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This Week’s Preset – Joe King’s “Starlight”

Presets BigSky Mobius Timeline
Remember a few weeks back, when we asked you to send us your favorite Strymon presets?  Well, we’ve received some amazing submissions – one of which we’re sharing with you today.

This Week’s Preset is extra special – not only is it a customer submission, it includes three different presets!  These presets come from Joe King, who demonstrates how he captures the lead tone from Muse’s “Starlight” during live performances using BigSkyTimeLine, and Mobius.  Check out the video below to hear the preset and learn how Joe dials in this unique sound.

Watch and listen here:

Preset details:

The images below show the knob settings and parameters that Joe uses for “Starlight.”  Dial them up individually on your BigSky, TimeLine, or Mobius, or, if you have all three, load all of them to recreate the entire preset!

Using BigSky’s Shimmer machine, Joe adds a synth-like voice to his tone.  This preset is appropriately titled “Starlight.”

Joe King BigSky Starlight Preset

When performing “Starlight,” Joe dials in a short, somewhat dark, analog style delay to thicken his sound, for which he uses TimeLine’s dBucket algorithm.  He calls this particular setting “Analog Slap.”

Joe King TimeLine Starlight Preset

Joe incorporates the Vintage Tremolo machine on Mobius to add rhythmic movement and liveliness to his playing.  Once again, he calls this specific preset “Starlight.”

Joe King Starlight Mobius Preset

Download the preset:

Using the Strymon Librarian?

Download Joe King’s “Starlight” and load it into your BigSky.

Download Joe King’s “Analog Slap” and load it into your TimeLine.

Download Joe King’s “Starlight” and load it into your Mobius.

What do you think?

Made your own tweaks to this preset? Post them below.  Have ideas for a preset you’d like to see next? Please share your suggestions with us.  A big thanks to Joe King for the sweet demo and presets.  We hope you enjoyed This Week’s Preset – our very first customer submission!  Stay tuned for more.

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