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Kevin Blake Goodwin: Percussive Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar


Arkansas based guitarist/composer Kevin Blake Goodwin has a unique and unforgettable style, and it’s been noticed. In 2015 he won the Canadian (International) Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, and this year he won the Guitar Wars Competition in San Antonio, Texas. He is also the founder of FretMonkey Records, an independent fingerstyle guitar label operated by 21 acoustic players across the globe. In the video below, you can hear him play through BigSky and TimeLine. Kevin is using the Nimbus factory preset for BigSky, and the DualMod factory preset for TimeLine. He is running both pedals in stereo.

Watch the video:

Also, check out the video below. Kevin’s percussive fingerstyle technique is jaw-dropping, and his composition is simultaneously riveting and haunting. The song also perfectly compliments the images in the video. Kevin is using BigSky for the reverb on the track.

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