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This Week’s Favorite: Flint – “Home Again” from Seth Walker


Influenced by T-Bone Walker and Ray Charles, North Carolina born Seth Walker is making an impact with his songwriting and blues playing talent. His latest release Gotta Get Back is the story of Walker’s childhood living on a commune in North Carolina, as well as places where he would go on to grow and refine his music like Austin, Nashville, New York and New Orleans.

seth walker

One of the pedals in Seth’s arsenal is Flint Tremolo and Reverb.

Seth shared with us:

“This pedal has changed my life. Tone for days. I use the Flint variety, and I primarily use the ’63 tube setting for the tremolo and ’60s spring setting for my reverb. Having both of these effects in one pedal is also a perk. Often I have to fly out to gigs and have to use backline amps… I just bring this little Strymon and voila, I have my sound with me. On my new album Gotta Get Back, I used the Flint on many tracks including ‘Home Again,’ which features that sweet warm tremolo.”

Check out the image below to see the Flint settings for the foot stomping, sing-along song “Home Again” from Seth Walker. Be sure to listen too (SoundCloud link below the photo)!


Listen to “Home Again”


Post a video or clip online playing this preset, please share by tagging #strymonpreset. Are there other preset/favorite types that you’d like to see in upcoming blog posts? Let us know what you think. Thanks!

Connect with Seth Walker at:

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