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Looping with Strymon TimeLine

Strymon TimeLine looperHey there! We just put together a couple videos that demonstrate looping with our TimeLine delay.

TimeLine Looper Basics

In this first video, we go over the basic looping features available from the front panel. All you need to do is press and hold TAP to enter looper mode, and you can access Record, Overdub, Play, and Stop. All of your delay knobs and parameters are accessible while looping. You can also set the looper to be pre-delay or post-delay. Running the looper pre-delay allows you to record your dry signal and affect the recorded signal with the delay sounds. Routing the looper post-delay will record the delay sounds to the loop. Check it out:

TimeLine Looper MIDI Control

If you want to take your looping a bit further, you can do so by connecting a MIDI controller to your TimeLine. Here we’re using a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro, though any MIDI foot controller that can utilize MIDI CC or note messages should work fine. Connecting a MIDI controller will give you access to additional looping features: Reverse, Half Speed, Undo to Initial Loop, Redo, and Looper Pre/Post. In this video, we showcase of these additional features and advanced looping techniques.

Setting up your MIDI controller

You can set up your MIDI controller with either MIDI CC (continuous controller), or MIDI note numbers.

MIDI CC values:

Record – CC# 87, any value
Play – CC# 86, any value
Stop – CC# 85, any value
Reverse (toggle) – CC# 94, any value
Full/Half Speed (toggle) – CC# 95, any value
Pre/Post (toggle) – CC# 96, any value
Undo (to initial loop) – CC# 89, any value
Redo – CC# 90, any value
Looper Level – CC# 98, value range 0-17

Note values:

Record – note 0, velocity > 0
Play – note 2, velocity > 0
Stop – note 4, velocity > 0
Reverse (toggle) – note 14, velocity > 0
Full/Half Speed (toggle) – note 16, velocity > 0
Pre/Post (toggle) – note 17, velocity > 0
Undo (to initial loop) – note 7, velocity > 0
Redo – note 9, velocity > 0

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171 Responses

  1. Awesome demo and tech stuff, but beautiful music too!

    One question:

    Once you has recorded a loop, what’s happened with the Tap tempo function?

    can you change the master tempo via Tap while you’re playback mode?


  2. @Gabriel – In looper mode, the footswitches are dedicated for looper functions, so this means that tap is not available. However, there are a few ways that you can still access tap tempo while looping:

    – Set your loop to continue playing when exiting looper mode, which will allow you to access Tap.

    – Or, use an external tap tempo pedal or control your tap via MIDI

    – Or, use a MIDI controller for looper functions (which doesn’t require entering looper mode). This will leave your Tap switch accessible.

    Hope this helps. Thanks! 🙂

  3. You guys should show a looper + Disaster Area Amps DMC demo as that pairing is incredible small, simple, and incredible.

    I use the DMC-4 with no prior midi experience, small footprint, tons of functionality, access to all looper functions and bank/preset scroll, exp features, etc, etc……. all with the ability to cycle through delay in real time. So good!

  4. I was hoping that every preset could store its own midi clock synchronized 30sec loop and you could instantly switch between those loops with midi program changes.
    But I understand there is one 30sec looper and you can’t save your loops on each preset?
    Is that possible? That would be great.

    1. Hi there, for what you’re looking to do, you may require a dedicated looper pedal that offers more than one loop, loop MIDI sync, etc. Thanks 🙂

  5. Why don’t you guys make a looper pedal like no other! You can do it!
    All of the looper pedals out there are too limiting with time, have awful sound, or not enough features.

    Make a solid Looper pedal with long loop times, multi track looping and individual control over the loops like mixing and loop start and timing. Oh by the way, don’t put a bunch of stupid play along loops in it like everyone else does.

  6. Y’know what would be awesome… if the loop would be timestretched on the fly ala Ableton Live, when tap-tempoing quarter notes whilst the loop plays back. That way you could really tighten the loop up with your drummer, all with your feet whilst you play!

  7. When you are looping: can you enter looper mode, record a phrase, stop it, exit looper mode, change a delay setting, enter looper mode again and have the phrase still be there?

    I’m wondering how easy it would be to use live, IF you didn’t have the midi control.

  8. Looks like that MIDI CC# chart has a typo. Shows CC# 90 twice for both Redo and Looper Level but the manual says that Looper Level is CC#98. Just fyi….

  9. Ethan, could you share your settings on the video for ‘Meltaway’, ‘Marigold’, and ‘Faux Spring’? Also, when you change time with the double time, does it turn in to quadruple time?

  10. Hi guys – Fantastic video – thanks for sharing!

    Quick question – is it possible to disengage the looper from the audio signal, yet is still looping?

    (For instance, cutting out the looper, then coming right back into it in all it’s glory).

    I believe the El Capistan can do this…
    If the timeline does not intrinsically do this, do you have any ideas as to how I could?

