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This Week’s Preset – Zave Demonte of Kerbera

For this edition of This Week’s Preset, Zave Demonte of Kerbera has sent us four BigSky Reverb presets that he uses in the band’s latest single “Ghost Town.”  Zave makes extensive use of BigSky for his guitar tones on the band’s EP She Saw Bridges Burn, which features “Ghost Town.”  Check out the video for “Ghost Town” below to hear the different BigSky reverb presets Zave uses on his guitar.

1) Ghost Town Swell

“Ghost Town Swell” (using the Swell reverb machine) starts off the song and is also used in the background during the entire intro theme, every chorus, and in the middle section after the first chorus.  The effect blends the guitar smoothly into the mix during both the calm and the heavier parts of the song.

Zave Demonte BigSky Preset - Ghost Town Swell

2) Ghost Town Intro

This preset is Zave’s favorite of the bunch.  It is a Cloud reverb machine preset in which the notes drifts away beautifully. Zave uses it on the melody guitar throughout the song, as well as for the single notes in the intro and the lead guitar 16th notes in the theme/chorus of the song.

Zave Demonte BigSky Preset - Ghost Town intro

3) Ghost Town Pre Chorus

The “Ghost Town Pre Chorus” preset is, as you might have guessed, used in the pre-choruses of the song!  It’s a sweet, spacey, modulated Plate reverb machine preset.

Zave Demonte BigSky Preset - Ghost Town Pre Chorus

4) Rhythm

The last preset, named “Rhythm,” is used throughout the song.  It’s a subtle Hall reverb machine preset that adds depth to the overdriven/distorted rhythm guitar parts. Perfect for riffs and rhythm parts, Zave uses it as his “always on” reverb (when not using something wilder like the other reverb sounds in the song).

Zave Demonte BigSky Preset - Rhythm


Download Zave Demonte’s “Rhythm” and load it into your BigSky.

Download Zave Demonte’s “Ghost Town Intro” and load it into your BigSky.

Download Zave Demonte’s “Ghost Town Pre Chorus” and load it into your BigSky.

Download Zave Demonte’s “Ghost Town Swell” and load it into your BigSky.


Made your own tweaks to this preset? Post them below.  Have ideas for a preset you’d like to see next?  Please share your suggestions with us.  Thanks to Zave Demonte of Kerbera for taking the time to submit his presets for the song “Ghost Town.”  We hope you enjoyed This Week’s Preset!  Stay tuned for more.


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