strymon pedals to a different MIDI Channel, for example TimeLine on channel 1, Mobius on channel 2, and BigSky on channel 3. Then, to recall those specific presets you would need to program a switch on your MIDI Controller to send MIDI Program Change #2 on channel 1, MIDI Program Change #11 on channel 2, and MIDI Program Change #44 on channel 3 all at once when pressed.

  33. Hello, I have a Musicomlab MKIII and I could engage to the timeline, however; I couldn’t get any delay sound. I can see when the presets in the Timeline change but I can’t get any sound.

    What can I do?

    1. @David – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Does the TimeLine work by itself without the Musicomlab or any MIDI connections in the following setup: guitar => TimeLine LEFT INPUT; TimeLine LEFT OUTPUT => Amp input? If it does work in this isolated manner, it sounds like there is a problem with how it is set up with that loop switcher or it may be receiving MIDI messages that are causing the delays to be muted.

  34. Greetings! I’m trying to use my TimeLine with a Randall RF4 and I tried, but I don’t see it working. Can you please help me with that (Firmware 1.43)?

    1. Hello Sebastián,

      Could you please email us at [email protected] ? It may take a bit of troubleshooting and it will be easier if we are in direct contact with eachother.

      In the email, please provide us with information on the full setup of you MIDI controller and any relevant settings from the TimeLine’s GLOBLS menu (MIDICT, PA, CH, etc).


  35. Well I’ve got an odd problem. On my Midi setup I’m using a BOSS ES-8 MIDI to Line 6 HX Stomp through to Strymon Timeline Through to Source Audio Programmable EQ. It’s odd… As im starting to program everything on my new pedalboard, everytime I change to preset one on my ES-8 patch, program changes for the other 2 Midi channels, work fine. The Timeline on the other hand ends up changing bpm to 160 for example, from my 106 bpm (Pride) In the Name of Love Delay in that preset, also it goes right into looper Mode after a few seconds, I can’t really exit looper as it starts to glitch out going up and down banks with a single button, and only being able to go to Bank whatever A, as B can only go up the bank more, weird… I don’t get it either sometimes it does other stuff. Then I go to my ES-8 Change a couple presets to go back to my Pride preset, sometimes it’ll go back to it on the Timeline, sometimes it won’t.. kinda stays stuck.. sometimes the looper goes off again, Most of the time the bpm changes on the preset way off. Can’t find any info on this anywhere online for the past few days.. Maybe something is up on one of the ES-8 Midi assign pages.. as I’m am also trying to have the ES-8 do some CC# for my HX Stomp.. Maybe its also trying to communicate on the timeline cuz is all in the same overall preset channel idk, What’s more annoying is when it changes the delay time randomly, can’t have that.
    My entire pedalboard is brand new. made up of like 9 different pedals, except for the Timeline. Hopefully its not damaged. on the Globals menu I changed lots of settings, Still does the same thing.

    1. @Hector Munoz – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your setup. It is possible that the presets that you are navigating from may have the TAP parameter (in the PARAMS menu of each preset) set to GLOBAL which can cause this behavior to occur. 

      Within the PARAMS menu of each preset, there is a parameter called TAP that can be set to either PRESET or GLOBAL.  If you want each preset to have their own tempo when you navigate to it, set this parameter to PRESET, set your tempo, and SAVE the preset with these settings. Saving each preset after making these changes is essential here. You would need to do this for every preset on the pedal that you want to work this way, otherwise, you may encounter some instances where the delay Time is the same in several presets as you navigate through the pedal.

      Essentially, all presets with the TAP parameter set to PRESET will be recalled with the TIME setting that was saved with the preset. If you tap in a tempo using the TAP footswitch while on a preset that has the TAP parameter set to either PRESET or GLOBAL, the tempo you tapped in will be same on all presets that have the TAP parameter set to GLOBAL. These GLOBAL presets will always have the same tempo you tapped in until you tap in a new tempo while on any preset.

      As for the other strange behavior, this is likely due to how the Boss ES-5/ES-8 have their footswitches pre-programmed to send MIDI CC’s 80 and 81 which correspond to the footswitches on TimeLine, but with reverse values. This means that pressing a footswitch on the ES-8 will send CC# 81 which corresponds to the TAP footswitch on TimeLine, but since the values are sent in reverse (values 127 when pressed, and 0 when released), the TimeLine will go into looper mode since after using that switch, Timeline thinks that the TAP switch is being held down (values reversed). You will need to disable sending these MIDI CC’s for the footswitches on your ES-8 to stop this weird behavior.

  36. Hi! I have a little issue when I change the preset on my Strymon TimeLine and my BigSky.

    I use MIDI connection through Ableton Live 9 for change my presets, everything works fine, but I hear a double “click” sound when I do this.

    The “click” sound is very similar to the sound that you can hear when you turn ON the power (I use a CIOKS DC10 power supply) ! Can you help me to resolve this trouble?