  11. @Joel – no problem, glad you found the presets! 🙂 You can change between Full Speed and Half Speed— there isn’t any option to quadruple the speed. Thanks

  12. @John – glad you enjoyed the videos!

    Not sure I completely understand your question… but when you press Stop the looper stops— it does not continue to silently loop in the background. When you want your loop to come back in, just hit Play. Let me know if that answers your question. 🙂

  13. Thanks Ethan. OK, it just sounds so choppy and synthy in your demo, I thought you were doubling the time on the initial record, then doubling again on the overdub (when you start tapping twice as fast). I don’t even know if my math makes any sense. My brain hurts thinking about what’s happening. Sounds great though, been trying to replicate it.

    1. Hey Joel— it’s not too difficult. Try just changing the speed back and forth as you record, that’s all I was doing! 🙂

      1. Hey, i was wondering if that feature has been added since the time of this discussion. I’d definitely get the timeline for this reason!!!1 (not only this offcourse:)

        1. @Jeanpierre – There is currently no plan to have the looper of the TimeLine sync to external MIDI Clock at this time I’m afraid.

          1. Go on! You know you want to! :o)

            I came here after googling MIDI clock as I run midi clock on my board but can never get loops in sync nicely! >_<

          2. Gotta say gang… this would take this from an unusuable feature for me in a band scenario, to something I would use alllll the time. Snapping to nearest quarter or eighth note for loops based on midi sync would be amaaazing.

  14. I’m also interested in the possibility of synching the looper, but not with the midi clock. Others (on TGP) have expressed interest in having the looper seams quantize to the set bpm on the timeline. That way you could sync to loops with known bpm’s. My old looper had this functionality. Really handy. Any chance that might make it in a coming firmware update?

    1. Hey Joel— thanks for the info. I can’t guarantee the inclusion of any particular features, but I can let you know that we do consider all customer feedback. Thanks for the suggestion, we will take it into consideration! 🙂

  15. Hi Ethan, I have one question,

    Once I record a loop with one delay mode, can i overdub a new loop with another delay mode?

    say, first loop with filter delay, second with ice and so on?

  16. I would love a loop manipulation feature to be continuous pitch control as well as pitch-constant time stretching a la SMMH + 16sec delay. Please!!

    1. By default, when you enter looper mode, the Tap Tempo switch becomes the Looper Stop button. There are several ways to tap your tempo while looping. Choose the one that works best for you:

      1. Use an external tap switch (plugged into the expression pedal input).
      2. Tap in your tempo using an external MIDI controller
      3. Set LoopExit to Play in the Globals menu, which will allow the loop to continue to play after exiting looper mode. Once out of looper mode, the tap tempo is again available.
      4. Use a MIDI controller for all of your looping functions. All looper functions are available via MIDI without entering looper mode, which means the tap tempo switch is always available.

    1. @Joel – there were some bumps in the road regarding the librarian— we should have more info on this early next week. Thanks very much for your patience.

  17. HEY Ethan!

    How come sometimes when I engage the half speed mode during loops the loop actually plays double speed instead of half speed??

  18. Hi! I’m trying to use my volume pedal on my Ground Control Pro exactly like you have in the video. I can’t get my volume/expression pedal to control the right parameters. It’s “working,” but I can’t seem to find out how you guys were able to control the volume level of the loop. Thx!

  19. Got it figured out now. BUT, the volume coming out of the “recorded” loop is almost TWICE as loud as the original signal Im putting into it? Trying to figure out how to plug these values 0-17 in somewhere. Thx!

    1. @Derek – For that particular MIDI CC, the Ground Control is likely defaulting to a value higher than 17. That’s why the loop plays back louder than your input signal. As you know, our values for the Looper Level MIDI CC are 0-17, so anything over that will result in a louder (or even distorted loop). It’s been a while, so I don’t remember exactly how to set up an expression pedal for the Ground Control. However here’s a pretty good video that discusses doing just that—their application is with the ElevenRack, though the main principles should still apply:

      Hope this helps!

  20. Question: When I have a loop going (either controlled by a DMC 3xl, or with LPEXIT set to “play”), turning OFF the ‘A’ preset effect will stop the loop. This doesn’t happen when turning OFF ‘B’. Any idea why? I can also create a loop with no effect engaged as long as I am on the ‘B’ (turned off), but starting with the ‘A’ turned off, nothing will loop.

    I’ve tried every combination of situations I can think of, and ‘A’ OFF always kills the loop. For instance, with LPEXIT set to STOP, I can be in looper mode (with any preset A, B, or B off) and create a loop. Leaving looper mode of course stops the loop. Then I can do all sorts of other things and go back to looper and hit play and it will still be there, EXCEPT if I have ‘A’ turned off.

    1. Hi Don, this is due to using True Bypass. If you want any processed audio (delay trails, loops) to continue after you’ve bypassed, you need to use Buffered Bypass, since True Bypass is inherently a mechanical bypass.

