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MIDI Control for Sunset and Riverside

Sunset Riverside MIDI

Own Sunset or Riverside? Lurking inside your drive pedal is a hidden superpower: MIDI Control! We have just released new firmware that will allow you to control your Sunset and Riverside via MIDI.

You can save and load Sunset/Riverside drive presets and control all knobs and switches via MIDI. Save and recall presets in bypass state so you can punch in the perfect drive setting when it’s time for your solo. Connect our MIDI EXP Cable to the Expression pedal jack to access these features.

Check out the video below to see some examples of Sunset and Riverside MIDI control in action.

Now you can integrate your Sunset and Riverside drive pedals into your most elaborate MIDI pedalboard, or use in an ultra-compact setup for easy travel.

Note: Your Sunset and Riverside pedals may require updated firmware to enable MIDI control. Learn how to update and how to check if you pedal requires an update here.

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

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  1. Zachary John Drummond says:

    Super cool. When will the other pedals get the same treatment? I would love to keep presets for my Deco and Flint. I use a Mastermind PBC, so this will add a lot to my rig.

  2. Todd Giencke says:

    Thank you for adding MIDI presets!

    I wonder if my emails with you last year instigated this added functionality regarding using a MIDI to Control Voltage converter and plugging the CV into the expression port? This could add some MIDI control to your older pedals.

  3. Chris says:

    Ok sounds great. But where is the controller list. I hope you can use Midi controllers for all parameters on the pedal?

  4. Jimmy says:

    Hey guys that is wicked news
    I have a sunset with the bigsky timeline and mobius
    I only need one thing
    The control list for midi for my killer sunset
    Pretty plz

  5. Fredrik says:

    Where do I find the controllist?

  6. Todd Giencke says:

    Just got the MIDI Exp cable. I have been using the Sunset & favorite switch since release. Now with the Sunset & Disaster Area DMC-3XL gen 3 does so much more.

    The ability to have 300 presets is a game changer.

    Play while toe tapping through your presets to find a tone that works, then being able to use the green “A” light to reset all of the knobs & switches of that preset, then adjust as needed (e.g. volume), then save the new messaged preset as a new/different preset is such a game changer, and the ease of use is astounding once you know what is going on.

    Way to go guys!

  7. Tyler says:

    Hello, will Nixie support the Riverside and Sunset? That would be incredible to manage the presets from your software.

  8. Robert Dawson says:

    This is a very exciting development, I, like many, have been champing at the bit for Strymon to tackle a multi distortion in ilk of the Timeline, Bigsky, or Mobius. I have all three and utilize a controller so thats the only tool missing in my box, I imagine it’s the multitude of electronic components required to recreate the classic analog distortions that have held them back from developing a MIDI controlled multi dirt box, maybe the Sandbox is a good name? -me! …and perhaps this development is a hint that Multi-D is finally where Stymon is focusing its efforts. If someone at Strymon confirmed this is not the case then I would rush out and buy a Sunset tomorrow.

    Next issue, I’d buy a Sunset and a Riverside if it did not look like the MIDI signal must terminate at one of those boxes. How do you put them both in a chain?

    • Matt says:

      @Robert Dawson – Unfortunately, we cannot speak about future products so I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not something like that is in the works.

      As for the MIDI signal chain, these pedals have both MIDI IN and OUT functionality. The TIP of the TRS expression jack receives the MIDI IN signal to the pedal, and MIDI OUT can be sent out on the RING of the TRS connection. Our 5 pin DIN to TRS cable is a one-way cable, but you could utilize something like the Empress MIDIbox, which has one bi-directional TRS jack that works both ways with our pedals. You connect it with a normal 5 pin MIDI cable to your other units, and it splits the output to 4 TRS jacks. The one on the right end is bidirectional.

      Hope this helps,

  9. Alexis says:

    Guys that’s huge!!!!
    I’m already sold on those pedals but you keep upgrading them.

    Proud to be one of your customers.

  10. Pablo says:

    HI regarding the 300 presets on sunset is there a list of presets already done by you guys in the pedal memory (as TimelIne, BigSky, Mobius)? if yes, where I can find this out? thanks!

    • Matt says:

      @Pablo – The default settings for the MIDI presets are all “default” presets, with all knobs at noon. There are not any pre-made factory presets like the TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky.

  11. Giacomo Rockenfeller says:

    Hey Guys,

    I wonder if it is possible to Use Nixie with the new Midi option.
    Beyond that, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to use two of the Strymon Midi Cables, one with the EXP and one with the TRS to have a Midi In and Out?


    • Hugo says:

      @Giacomo Rockenfeller – Riverside and Sunset are not compatible with the Nixie software. The new MIDI features do not include Nixie compatibility.

      As for MIDI IN and OUT, this is done via the EXP jack with the pedal receiving (MIDI IN) MIDI messages at the TIP and sending MIDI back out (MIDI OUT) at the RING of the TRS connection. As the Strymon MIDI EXP cable does NOT support bi-directional communication, you would need to get a device that accommodates for MIDI IN and OUT using a single TRS cable such as the Empress Effects Midibox2.

  12. bijikeled says:

    I bet there is also a lot of people out there who wants this update on similar products like this, for exaple DIG, FLINT, DECO, so do you guys have any future plans for this? i really like my strymon DIG. If there is any flaw, its just one : lack of MIDI!

  13. Guilherme Pañella says:

    Hi guys, looked over and couldn’t find this info, please.

    I want to make a more compact board with only my TL, Mobius, BigSky and Sunset, using the TL as a sort of MIDI controller (as seen in your video).

    How do you cable and program it so to recall one preset on TL and it changes all the other ones?

    Hope my question is clear, keep up the good work!

    • Hugo says:

      @Guilherme Pañella – First, you need to make the proper MIDI connections between the pedals:

      TimeLine MIDI OUT => Mobius MIDI IN; Mobius MIDI OUT => BigSky MIDI IN; BigSky MIDI OUT => Sunset EXP Jack set to MIDI mode using our MIDI EXP TRS 1/4″ cable.

      Make sure that all pedals are set to the same MIDI Channel. Then, in TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius’ GLOBLS menu, set the following:

      MIDI CT – OFF
      MIDI PA – ON
      MIDI TH – MERGE (or ON in older firmware)
      MIDI ST – OFF

      Once set this way, changing presets on TimeLine will change to the corresponding presets on all the other pedals.

  14. pm says:

    I have a bluesky and The Dig pedals.real good products… BUT :
    is it possible to add the MIDI SYNC option in a future firmware with the midicable available for sunset or riverside?

    THE DIG is almost perfect, but perfect syncing is a real nigthmare on it. An specific cable like the riverside or sunset, will be a must.

    thank you

    • Gohan says:

      Hi, we can’t promise this will ever be implemented as a design change, but I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to the team. Thanks!

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