    Thanks in advance

    1. @Emanuele McFly – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. It is not clear what it is that you are hearing when changing presets through Ableton. Can you please send us an email to [email protected] with full details on exactly what MIDI messages are being sent to the pedals and what is happening on each one? A video that clearly shows the behavior you describe starting from powering up the pedal would be very helpful to help us understand what you are experiencing.

        1. Hey Tony, I tried looking through past tickets in case the OP had ever emailed in so we could figure out what their issue was, but couldn’t find a response. If you’re having a similar issue, or any issue for that matter, please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to help out.

  37. Hugo,
    Maybe you can answer this. Once I have my Strymon Timeline and Big Sky correctly set to receive and push Thru messages, and connected properly to a controller, Such as a RJM Mastermind PBC or an ElectroHarmonics Super Switcher, when setting up a preset on the controller do I just need to make sure each Strymon is on the bank I want that preset to recall? And when I select that preset on the controller it will automatically go find those banks on my Strymons? Thanks, Bruce

    1. @Bruce Laverdiere – The better solution is to set up the presets on both TimeLine and BigSky in the manner you like, then, start the SAVE procedure on both (press and hold TYPE for a few seconds). From here, press the footswitch on your MIDI controller that you would like to recall these presets on TL and BS to send them a corresponding MIDI Program Change message. The pedals (TL and BS) will receive this message and save to the MIDI Program Change number that corresponds with that footswitch. Now, whenever you press that footswitch on the MIDI controller, it will recall those specific presets.

  38. Could you please explain to me how can I access to the second block of presets (64A-99B)? Has been super hard and confusing to me!

    1. @David – In order to access the second bank of 128 presets via MIDI, you would need to send the pedal a MIDI Bank Change message of MIDI CC# 0 with a value of 1 and then send the desired MIDI Program Change # for the preset you would like to recall. This will change the MIDI Preset Bank to access presets 64A-99B via MIDI Program Change messages. Once the MIDI Bank has been changed, it will remain in this bank with all subsequent MIDI Program Change messages you send the pedal without having to re-send that MIDI Bank Change message. To return to the original MIDI Bank, send MIDI CC# 0 with a value of 0, then send your MIDI Program Change #.

  39. Hey Strymon, I’m trying to use the Exp input on the Volante connected to a Selah quartz timer to control bpm (tap) and recall presets but it doesnt seem to work on either. Is the exp input only viable with the multi switch? I’ve already set the power up mode on this jack to “preset” and I’ve gone into each of the 8 preset banks to set these to receive midi instructions. What am I missing?

    1. @Ryan – The EXP jack can support MIDI via TRS. You would need the proper connections using our MIDI EXP cable or something like the MIDIboxes from Empress or Disaster Area Devices. Also, you need to make sure to set MIDI Clock to ON per preset and to save each preset you will be using this way with this new setting.

  40. Hi! Is there a PC message in the BIgsky that will allow me to simply increment the preset, jumping incrementaly from the 3 footswitches and then continuing with the next bank and so on?
    If so, is that messagle applicable on a Timeline pedal?

    What I want to be able to do is to sync hx stomp with strymon pedals and use a midi controller to increment presets.

    1. @Nahel – Unfortunately, there is no MIDI Message that will simply increment or decrement through the presets of the pedal. However, your MIDI Controller may be able to do that on its own by going up or down through the MIDI Program Change messages that correspond to TimeLine’s presets.

  41. Hello,
    I do have an Electro Harmonix Super Switch, and MIDI controls are not working to change the Timeline presets.


    1. @Marcio Steffen – Are you connecting the MIDI OUT from your controller to the MIDI IN port of TimeLine? What are the exact messages being sent to the TimeLine from your controller? MIDI Program Change messages 0-127 correspond to the first 128 presets in TimeLine’s memory banks. Are both the controller and TimeLine set to the save MIDI Channel? Make sure that they are. Please send us and email to [email protected] with full details if you continue to have trouble.

  42. Hi Hugo,

    Can I record sounds from strymon bigsky into my computer using an audio interface?


    1. @Harish Kumar – Yes, you can connect the outputs from BigSky to the inputs on your audio interface to record the audio from BigSky. If you want to sound like you are playing through a guitar speaker cabinet, make sure to set the CAB FILTER switch to ON.

  43. Setting up midi control with my Timeline and BigSky via a OneControl OC10. My understanding it that this allows for basic midi operation in which the Strymon pedals should just start from 00A (or whatever the first preset is called) and then move up sequentially as I advance through the 70 possible presets on the OneControl OC10. My Timeline is operating as expected (starts at 00A) but the BigSky jumps to 42C when Bank 1 Preset 1 on the OneControl is selected… I’m struggling to locate any answers as to why this would be happening. Any advice?

    1. Hello Brandon. We haven’t used one of those OC10s before, but our pedals will respond to any and all MIDI commands they are sent, exactly how they are sent. This means that something is happening with the OneControl that is telling the Timeline to recall 42C.