      Most likely your TimeLine is set to True Bypass and your ‘A’ preset has Delay Persist set to Off. Your ‘B’ preset has Delay Persist set to On, which utilizes a Buffered Bypass for that preset only.

      If you don’t ever want True Bypass, just go to your Globals menu and set BYPASS to BUFBYP. Alternatively, on the parameters for your ‘A’ preset, set PRSIST to ON, and save the preset. This FAQ should help:

  21. Thanks Ethan. Of course, that makes total sense! I think it was a fluke that all the A presets I used when checked this had Persist off, and all the B’s had it on. Made me think there was something else going on with the A side of things. I’ve got it working now with the BUFBYP.

  22. Hi,
    I don´t know why assign a range value 0 – 17 with looper volume? Is more easy assign 0 – 127, because isn’t operative. The normal pedal expresion midi is 0- 127

  23. Hey there,
    Any chance there will be a “play once” feature or “one shot” included in any of the future firmware updates? (if one exists and I’ve overlooked it, please let me know where to find it)

    ***Side note… Kinda.
    Curious if it would ever be possible to expand upon the expression input, using it as a AUX input similar to the way eventides timefactor had, but being able to choose between the exp/tap/aux (first 2 already current in globals)
    I understand why this wouldn’t be possible if it were a hardware issue, but I would really love to add a few more “instant access” buttons to my earlier Digital Music Corp ground control (v2.3) as I’ve only got 6 across the top row (LtoR: rec/dub, play, stop, repeats, bypass, tap)
    I’m able to quickly change repeats (CC97 I believe) over to reverse if needed (not live… for examples only ) but I could really use more instant access actions (ie, undo, redo, half speed)

    Ethan- do you have any idea if a aux fs (such as the digitech FS-300) could work with the ground control? (ie- exp out to expand?…)

  24. @Iorio – we wanted the range to give the ability to go a bit louder with the loop volume if you wanted. Try setting the top value to 19 or 20 and it will give you a boost in the volume at the top end of the expression pedal.

  25. @Michael – there isn’t a Play Once feature. The way to go would be to just hit Stop when the loop is done. You can re-trigger the loop by just pressing Play again— each press will re-trigger the loop from the start, which can be useful if you need to sync with a live band.

    No plans to add any additional features to the Expression input other than external Tap and expression pedal at this point… While I can’t guarantee that new features will be added, we do listen to and consider all customer feedback and suggestions. There are MIDI controllers out there that offer multiple banks for those who need a ton of MIDI control.

    Not sure about the Digitech pedal working with the Ground Control—definitely contact Voodoo Lab, they will definitely help you out on that! 🙂

  26. Hey there. Ive ordered my timeline and cant wait to get it. My question might be simple,but anyways… if i connect the timeline in the effects loop of my badger 35 ,(via a suhr minimix II) will i be able to use the looper? because i would have to set my pedal in “kill” in the dry mode option… if any i will also try it in front of the amp but my goal would be to have in the effects loop.
    Thanks again

  27. hi guys
    i’m so near to buy Timeline, the answer to my question will not affect the purchase so jump to the quesion.
    There is a way to sync looper to a known BPM? i’n not interested to midi sync but i play with drum machines and i’d like the loop will not de-sync after 3 or three loops.

  28. If there’s no current way to sync looper to external clock, can we expect an enhanced model at some point that might? That would be pretty tasty…

    1. Hey Jason— thanks for the suggestion. We can’t guarantee the development of specific products or features but we do listen to and consider all customer suggestions. Thanks!!

  29. I agree that the looper should be auto quantizable to a 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16 note. Its hard to have perfect time with the looper every time when you are playing with someone else. I frequently find myself having to manually trigger the loop to keep really tight timing. This is not good for long jams.

    1. Hi tenkai, thanks for the suggestion. Quantization is a feature usually reserved for dedicated loopers, there are a few out there that quantize. We can’t guarantee the development of this specific feature but we do consider all customer suggestions. Thanks!

  30. Hi,
    When I use a delay that is %100 wet (no dry signal), and then bypass that preset (going back to clean), and then use the looper, my signal (dry and loop) completely disappear as soon as i hit the record button. Why is this and how do i fix it? Pretty annoying. It also seems as if there is sometimes a volume difference between my passed dry signal and the signal of the loops after they’re recorded.

  31. @Will, I’ll need a little more information from you in order to help you out with this so if you can email us at [email protected] that would be great. For starters though, check to make sure you have the latest firmware version on your TimeLine (1.43b) and also make sure you check your bypass settings in the global menu. Are you in true bypass or buffered bypass?

  32. I would love to see you guys make a MIDI pedal for controlling this looper. There are a couple of others out there but they don’t look that great…

    The same colour and everything like the Favorite.

