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Is Your Cat a #StrymonCat?

This giveaway has ended. Please check out all the wonderful #StrymonCats by clicking here and here. Stay tuned for other giveaways in the future. 🙂

As many of you know, we love looking at your pictures, videos, tweets, and the like. Being friends of animals here at Strymon, we always enjoy seeing your cats, dogs, rabbits and more. To celebrate our love of pets we have had a special Strymon Cat Toy handmade by the very talented Kim who runs the Etsy store, Kanga23.

You might ask—how do I get one of these cat toys? Post a current picture of your cat and hashtag it #strymoncat. We have a limited number of these cat toys, so over the next few weeks (until July 7th) we will choose 30 pictures. Those 30 photographers will receive a cat toy and a Strymon t-shirt!


We can’t wait to see all those cute cats out there. Below are a few of ours:

Pete’s Marmalade:


Hugo’s Luca:


Hugo’s Koa:


Jake’s Biggie:


And here is the picture that inspired our cat toy idea 🙂 Thanks Piggywoo.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi everyone, Monster & Max here – two cool ‘tone-cats’ from the UK – and definitely Strymon cats. Just a quick sneaky message – our owner has bought loads of your stuff, but imagine how hacked off we were that the daft dopey old fool managed to miss out on this giveaway!! His tone is super-impressive since buying your stuff and just to steer him in the right direction, one of us (not saying which – sorry) puked on his crappy old Line 6 DL4. A bit gross maybe, but hey, you ever tried scratching a stomp box? And it’s not as though we could bury the thing in the litter tray either! But its done the trick, his tone purrs now, just as we do. As we say in England, there’s always a next time, so we’re hoping you’ll run something similar and soon, if you don’t mind…for the old boy’s sake. Over & out, M & M

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