Friendly Fires loves their blueSky Reverberator

Ed Macfarlane of the English dancerock band Friendly Fires just sent us a photo of his blueSky Reverberator in the studio! They’ve been using blueSky all over their new record. We’re looking forward to hearing what they’ve crafted!

Friendly Fires - blueSky Reverberator

I love the video for their song “Skeleton Boy”… check it out:

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  1. Pedalmaniacs says:

    Edd liked both of the pedals that got strymon more pedals.

    STRYMON Favorite switch
    STRYMON Brigadier dbucket delay (Favorite switch)

    see more guitarists who use strymon in:

    Larry Lalonde ( Primus )

    J Bowman (Michael Franti & Spearhead)

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