    The OZ has two buttons for undo/redo – how many times can you undo or redo something with a loop? If only once, like changing the speed then a single button would do. LEDs going on and off for functions like the loop being half or double speed would be great and please have an expresion input for the loop volume, not some little dial on the side. Pre/post stomp button too, not a little flimsy looking switch on the side.

    Also, I know this has come up a load already, no need to reply really but another hand up for the sync to MIDI clock loop function. I don’t know if it’s hard to do but so many people seem to want it.

    Thanks for making what you’ve made anyway, great gear!

  33. Oh another feature request, short of making a looper acompany pedal would be alowing the expresion pedal to control the loop volume.


  34. I will answer my own question

    If you want to record to the looper while the delay is bypassed, you’ll need to ensure you’re in Buffered Bypass mode. If you’re in True Bypass, the pedal is being mechanically bypassed, which means the looper doesn’t have any input signal to record.

    To switch to Buffered Bypass: You can set this in the Globals menu. Select BYPASS, and change to BUFBYP. Alternatively, you can set the last preset you were using to have Delay Persist ON, which essentially turns on Buffered Bypass for that preset. In the Params menu, select PRSIST, and change to ON.

  35. @muzyka, you need a MIDI interface with more than one set of MIDI I/O jacks. Look at options from M-Audio like the 2×2 for example.

  36. @muzyka, you need a MIDI interface with more than one set of MIDI I/O jacks. Look at options from M-Audio like the 2×2 for example.

  37. Hi, i v got a problem with the looper (i hope it s just with the looper)

    When i use it, the loop loose his “dynamic” (it s like a 24/96 sound to bad mp3)
    The loop is done with the algorithme off (mix =0, pre delay, vol=max, buffer on)

    Is it normal???

    Thanks for your answer.

  38. Hi,

    Might I make a feature request? For me, it would be very useful to have a parameter setting that allows me to set the amount of decay of the loop, from no decay at all (as it currently is) through to very short. This would allow the gradual morphing of looped songs by adding layers and having the early ones to gradually fade out. It would also allow me to use the looper as yet another type of delay, where I can toggle the speed in time with the music while playing (to give weird, rhythmic octave effects), or do likewise with the reverse.


  39. My Timeline looper isn’t working!!!

    It can record a loop, and overdub it, but the delay settings/sounds are somehow not available for the loop! Neither with looper set in Pre or Post location. I’ve updated the firmware and it didn’t help. I’ve touched every imaginable setting and level parameter, and nothing helped.

    In the tutorial video for the looper function they clearly show the ability to both record a signal with delay added into the loop and add delay to a recording thats already looping, correct?!

    Hope someone will take their time to help me out, as this is a feature I would seriously like to use in Live performances.



  40. Hi,

    would be ace to be able to turn on Looper mode with an attached “tap tempo” pedal. Just think about it! Holding a button for 3sek while doing gymnastics on the guitar is bad from a economical point of view 😀


  41. Hello
    I’m thinking about buying a Timeline to replace my Line6 DL-4. The thing I like about the DL-4 is the option to assign the loop volume to an expression pedal. I use that a lot in gigs where I create a space loop as an intro or outro of a song and I need to be able to fade it in or out.
    I believe this is not an option with the Strymon Timeline?


  42. @Reinier, You’d have to do that via MIDI on the TimeLine as that’s not a feature that would work using the expression pedal input.

    1. If you have an audio interface with the Ins and Outs to receive and send out a processed signal back to the TimeLine, then it would work with DAW plug-in effects.

  43. Started using the looper yesterday. Very handy and easy to use, but 30 secs is very short! Some song chord progressions you just can’t fit in half a minute! give us a minute please 😉

  44. Does anyone have tips for the timing of loops, I always seem to miss the end beat or vice versa or miss miss beat one as I hit the pedal. Is it just a practice thing?

    1. @Andrew -It does take some practice, but here is something that can help:

      – Count a basic 4 note bar a few times: 1, 2 ,3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…
      – Hit the A/Record switch and start playing your riff at the same time on the ‘1’ of that count to begin recording your loop.
      – Hit the B/Play switch on the ‘1’ of the next bar you are counting so that the loop you just recorded will play back in time with your count.

      Try this over and over until you start getting the hang of it. Of course you can make longer or shorter loops, but this will help you with getting the timing down.

  45. Hi,

    When using a GCP, as you did in the video, is it possible to to use the direct switches in the 4-preset mode to control the various function of the looper in one GCP preset and on another preset switch back to controlling GCX-loops with the same switches. I know this is really a GPC question but maybe you guys know this from using it extensively.

    It would save space on the board skipping a dedicated looper-switcher for the rare occasions I would use the looper in live situations.


    – Patrik

  46. Hi Patrik, sorry but I’m not sure on that. We didn’t really dive into all of the GCP functionality. Definitely reach out to Voodoo Lab, they will certainly be able to help you out. Thanks! 🙂

  47. Hi,

    I’ve researched this quite a bit but I couldn’t find a clear answer yet: Can the looper be set up to lock into the midi sync? If no, will it ever be updated to do so?


