Ryan Lutton: The BigSky Sessions

Hailing from the south coast of England, ambient experimental guitarist and music producer Ryan Lutton is constantly creating. His catalog includes everything from mesmerizing collections of ambient improvisations, to 8-bit electronica, to lushly produced instrumental works incorporating multiple acoustic and electronic elements and styles.

Ryan Lutton Strymon BigSky Videos
Photo by Luke Bateman

Over the last several months, Ryan has made videos demonstrating every one of the twelve reverb machines in BigSky! Each video includes real-time demonstrations, with hypnotic guitar playing from Ryan while he tweaks parameters, and onscreen text providing additional information. Below are a selection of four videos from the series. (Links to the other videos in the series are at the bottom of the page.)

And here are the links for the rest of the videos in the series:

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Reflections

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Spring

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Plate

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Hall

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Room

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Nonlinear

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Swell

Ryan Lutton – Strymon BigSky – Magneto


To keep up with Ryan’s latest creative output online, check out the following links:

ryanlutton.bandcamp.com (Bandcamp)
facebook.com/ryanluttonmusic (Facebook)
instagram.com/ryanlutton (Instagram)
ryanlutton.tumblr.com (Tumblr)
soundcloud.com/ryanlutton (SoundCloud)
twitter.com/ryanlutton (Twitter)
youtube.com/ryanlutton (YouTube)

About Matt Piper
Matt Piper writes words and makes videos for Strymon. He plays guitar and a variety of other instruments but sucks at drums and a much larger variety of other instruments. He also makes electronic noises and teaches Fundamentals of Synthesis at the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, California.

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