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something we’re working on…

something we’re working on…



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13 Responses

  1. So, I know that it has tap tempo and I know that it will use the preset switch, but what is it?!?!?! Filter pedal? Phaser? Tremolo?

  2. the color says “dirt” to me… though something phasey would be great.
    If it’s an OD, maybe a Bypass button and a Favorite/wysiwyg toggle?

  3. the script bit looks like Spanish – fortuitous, as i see Spain making it 2 tha finals
    i divine a twisted delay – n’est pas?

  4. Elusive blurriness, I don’t care what it is, I can see my pedalboard becoming dominated by Strymon pedals!!

  5. Looks like something called the “El Centro” (“El Cajon”?) which MAY be either a vibe/trem type thing….

    who the heck knows? 😉


  6. Some people on TGP think it’s a tape (emulated) delay.

    P.S. I own both the Blue Sky and the Orbit Flanger…both are great!

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