    1. @Ralf – The TimeLine looper does not sync up to MIDI clock, I’m afraid. This is just not a feature of the pedal. I can’t say if this will be implemented, but I will pass this on to our engineers for their consideration.

  48. Hey Just wondering a few things:

    When you enter loop mode and record a few overdubs can you hold the loop button to exit and keep the loops playing allowing me to change delay presets using the 3 foot switches again.

    eg. Play a loop using preset 1 (quarter note delay) then exit loop mode while its still playing? and then hit preset 2 (ice delay) re-enter loop mode and create more overdubs?

    look forward to your reply ….I’ve been putting purchasing one off.I think I’ve given in to its beauty!

    1. @Bryce – Yes, you just need to set the LPEXIT parameter in the GLOBLS menu to PLAY so that the loop continues playing when you exit looper mode to change the preset.

  49. I am in the market for a delay with looping capability, but it doesn’t seem that any pedal with these features will quantize to and external MIDI clock, which is a bit absurd to me. There are two loopers I would consider – the Timline of the TC Flashback X4, both of which have MIDI in for delay time, but neither will quantize to the MIDI clock, which makes the MIDI capability 100% useless. Heck, my $180 Boss SL-20 will quantize loops to MIDI, so it can’t be that complicated!

    Seriously consider adding this feature to the firmware. I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat if it had that feature.

  50. Sooo, to get it right: I could e.g. use a KORG ESX as an external master clock for looping? The Timeline can accept the external clock as a slave but not being a master?

    1. @Leidenfrost – The TimeLine will act as slave to MIDI clock it receives, but not master. Also, the MIDI Clock will control the TAP TEMPO of the delays, however, it does not control the Looper of the TimeLine.

  51. I have pretty much decided to get me this fantastic pedal next december as a christmas gift. I have a question though. Is it possible to engage half speed before starting looping to double the loop time (a la Line 6 DL4)? also, are these functions only accesible through a midi controller?

    1. @JC – Yes, if you set the TimeLine to HALF SPEED mode before recording your loop, you will have a full minute of recording time. In order to access HALF SPEED mode, however, you must send MIDI CC# 95 with any value in order to toggle this feature. HALF SPEED mode is cannot be accessible via the parameter settings on the pedal itself.

  52. I wish this pedal midi synced loops to measures of Ableton and drum machines. Been asking for this feature for a couple years. Loopers I’ve owned by Pigtronix and Looperlative have this feature as standard. Does anyone know of any Timeline 3rd party midi controllers that can emulate this feature?

    1. @Alberto – As you know, the TimeLine looper does not sync to MIDI clock. The closest thing you can do is use a sequencer (like from a DAW) to send the MIDI CC messages or Notes to control the Looper to be in sync with that sequencer.

  53. Hi,

    i wondering how to do to control the tempo via midi, i use a mpc 1000 that can send both MMC and MTC to any channel. Thanks in advance.

    1. @Leggo – You can send MIDI Time Clock from your MPC and the TimeLine’s TAP TEMPO will follow that from the MIDI IN port of the pedal. There is no setting on the TimeLine to adjust, it will just follow the clock messages from your MPC automatically.

  54. Hi,

    Thanks, yes it works. I’ve something that looks like an issue sinc the update : if i let the TL on and don’t send any sound for a few hours, it looks like it’s bypassed and the only solution it to unplug/replug it. What do you suggest ?

    thanks in advance.

    1. @Leggo – Do you have the TimeLine receiving MIDI Clock for hours without being used? We have seen some trouble with the messages sent via MIDI Clock that can cause trouble similar to this. Please email us at [email protected] for further help with this.

  55. Hi, I’m having trouble setting up my timeline with the GCP like this. I apologize if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered but I searched around and still haven’t figured it out yet.
    Basically, I cant figure out how to enter the CC’s in to the GCP. I’ve consulted both manuals and still come up with no joy. I imagine that I’m missing a step somewhere along the way.

    Any advice, tips or check list that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


  56. After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now whenever a comment is added
    I receive four emails with the same comment. Is there a way you
    can remove me from that service? Cheers!

    1. Hi, All you need to do is go to “Edit My Profile” Click on “Settings” Click on “Discussions” and look at your settings for “Email me whenever” uncheck there. Let me know if that doesn’t work. Thanks 🙂

    1. @kc tecnique – You can control the looper on the TimeLine if the sequencer you are using can be programmed to send specific MIDI CC’s that control the looper for record, play, and stop functionality. You would need to check if the Korg or Roland devices you listed have this capability.

  57. Using a midi controller, starting with a dbucket loop, then moving to a swell, the dry signal becomes present. This does not happen if I start with the 100% mix swell loop. Any suggestions?

