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Lex Rotary – almost ready!

We’re putting the finishing touches on Lex Rotary.

Gregg running Lex through our audio quality tests:

Gregg running Lex through audio quality tests

Gregg running Lex through audio quality tests

Gregg testing Lex Rotary

Finished circuit boards:

Finished Lex circuit boards

Nearly finished pedals, just need to add knobs:

Lex - almost finished. just needs knobs!

Final testing with Favorite switch:

Lex final testing with Favorite switch

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

3 Responses

  1. John P says:

    A suggestion: Please have more product available. After just checking my e-mail the product is already sold out!

  2. Ethan says:

    @John – we’re a small operation and are doing our very best to meet demand. We’re building more Lex now and hope to have more available for sale soon. Thanks for your patience!

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