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This Week’s Preset: TimeLine – “Corrupted Flowers”

This Week's Preset - TimeLine Delay
One of my favorite things to do with TimeLine is to use the Lo-Fi machine to corrupt my signal, and then soften it up with Filter, Grit, and Modulation.

With this preset, I’ve created a jagged, lo-fi sound by setting the sample rate way down to 4KhZ, and set the bit depth at 10-bits. To soften things up, the full resolution signal is mixed in, and Filter 8 (Apartment Intercom) is used to give the repeats a slightly narrow sound. We top it off with up a fair amount of Filter, Grit, and slow-moving Modulation.

Listen here:

Preset details:

Knob settings and secondary parameters are shown below. Dial it up and give it a try.

TimeLine Preset - Corrupted Flowers

Download the preset:

Are you using the Strymon Librarian? Download the preset and load it up into your TimeLine.

What do you think?

Did you like this preset? Let us know what you think in the comments. Made your own tweaks to this preset? Post them below. Also be sure to let us know if there are other preset types that you’d like to see in future blog posts. Thanks!

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31 Responses

  1. So is this gonna be a thing? I would love for it to be a thing, for the Mobius and Big Sky also. Thanks for sharing this I can’t wait to try it out. This is definitely something that will help me learn how to use these instruments more effectively and help me to think outside my limited knowledge.

    1. Hi Jay! Yes, “This Week’s Preset” will be a regular series, and we hope that these will spark some creative ideas. We will also include Mobius and BigSky presets in future editions as well. 🙂

  2. I wish I could afford to buy one but like I told you guy’s it will take me years to get one. All my money goes to doctors and medication. The only way I could get one is if some one would donate one to me but we know that’s not going to happen. Nice unit I’ll put it on my wish list. You guy’s keep up the good work.

  3. Great idea to make this a series across the TimeLine, BigSky and Mobius. Have shelled out enough on these three but worth every cent. No regrets, just want to dive deeper into them all. Love your work Ethan!

  4. The preset is cool. But I’m always intrigued by your tone. Care to share the other details? Guitar, pickups, amp…

    1. @Casey – Glad you like the sound. 🙂 For this clip, I used a ’90s Fender Toronado with humbuckers (and very old strings!), direct into a Damage Control Womanizer tube preamp.

    1. @Rob – Glad you like it! 🙂 Good idea, once we have more of these up on the site, we’ll make a page that links to all of them. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. This is a great idea, very much welcome and appreciated to have people’s presets as I just got one and earlier in learning to program it.
    Can I ask 2 questions?
    1. When I alter a setting to make an edit, like less repeats, or added smear or such, when I save it, the trails disappear when disengaged. Even though the general settings are still set to buffered bypass. Am I missing something to make it trail? Im not changing anything that I would think effects that.
    2. Can someone please give me/us a really good vintage Deluxe Memory Man settings? Would greatly be appreciated.

    1. @Doctor Dave – Try checking the settings for BYPASS (to BUFBYP) and turning on the SPLOVR parameter in the GLOBLS menu and PRSIST in each preset of the pedal. Also, the dBucket machine is the TimeLine’s analog delay algorithm. You can check the various presets examples of the Timeline by scrolling through the presets with the VALUE knob and landing on the presets with dBucket active for different variations on that sound.

  6. This was just beautiful. Think I might have to buy this pedal, especially if this is going to be an ongoing thing. Thanks for the link!

  7. Hey!

    The sound clip sounds rad! But I cant seem to get this lush sound. I can only get one which repeats dont spill over into each other and it ends up with harsh sounding distinct repeats. Help anyone?

    1. @Josh – The actual tone of the preset will vary depending on your gear, but the primary and secondary settings for the preset should be set the way they are noted. If you are getting something completely different, please shoot us an email at [email protected] with a recording of what you get along with a detailed description of how the TimeLine it setup in your rig.

  8. Very interesting sound. I’ve been looking for a reverb pedal. My amp has nice reverbs, but it’s dial-in with no pedal. The sound I hear is somewhat reverb, but with a bit of chorus like shimmer. Not edgy bright, but a warm, soft fuzzy tone with a “deep” dimension to it. Hard to describe, but very pleasant. When I first listened, it made me flash back to Pink Floyd. You know “Hey you, out there in the cold, can you hear me” kind of sound. Nice! OK, I want to hear more and how much does it cost? lol.

    1. @John McClinton – Both our blueSky and BigSky reverb pedals have a great variety sound to them, but it would be difficult to suggest one without hearing what you are looking for. Try shooting us an email to [email protected] with an audio recording of that for us to get a better idea of that sound.

  9. Oh yeah! That’s a great sound and I will be using it.the best news here is that you plan to make this a regular thing. By entering these settings by hand and saving them, I am getting more intuitive in using my Timeline. Also, you are showing us what this beast is capable of! Thanks.

  10. This is a great idea. There are a couple of settings on your website demo that didn’t come in the Timeline that I would like to know also. Keep this up

  11. You guys made such an inspiring delay pedal that I can’t start to day all the fun I have with it in the studio. Thanks for this preset Ethan, look forward to doing something awesome with it in a band scenario.

    1. @Lester Otene – We actually do have a dealer in NZ to purchase from:

      Heywire Cables
      29 Lucinda Place
      Glen Eden
      Auckland, 0602
      (09) 818-5047

      But we also offer the option to ship our pedals internationally from our online store:

      Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂

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