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Our most listened to songs

Recently we asked on Facebook and Twitter for you to “go to your iTunes (or Spotify, last.fm, etc) and tell us your most listened to song.”

It was wonderful to see over one hundred songs mentioned and not one of them was a duplicate. There was such a great variety, and a lot of songs I personally had never heard before. I’m still going through and checking them all out.

I have highlighted our answers and some of yours. If you’d like to see them all check out the post on our Facebook page.

Strymon responses:

Here are some of our own top songs.

Gregg Stock – Analog Engineer, co-founder
Deep Purple – “Mistreated (Live in California 1974).
“The secret to great tone—turn the gain down and the volume up!”

Teri Spiker – Dealer Relations
Chris Stills – “Say My Last Goodbye”
“I just met him last night; great guy!”

Rick Miller – Customer Support
The Bronx – “Along for the Ride”

Pete Celi – DSP Engineer, co-founder
Jeff Beck – “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”

Randi Stock – Shipping
My Morning Jacket – “Dondante”

Ethan Tufts – Marketing Nerd
Subtle – “Wallet Falls” (top played of all time on my iTunes)

Metz – “Headache” (top played last month on my iTunes)
“A full-fledged guitar attack!”

Dave Fruehling – Firmware Architect, co-founder
Dexter Gordon – “‘Round Midnight”


Your responses:

Not one song was mentioned twice, but there were several bands that were mentioned twice:

Barrie Matte
“Trembling Hands – Explosions In The Sky” – link

James Fowler
“Your Hand in Mine – Explosions in the Sky” – link

Brandon Aegerter
“Bon Iver – Beth/Rest” – link

Angelo Boltini
“Bon Iver – Perth” – link

Ben Brandt
“Humans Being – Van Halen” – link

Benjamin Shachter
“Somebody get me a doctor – Van Halen” – link

Blake Pal
“New Skin – Incubus” – link

Daniel Rodriguez
“Love Hurts – Incubus”- link

Josh Shoup
“Echoes by Pink Floyd. 427 GOING on 428 > :D”- link

Darin Davis
“Run Like Hell, Pink Floyd!!!!” – link

Kelly showed how much fun their family has regularly.

Kelly Patrick Young
“Dancing Queen by Abba. My 6 & 8 year olds control the computer at home.” – link

Eric gets a shout out for mentioning a Timeline user 🙂

Eric Ellemo
“Andy Timmons (a timeline user!) – Ghost of You” – link

And Bob got in there with listening to our own Marketing Director (he didn’t get a free Mobius for that, just the reward of making us happy inside)

Bob Tomchak
“State Shirt – National Felt from Let’s Get Bloody. Right. Now’s where’s my free Mobius? :)” – link

And a few songs that I’d never listened to before and really enjoyed:

John Stark
“I Break Horses – Winter Beats”

Adrian Medriano
“Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Blaise Bailey Finnegan III”

Sam Filer
“Labradford – P”

Did you miss adding yours to the list? Comment below with yours!


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  1. Tim Campbell says:

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps, favor versions by
    Paul Gilbert and Toto

  2. Wow, your firmware architect listens to Dexter Gordon? Cool. Here’s one from one of my favorite tenor players.

  3. Steve says:

    Minus The Bear- White Mystery


  4. Battles – “Atlas”

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