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#StrymonOceanSounds Winners

Zuma Power Supply

This has been the toughest contest yet. You all came with your A game and made some fantastic videos. We didn’t take all of your talent lightly and every entry was listened to and the majority of them over and over to pick the winners.

Ok! Here they are:

Andy Hummel

Strymon Ocean Sounds from Ed Davis on Vimeo.

Nathan Guzman

Dana Rempel


With all the great entries we decided to add in a runner-up prize. These runner-ups get a Zuma. They are:

Andrew McMillan

Scott Shooter

Honorable Mentions

Want some more? Here are our Honorable Mentions, that we’d love to send a shirt as a thank you!

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15 Responses

  1. wow, congrats to the winners! We have very interesting sounds here.
    I’ll try harder next time so i can win 🙂

  2. Dear Strymon, I feel very upset that my submission didn’t win
    Just telling you, in my country your products cost 2 times more expensive because of economics, that I haven’t chosen at all. Deco that I own cost me many hard shifts at nights. Now all my work is music and it’s a huge demotivation to be outcasted in this contest.

    1. Hi Victor, I’m sorry that you didn’t have fun during the contest. We try our best to come up with creative ideas for some of our contests so that they will be an enjoyable time. We appreciate that you participated and I hope that you always feel motivated to create and make music. We will definitely have more contests in the future. Thank you.

      1. Sorry for my negativism, I was just in a bad mood, but now it’s ok =)
        It was fun doing submission and talking to you!
        I’ll be participating your next contests for sure!

  3. Hi Angela and Strymon! I noticed that in the Honorable Mentions it says that you could send us a shirt? My video is in the honorable mention list, and I’d love to have one! What can I do to verify/prove that I am part of the honorable mention?

  4. Hi, I’m in the same boat as Byron, I was in the honourable mentions section and I’d love a shirt too if possible! Thanks!

  5. Boo…winners already have a ton of pedals (some even Strymon big skys!) I thought you wanted real music inspired by the ocean, not special effects.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Thank you so much for joining us in the contest. By no means was any of this an easy decision, it took several listens and several people to make the pick. There is no doubt that we are lucky to have some of the most talented, creative customers out there. I was blown away by all the great submissions.

  6. Hello! I was in the honourable mentions section too! I’d love a shirt if possible!! 😀

  7. Thank you Strymon for many years of fun creativity playing your pedals. I really enjoyed listening to all of the summer sounds. Everyone please keep playing and fulfilling your lives with great sounds, it truly is a blessing to hear. For the folks that participated and were not on this blog, no worries my friends I feel the love loud and clear. Peace to all my creative friends I know and yet to be.

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