    1. @Gary – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this setup and your MIDI controller. Can you please send me an email to [email protected] with the full details on this setup including the exact steps you are taking to try to reproduce this problem on our end?

  58. Hi there,

    I join all previous users about the quantize looper feature. It would be pretty amazing and you’ll be able to touch another public: djs and electronic performers. I would buy a Timeline MK2 directly.


  59. Hi,

    Im also missing the quantize feature a lot. I do not want to replace timeline with something else or buy another loper just because of this one feature.

    1. @Ivan – The initial loop on the TimeLine can only be a maximum of 30 seconds (1 minute when the looper is set to Half Speed before recording), so the recording will stop after that amount of time for the initial recording. You can overdub however much you want after the initial recording.

  60. Hi, wonderful machine guys! I totally love it.
    However I’m having a little trouble accessing some looper features via MIDI. That is the Reverse and Half Speed with MIDI notes, absolute. The CC and toggle MIDI notes work perfectly, but not the in absolute (note 103&104). I’d like to know if that feature is available and how it works.

  61. Does the Timeline looper have any sort of feedback control, so the previously recorded loops fade in volume as new layers are recorded?

    Can the looper sync to MIDI clock now? I understand it could not from older previous comments.

    Any chance there would be a firmware update for additional features assigned (via MIDI) to manipulate loops? Thinking about all the functionality of old looping devices like the Echoplex Digital Pro. I would love to see a modern looping pedal with capabilities such as Insert/Replace, Random Splice, Scatter, incremental Speed Control, etc…

    1. @JP – At this time, there is no feedback control or MIDI clock sync functionality for the TimeLine Looper. Thanks for the feedback on your requested features for looper control. We can’t guarantee that these features will be added, but we do listen to our customers.

  62. Hi, is it possible to control the loop level, to have a fade out to end the loop? do i necessary need a midi controller? thanks. fabio

    1. @Fabio – Yes, you can control the looper level on the TimeLine, however, you would need a MIDI controller sending MIDI CC# 98 0-127 to control this parameter on the pedal.

  63. Hey guys I absolutely love my timeline and use it for gigging and at home and it sounds great. I use all features of the pedal and even use it as other effects like a flanging type noise. I do use my looper a lot live for harmonies and to add layers or backing guitars. I have found that some times i will record a loop and nothing plays back at all. I was wondering if this is a common issue? Usually all I have to do is unplug the pedal and the looper works again but it’s really frustrating when you record a part and harmonize over it and nothing plays back. Hoping for some help.



    1. @Chris Waet – If the TimeLine’s BYPASS mode (in the GLOBLS menu) is set to True Bypass (TRUBYP), then you will only be able to hear the playback of the looper when a delay effect is engaged. You should set the BYPASS mode of the pedal to buffered bypass (BUFBYP) instead so that you can hear the playback of the looper when the delay effects are engaged or bypassed. Please give this a try when you get the chance and let me know if you continue to have trouble by sending an email to [email protected]

  64. Hello

    I want to know more about the Feedback Loop in TimeLine. Actually I have the Distortion Pedal attachet to the Timeline Left In > Left out TimeLine to BigSky Left In, and BigSky Left Out to Deco In.

    I am rockie at this Strymon and Effect Pedal but in the learning process, but I can not find any good article, in depth, to understand how this works. I had been playing a little bit and I noticed sometime the TimeLine wont Bypass the signal to the BigSky if a have cable plugged between TimeLine and BigSky. Sometime make big noises depending where I plugged them. I would like to understang how this feture works to be able to make the correct configuration.

    Also, sometime I need more clear volume to the DECO but I can’t have it with out the Saturation, even if I want the boost for clear signal. Any recomendetion, Is the correct correct location of the Deco right behind the Amp? I dont want the Deco distortioning the voices of the BigSky or the TimeLine.

    I know is a lot, but I been sending email to [email protected] but never get the answer back

    1. @Julio – Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with this setup. The Feedback Loop feature on the TimeLine sends ONLY the delay repeats through the LOOP SEND (RIGHT OUTPUT) to be processed with additional effects, then returns back into the TimeLine to Mix with the dry signal from the RIGHT INPUT. If you are trying to place effects in the Feedback Loop, please make sure to use the RIGHT OUTPUT into the effect, then, return back to the TimeLine from the RIGHT INPUT.

      Also, depending on the settings being used (such as 100% REPEATS), the effects will continue to play through the TimeLine until you switch to a different preset to shut off the infinite repeats from the previous preset.

      Sorry again for the delay and please email to [email protected] for further help with this.

  65. Hello! I’m not getting “looper” in expression mode via the global menu. It’s only showing “pedal” and “tab” only. I’m going cable from analog eandevours 3 way expression (strymon capatable version) pedal into strymon exp in. Did goof and miss somthing?

