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Pedalboard Feature: Jason Glover

Jason Glover Pedalboard
Jason Glover emailed us a picture of his pedalboard and I think you might agree that is a looker! I had to know a little bit more about it and asked if he’d be willing to do a Pedalboard Feature and tell us more about this magnificent monster of a board. Enjoy below what Jason had to share.

What kind of pedalboard do you have and what is your signal chain?

The pedalboard is the new Pedaltrain Terra 42 and it’s awesome. I’m loving the new design. The signal chain? How long is this blog? Hahhaha… As far as guitars and such, I usually play a variety of Jaguars or a good ol’ Tele, and some circuit bent toys, from there it goes as follows:

Zvex Fuzz Factory + IE Frantabit + EQD Terminal + EQD Fuzz Master General + EQD Cloven Hoof + Xotic XW-1 Wah + Zvex Box of Metal + IE Polytope + IE Xerograph Deluxe + Zvex Ringtone + Indistrialectric RM-1N + Zvex Lofi Loop Junky + Ekdahl Moisturizer + Mobius + TimeLine1 + TimeLine2 + Eventide Space + BigSky + TimeLine3… Everything from the Mobius on back runs in stereo into 2 Fender Twin Reverb amps. It’s a pretty modest setup.

Jason Glover Pedalboard

Every once in awhile there are those boards that stop you in your tracks and you just have to stare at them for endless minutes. This board is one of those. Can you tell us how you use your three TimeLines?

Thank you for the compliment, my heart’s all aflutter now. Let me collect myself. Okay, I’m ready… Well, those TimeLines are really just for show. Like Spinal Tap style, they must never be touched. 😉 Back to reality. Even with just ONE TimeLine I’d be willing to bet that you could conjure up just about any delay you ever wanted to hear, plain and simple. It’s a powerhouse delay no other pedal company can touch. Add two more, and you have the answers to questions yet to be asked.

The setup: TimeLine1 goes into TimeLine2, then the signal goes through all of the reverb, then TimeLine3 runs last in the chain so I can loop ALL of the craziness. 3 is way more than just my dedicated looper though, since you can stay in delay mode while looping. I could just go insane with the three delays running, bouncing off of one another endlessly if I wanted to, but usually I’ll set the tempo shorter toward the front, and gradually draw them out as they pass thru each other, or I’ll tweak them on-the-fly to taste, either by hand or with an expression pedal. I’m not a MIDI-savvy person. I have the two MultiSwitches synched to TimeLines 2 and 3. I’ll have both 2 and 3 in looper mode, controlling the speed of each loop with the MultiSwitches, and all the while recording on 3. It gets so tripped out… I love it. Texture-city.

Please tell us about your Ekdahl Moisturizer on the top right corner?

My friend Karl makes them here Baltimore. That thing makes, AND breaks my sound, and that’s a good thing on both fronts.. Since it runs after all of the dirt, I use it to sculpt my overall sound before things start running in stereo. For this, I’ll tweak the Frequency Cut Off and Resonance to thicken everything up. Depending on where everything is set, you can get some crazy sub octave resonance going on that will damn near tear your speakers in half. Tweak the FCO the opposite way, and get these searing metallic bubbles of hellish noise. The real gem is the exposed reverb tank mounted on top. You can manipulate the springs in real time. If you’ve ever shaken an amp with spring reverb while it’s on….well, you get the idea. That audio signal passes thru the VCO and LFO and creates a cacophony of phasery/tremoloy/Pink Floydian/Throbbing Gristleian/extraterrestrial artifacts… It’s a must have for any experimental musician, or psychopath.

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now it’s all about a project my friend Chris Glitta and I are calling Beta Kitten. At it’s heart, pure noise pop, awash with thick layers of an apocalyptic shoegazey delirium. A tripped-out, thought provoking roller coaster of sound, using both Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi recording techniques and a little bit of black leather to sleaze it out. It’s going to be something, that’s for sure! We’re in the process of recording now, and we’ll be filling up our Soundcloud with hits in due time 🙂

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6 Responses

  1. Really cool post, and awesome board!

    Question for Jason: How’s the Terra fully loaded down? Which case do you use, and do you think it will hold up?

  2. Hi Zachary! Thanks for the compliment! The board and pedals aren’t as heavy as one would imagine.. Before, I had most of the same pedals on a PRO, and the PRO seemed heavier. It IS a little awkward moving it around if you’re carrying it by the sides. I opted for the soft case. It was way cheaper, and even though Pedaltrain said their flight cases were redesigned to weigh less, I didn’t feel like lugging it around.. I’ve transported this new board in the soft case, and never had a problem. Never felt like the handles would rip off or anything like that. Hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to ask of you have anymore questions!

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