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TimeLine Factory preset settings

TimeLine Factory Presets PDF


Hey there! Some have asked us for a detailed list of TimeLine‘s factory preset settings. Below is a PDF that contains info for all of the factory presets. 🙂

» » Download here


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17 Responses

  1. Nice work. After printing them on my Kodak inkjet I would like to request a version without the grey box and change the white lettering to black.

    The grey box uses ink for no real practical purpose, and it makes it harder to read the the black lettered settings. The white lettering is also hard to read.

    Nice clean, black lettering with an outline vector of the box without the grey would be an asset to me.

    Thank you for this effort. It is greatly appreciated.


  2. Great! Can you create a blank template for user created presets, printable sheet of black outline one white paper?

  3. Just got my timeline, Can user presets be stored without erasing the factory presets. Does the preset number go past 100 so I can store my presets at say 101, 102 etc.

    1. Hi Dennis, the factory presets run from Bank 00A to 49B. They are then duplicated in Banks 50A to 99B. So if you do not want to overwrite the factory presets, you can use either Banks 00A to 49B or Banks 50A to 99B for your own presets.

  4. I second RB’s post, I’de like to print this sheet, but with all the presets, it will dry out my printer before I know it.
    Could you guys edit a “printer friendly” version of this ?
    A blank box instead of grey would be just perfect !
    Please ? 🙂

  5. Hey Guys – Thanks for the preset list however I do have another task for you.. Can you create a Flash Template of the Timeline so users can post actual settings for other users? (Similar to what Mathew Bell did). Perhaps a dedicated section on your site so we can virtualy change the knobs on a flash diagram and save them for other users to view. Just a thought.

    1. @David – That would be using the A+B switches to bank down or the B+TAP switches to bank up to the Bank you want to access, then press the preset switch (A or B) to select the preset in the new bank.

  6. Print version (copy and paste into Excel_:
    0 Mellow Digital Sweet Sixteenth 25 Degraded Intercom
    1 Melt Away BIT Clock 26 Infinite Swell Hi Ice
    2 Soft Saw Reversal 27 Wobble Low Voltage
    3 Panned Eighths Wowywowwowwow 28 Quatro Pick Attack
    4 Dirty Bucket Smeared Swell 29 Fresh Tape Basic Rev
    5 Square Cuts Dynamo 30 Infinimod Dualie
    6 Fizifths Saltwater Repeat 31 Mostly Squash
    7 QuarterRand PitchMod 32 Dark Analog Champy
    8 Dirty Slap Mirrors 33 Vintage Square Sweeper
    9 Dananana Dry Ice 34 Berliner Swellback
    10 Trem Quarters 10Bit 35 Under Bias Zombie
    11 Repetition Bright Bucket 36 Kiss My Grits Minor 7th
    12 Verby Say What Again 37 Dirigible Inward
    13 Emerging Ice Cloud 38 Steep Ramp Ducky
    14 DigiSlap Dusty Deck 39 Ice Wonder the6th
    15 Q32 Turn Around 40 High Voltage DualMod
    16 Dark Rhythm Dual Dots 41 High Pass Crinkly
    17 8Bit Vinyl Tape Slap 42 PrettyPrettyGood Decimated
    18 2 to 1 Long Slice 43 Disappear Mountain Dougie
    19 Vibro Swell Smear Dig 44 Downer Gently
    20 Debris Dot Rhythm 45 Gritty Slap EEplex
    21 World Series Gouda 46 Spazzy Marigold
    22 ModMode Ice Organ 47 DynaFilt EchoChamber
    23 Whipped Hold and Repeat 48 FauxSpring RevSolo
    24 Trem Slap ParaPan 49 6502 Maximilian

  7. Hi there,

    I decided I wanted to get all the presets on but now I want to delete them.
    Is it possible to delete the presets and get it back to blank?



    1. @Robert Glen – There is actually no way to delete presets on the pedal. You can only overwrite the existing presets with your own custom settings or perform a factory reset to restore the factory presets.

    1. @Andrew – You can use either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ preset on the TimeLine one at a time. There is no way to use both presets at once on this pedal.

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