    1. @Daniel – Unfortunately, there is no control of the looper level through the EXP jack on the pedal. The only way to control the volume level of the looper playback is by using a MIDI expression pedal programmed to send MIDI CC# 98 with values of 0-127 for 0-to-full volume control of the looper level.

  66. I have some questions concerning the looper.
    What does 30 sec means?
    It’s just the basic loop length, or every layers count?
    Can I do for instance; the basic layer, which last 15 sec and on it two layers of overdub?

    Second question
    While in looper mode; can I use undo/redo without using the external footswitch, or midi device?

    1. @Mike – Thanks for checking out our blog! 🙂 The 30 second maximum loop length (1 minute when pedal is set to half speed before recording) is the maximum length of the initial loop recording. All other overdubs after the initial loop do not count agains this loop length, so you can overdub however many times as you like. Lastly, the Undo/Redo control is only accessible via MIDI or with the Strymon MultiSwitch.

    1. @Karl – The TimeLine does not have the ability to generate MIDI clock as it will only act as a MIDI clock slave. Also the delays do not quantize to the length of the recorded loop.

      1. Just to be completely sure before I buy one (already placed an order, that excited!);
        So it can receive a midi clock signal so the loop doesn’t get out of sync when you add more layers?

        Otherwise, really great gear, love the Big Sky! 😉

        1. @Joel – Unfortunately, the Looper on the TimeLine does not sync to any MIDI clock messages. The initial loop determines the loop length and the overdubs will always play in sync within that initial loop.

          1. This appears to be the most common request in the comments for many years. I think you guys gotta figure this out and do a firmware update.

  67. Hi i was thinking of buying Timeline but i want some info first.

    I figured that i can loop without any delays on. After looping, can i add delay to my signal but NOT to the loop ? if so i suppose i have to leave looper mode. Then to end the loop(stop) i have to re-enter looper mode press stop and continue with whatever i want ?

    Thanks for your time. !

    1. @Telis – On the TimeLine’s looper, if you set the LP LOC (looper location) to POST you will record the signal after the delay effect on the TimeLine. With the delay bypassed, you will record just your dry signal and play it back. Then, you can engage the delay effect and play with delays over the recorded loop without affecting the loop with the delays.

  68. Hello there!

    I’m using this Timeline’s looper function and kinda wondered about its metronomical defect?

    I’m recording a sketch through this looper, and for perfect timing, I used a metronome device. I’ve set the tempo to 100bpm, and after many tries, I’ve found out that the Timeline loop would go 90bpm even playing within a hundred bpm.

    It’s not something that I wanted to believe at first but I really tested and tried more that 50 times looping a a chord within a certain tempo and it turns out that the Timelines looper goes a little late after being engaged.

    I’m hoping that you’d be able to help me out guys.


      1. @Jason – On the TimeLine’s looper, this is definitely possible as the looper is does not sync to anything and manually recording and playing back your loop while playing along to a tempo can gradually drift out of tempo as there is no quantization of your loop start and stop points to any grid. Your best bet would be to manually record the loop as normal as close as possible to your external tempo and hit the PLAY button ever few pass throughs to ensure that it stays in sync as much as possible during your performances.

        1. I only record and playback a single layer to loop, and I recorded that single layer along with the tempo. While the layer playd back, at first, it is in sync with the tempo that I’ve set. But after a few playbacks, you’d notice that it gradually goes out of sync with the tempo. And after a few minutes, the playbacked layer is wildly way out of synchronization to the tempo.

          Have you considered this one, Hugo?

          1. @Jason – Please shoot me an email to [email protected] to troubleshoot this further. If possible, please provide a video recording that clearly shows the problem you are experiencing along with all the steps you take and settings being used on the pedal so that we have a better understanding of what you are experiencing.

  69. I’m trying to get something that resembles Fripp’s use of tape loops on his Frippertronic stuff where he had a 4 second loop using two revox tape machines. The great thing about that sounds was how the signal faded out over time to be replaced by new incoming audio.

    Obviously the delays in the timeline are limited to 2.5 seconds so it’s not possible to recreate that 4 second (or more) delay time. I wondered about using the looper but that’s just a continual loop where each incoming signal doesn’t decay over time.

    I also wondered whether the Dual delay would extend the delay time past the 2.5 second limit but so far I’m struggling. Do you have any suggestions?

    Many thanks

    1. @Lyndon – Thanks for checking out our blog! The looping features you are looking for are more in-line with the Sound-On-Sound looper found on our El Capistan pedal. None of our other pedals can provide this functionality. It provides 20 seconds of tape sound-on-sound looping that fades out depending on how you have the REPEATS set on the pedal.

