Flint Tremolo & Reverb – Black Knob Edition

Strymon Flint reverb and tremolo pedal

When we released our Flint Tremolo & Reverb pedal several years back, we were thrilled to offer our take on iconic tremolo and reverb sounds to the world. We’re honored and humbled that Flint has received many awards and found its way onto pedalboards around the world. Thank you for making Flint a success. We have enjoyed all of the sounds and music that you have created with Flint along the way.

But… we have a problem!

The supplier of our Flint-specific cream-colored knobs has abruptly and unexpectedly stopped production. This means we’re quickly running out of knobs! And there isn’t another parts supplier that can provide the same knobs in this color, at least in the short term. Oops! 😬

So, instead of halting production of Flint pedals while we tool up a new knob, we’ve decided upon a bold new solution! We’ll just substitute the black knobs that we already use on some of our other pedals. Ok, so that’s not bold at all! But it will allow us to keep building Flint pedals. We didn’t want to stop Flint builds just because we ran out of knobs.

Enter the Flint “Black Knob Edition!”

So here’s the deal! For the next few months, Flint pedals will be available with black knobs instead of the usual cream knobs. We’re working on tooling up a new cream-colored knob that we’re hoping will be available in the next few months. If you absolutely want cream-colored knobs on your Flint, we will have a very limited supply of replacement knobs for sale. Otherwise, it might be a few months before they are available.

Are there any other differences between Flint and this limited Flint “Black Knob Edition”? Nope, just the knobs are different. Everything else is the same!

Where can one buy this Flint “Black Knob Edition”? Right here!

Learn More Buy Now – $299

Thanks for your support! And thanks for rolling with us as we sort out this knob challenge! 😆

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  1. Black Knobs on the Flint is a bad move. It makes the pedal too similar to the Iridium Pedal. You guys should have thought in a better solution…

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