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Pedalboard Feature: Walter Hill

Walter Hill Pedalboard

Between touring with two bands, recording, and running his studio (Twin Hill Studio), Walter Hill keeps himself surrounded by music. Find out about all the musical endeavors that are keeping Walter busy, plus the ins and outs of the pedal board he tours and records with below!

What kind of pedalboard is this, and what is your signal path?

I use Brady Cases for my pedal board and amp cases. Love his cases!

My signal path is always changing… Right now it is:
– Guitar/Lap Steel
– Cusack Mono to Mono Y Box
– Cusack PBT9 (which has an A/B switch to switch between my guitar and lap steel, it also has a buffer on the input and output, 9 effect loops, preset mode and a mute to my Sonic Research Strobo tuner!) This thing is really cool!
Loop 1 – Xotic SP Compressor
Loop 2 – Cusack Scruzz
Loop 3 – Cusack Scream
Loop 4 – EH Nano Pog
Loop 5 – Hilton Volume
Loop 6 – (Open at the moment)
Loop 7 – Strymon TimeLine
Loop 8 – Eventide H9
Loop 9 – Strymon BigSky

Walter Hill Guitarist

Can you tell us about your studio, Twin Hill Studio?

I started Twin Hill Studio about 4 years ago. The studio is run by myself and Jonathan Berlin of Berlin Mastering, also the lead singer of my band SUNBEARS! Twin Hill offers tracking, mixing and mastering. We also have a record lathe and now offer disc mastering and short run lathe cut vinyl. Twin Hill is also set up to facilitate a client’s entire production from the initial recording stage to the final packaging of their vinyl.

Could you tell us about your current musical projects, including Johnnyswim?

I play Guitar and Keys in a band called SUNBEARS!. SUNBEARS! started as a two piece, Jonathan Berlin and Jared Bowser. At that time, I played in another band called Shangrala and started playing shows with SUNBEARS! in 2007 I believe. I became a fan the first time I heard them. About two years ago Jonathan told me he was thinking of adding some more guys to the band and wanted me to join. I’m a huge fan of his music and honored to start playing with them.

I started playing guitar with Johnnyswim about two years ago. Johnnyswim is a husband and wife duo, Abner and Amanda. I have known Abner since I was about 4-5 years old. We grew up together and learned how to play music together. We played in bands together all through our teenage years. A couple of years ago they started bringing a band along with them and asked me to start playing guitar. Watching these two perform every night is amazing, and I am so excited to share the stage with them.

It’s pretty rare to get to travel and play music with some of your favorite people in the world!

Is there a venue that you haven’t played at that you can’t wait to get to?

The Ryman – Nashville, TN
It just got booked for December 21st!

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