  70. I love the Timeline. One thing which would be super useful is a way to control the decay/fade of the loop whilst in overdub, so instead of continuous looping all stacking on top of each other, early loops would gradually fade as more are added, I guess like a very long sound on sound delay, but still retain all the loop features

  71. Hi Hugo,
    I need a looper where I can loop in time with an external drummaschine without computer. So the bars are in time..My setup are diffrent synths and guitar so I need my hands free to manage all of that.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. @Marcus – As the looper on TimeLine does NOT sync to MIDI clock, the only option to sync the looper on this pedal is by sending it MIDI Messages to record, playback, and stop directly from your Drum machine. If your drum machine can be programmed to send the MIDI CC’s that correspond to these actions on the TimeLine’s Looper, you should be able to sync them together. The MIDI CC’s that correspond to the Looper controls on TimeLine are found on page 25 of the user manual:

  72. It would be great if there was an option to output the looped audio only on one of the outputs.
    I have an infinity looper but use the timeline for ambient noises.
    If I create an ambient noise first, the infinity picks it up along with my new loop. If I could send the looped audio from the timeline to a different destination this would solve the problem. At the moment the only way around it is to turn down the ambient noise on the timeline via midi then turn it back up again after the infinity has finished looping.

  73. thanks a lot! because i can’t find an answer to my question on any of the forums i’m hubly asking here: is it possible in the looper to record a riff WITHOUT delay and then solo over that riff with (e.g. classic digital) delay? many thanks

    1. @martin b – Yes! You would first need to set the BYPASS mode in TimeLine’s GLOBLS menu to BUFFERED BYPASS. Once set, you can record and play back loop while the presets are bypassed.

  74. Hi guys,

    I just bought the boss es8 switching system and I can send some cc to the strymon timeline and bigsky all is well.
    However there is a matter with the strymon looper.
    You wrote on your website and documentary that the cc87 is the command to register its working on my boss Es8 but I don’t have the overdub….That’s mean that I have to Rec and to use another button with the command 86 to play and to come back on the first button with cc87 to rec etc…. it’s not so cool. Maybe I do a wrong thing with the cc command with the boss es8. But I don’t think so.
    My firmware is the 1.58 on the timeline.
    I booked the cable to update it.
    But I have a doubt about this solution as it works perfectly with the strymon switch system…
    Please can you help me about it. I don’t understand at all why the overdub is not working like the video above.
    FYI I can send to the strymon timeline From my boss es8 an order for the bank and two other cc orders for each button of the boss es8.
    I Hope guys you are well for now with this lockdown position.
    Take good care of yourselves.
    Best regards

    1. Hey Anthony, I believe you emailed in but here you go just in case:

      CC 87, the record CC is the same CC that is needed to overdub. It sounds like your ES-8 is not resending this CC for whatever reason.

      I don’t believe it to be related, but I would also update when you get the chance. Once you get a MIDI interface if you are still having issues, it would be helpful to know the specific MIDI commands being sent to the Strymon pedal in your setup when you experience this problem.

      You can use a program called Bome’s SEND Sx (PC) or MIDI Monitor (Mac) to determine what is being sent through the pedal and save the data as a file that you can send to us to evaluate.  That would be a big help for us to determine what might be happening here, as it allows us to see exactly what MIDI commands the pedal receives.

      If you have any more questions please email [email protected]. Thanks!


    1. Hello! The Timeline will still display looper if you are changing your algorithm using the CCs to change delay types. However, if you change presets while in looper mode, it will stop displaying looper and display the new preset name.

  76. Hi there! I’ve read the comment about the Play Once possibility… But i’ll try it again! Is there a chance to include it in a new firmware? The “play once” could be extremely useful in electronic music, using the Timeline as a sampler. (with the latest MIDI controller you can use it as a sequencer too!).
    Anyway, 2020, Timeline still the best delay and looper pedal on the market. Thank you

    1. Hello Andrea! We can’t promise that it would be implemented in any firmware updates, but we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us, and we’ll share your feedback with the team.

  77. Hi! I read about the extra features adding multiswitch for looping, half speed between others. What about double speed? Is it possible as well?

    1. Hello! Double speed is not available when using MultiSwitch with Timeline’s looper. You can use a MultiSwitch to control Rec/Dub, Play, and Stop, and when in 6-button looper mode, you can additionally access Reverse, Half Speed, and Undo/Redo.

  78. Ok, maybe a daft question but how do you clear/delete the recorded loop? I can stop, overdub etc… but I actually just want to clear the recording and do something different. Any idea how?

    1. Hey there! A loop is deleted by stopping the current loop by pressing TAP, and then starting a new recording by hitting the A switch. There is no true delete; just a clear for a fresh recording once you start a new loop.

  79. Is it possible to emulate “play once” by sending midi command to stop followed by play? Or perhaps play on switch down, stop on switch release?Would there be a delay between actions? I really want to have the ability to do stuttery loop hits like you can on a DL4.

    1. Hey there! TimeLine’s looper will replay each time you hit PLAY (switch or CC), so you can rapidly PLAY to get a stutter if that’s the effect you’re going for. You can use STOP (via switch or CC) to stop the playback anytime. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions on using TimeLine’s looper!

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