      On BigSky, 42C is recalled by PC 0, but on MIDI bank 2.

      Because MIDI Program Change messages have a maximum number of 128 (0-127), the presets are grouped into 3 MIDI Patch Banks:

      MIDI BANK 0 = PRESETS 00A-42B

      MIDI BANK 1 = PRESETS 42C-85A

      MIDI BANK 2 = PRESETS 85B-99C

      The presets are numbered sequentially within each bank:

      PRESET 00A = MIDI program # 0

      PRESET 00B = MIDI program # 1

      PRESET 00C = MIDI program # 2

      PRESET 01A = MIDI program # 3

      PRESET 01B = MIDI program # 4 etc. up to #127…

      BigSky always powers up in MIDI Patch Bank 0, and the only way to access MIDI Patch Bank 2 is to send it CC 0 with a value of 1, which it sounds like controller is doing. Make sure that you are not sending any unnecessary CCs to avoid this.

      As long as you are in MIDI Patch Bank 0, PCs should only recall the first 127 presets, 00A – 42B.

      If you have any more questions please email [email protected].


  44. I bought a HOSA USB2MIDI Tracklink USM-422 so that I could connect my BigSky to the Strymon Preset Librarian. My computer is able to send data into the interface and when I make any adjustments on my BigSky (turn a knob, press a button) the interface shows that it’s receiving signal. However, SPL is saying that there’s no response when I test the connection inside of the software. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Hi John. There are several factors that could be resulting in bad connectivity between your pedal, the software, and the interface. Please email [email protected] and we’d be happy to troubleshoot this with you.


  45. Hi,

    I own a Timeline, a Bigsky and a Meris Enzo. I was wondering if I could connect all three pedals in a midi chain and control them via the first pedal in the chain, this way it could work as a midi controller for the other two.

    All I would need, if this is doable, is a MIDI 5pin to TRS cable converter to go from one of the Strymons into the Enzo.

    Thanks for your help,

    1. That should work just fine, you’d just need to make sure all three pedals are on the same MIDI channel, and set the MIDI TH global setting on the second pedal to THRU. I’m not sure what the Enzo needs for its TRS MIDI connection, but if it receives MIDI on the TIP of the TRS connection, you can even use one of our MIDI EXP cables for that.

  46. Hello guys! Got Timeline and other pedals receiving midi, got really simple midi controller that only uses Program Change messages. I can’t get from one active preset to another preset in bypass mode with one step, forced to dance. Can you please add saving bypass state(on or bypassed) for each preset? Or add “bypass preset”? Anything to switch bypass with one PC message. I know about CC#102, it doesn’t work for me for the reasons written above. I think I’m not the only one with this situation.

  47. I’m setting up my Mobius, Timeline, & Big Sky with MIDI, but will it work to have my
    ZELZAH going in to the Mobius, as the beginning of the “MIDI chain?”

    1. We’d recommend having any TRS MIDI pedals last so you can go out from your last DIN pedal using something like our MIDI EXP cable 🙂

      Conduit would work as well.

  48. Hello
    Following problem with my Gigrig G3 and Timeline:
    Let’s say I want in Preset 1 (from Gigrig) a Delay Time 100ms, Preset 2 a DT of 200ms and Preset 3 a DT of 300ms. At this stage I have managed that P1 sets 100ms, P2 and P3 both set 200ms. If I change the DT of either P2 or P3 to 300ms it also changes the DT of P2 or P3. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? To clarify: I know how to save on the Timeline.

    Thanks for your help!

  49. Hi Hugo,
    I have a question confused me for long time… I will be so grateful if you could help me on this…

    I have a midi controller on my One Control OC-10W, the midi code it can send is in below format:
    1. pre-CC: 0-127, or off
    2. a fixed number:127, or off when preCC is off
    3. CC: 0-127, or off
    4. PC: 0-127, or off
    with above said, It will send at maximum 4 codes when a preset being selected.

    I have 2 strymon devices on board: Volante into Bigsky (I got flint and timeline also but they are not on board now)

    My goal is:
    1. connect my OC10-W to volante midi in.
    2. from the midi out on volante, connect to the midi in on bigsky.
    3. when I hit bank1 on OC-10W, it only change the preset on Volante, ,to preset 1
    4. when I hit bank2 on OC-10W, it only change the preset on Volante, ,to preset 2
    5. when I hit bank3 on OC-10W, it only change the preset on Bigsky, ,to preset 1
    6. when I hit bank4 on OC-10W, it only change the preset on Bigsky, ,to preset 2

    To achieve above goal, would you please suggest how I should setup the OC-10W and the 2 strymon pedals?

    Thank you in advance for your kindly help…



  50. Hello friends, I have a question.

    When I access a preset, the parameter values (tone, mix, mod, pre-delay, param 1, etc.) are loaded with the values originally saved in the preset or are loaded with the knob values at the time of activation ???

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