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10 Cool Gifts for the Worship Guitarist in Your Life

Do you have a worship guitarist in your life who you’d like to find the perfect gift for? We hope we can make that search easier for you with some hand-picked gear recommendations from us here at Strymon!

Since the early days of our company, we’ve seen many of our pedals make their way onto the pedalboards of worship guitarists. In the gift guide below, we’ll feature several of the most popular gear choices and also highlight gifts from some of our gear-maker friends!

Let’s get to it!

Iridium Amp & IR Cab

Iridium Amp & IR Cab pedal is a great choice to help a guitarist get their dream tone onstage and offstage without an amp! It delivers premium quality, thoroughly-realistic amp tone and feel, and is perfect for going direct to a PA onstage or for recording direct in the studio. Even for the most die-hard tube amp purists, Iridium makes a great backup amp that fits in any gig bag. If your guitarist needs a way to get that cranked amp tone for late night practice while others are sleeping, Iridium can help with that too! Connecting headphones to Iridium’s 3.5mm headphone jack delivers an immersive amp experience while everyone else sleeps soundly. Price: $399

Buy Iridium Amp & IR Cab here

Ultimate Support JamStands Karma Cart

Lugging around equipment can be tiring and back-breaking. A great gift that can help your musician get to and from their gigs with no pain is an easy-to-push cart. We like the Ultimate Support JS-KC80 Karma Cart because it is customized for musicians and can transform into different configurations depending on the amount or type of gear being transported. Price: $169.99

Buy Ultimate Support JS-KC80 Karma Cart here

BigSky Multidimensional Reverberator

If your guitarist doesn’t already have a BigSky Multidimensional Reverb pedal, this one is a definite favorite. It delivers all the natural and beautiful reverb they need to create songs that everyone can connect with, and they will get lost in the lush reverbs as they play. Price: $479

Buy BigSky Multidimensional Reverb here

TimeLine Multidimensional Delay

TimeLine Multidimensional Delay pedal is another favorite for worship pedalboards. If your guitarist loves to play worship classics, including Hillsong Worship songs, this delay is a great gift. They can even download tons of free presets from The Church Collective for getting the exact tones for specific songs. Or if they just want to have studio-class stereo delay effects at their fingertips, TimeLine offers everything they need with its own built-in presets ready to play out-of-the box. Price: $449

Buy TimeLine Multidimensional Delay here

Barefoot Buttons

Some of us need a little more help when it comes to clicking pedal buttons. These are the solution! Barefoot Buttons come in all different colors and sizes. They make switching presets between each song a breeze. Price: $7.95-$10.95

Buy Barefoot Buttons here

Temple Audio Templeboard

It’s easy to start collecting more and more effects pedals, and if that’s the case with your guitarist a pedalboard is an essential gift. Templeboards from Temple Audio Design are a great solution for easy pedal organizing. They have small boards for the minimalist effects enthusiast and large boards for the maximalist effects enthusiast. Price: $89-$169

Buy Temple Audio Templeboard here

Flint Tremolo & Reverb

Flint Tremolo & Reverb pedal is a versatile pedal for guitarists that play a variety of songs. The combination of tremolo and reverb it provides (which can be used separately or simultaneously) is really a classic pairing. This is a pedal that many guitarists use on every single gig. Price: $299

Buy Flint tremolo & Reverb here

Mission Engineering EP-25-Pro Aero Expression Pedal

Give your guitarist more control over their sound by adding an expression pedal to their gear bag or pedalboard. Mission Engineering are leading developers of expression pedals, and the EP-25-PRO Aero is recommended if your guitarist has Strymon, Eventide, or TC Electronic pedals on their board. The Aero also features an ergonomically curved surface designed for comfortable use in both standing and sitting positions. Price: $159-$164

Buy Mission Engineering EP-25-Pro Aero here

Peterson Strobe Tuner

No one wants to be out of tune, and a great way to avoid that is to get a reliable and robust tuner. Peterson Strobe Tuners offer accuracy and reliability for a wide range of deep or simple tuning needs. The StroboClip HD headstock tuner is a great option for easy tuning, StroboStomp HD is great for tuning on-stage with confidence, and the StroboPLUS HDC is fantastic for tuning but also provides a metronome and tempo map. Price: $69.99-$179.99

Buy Peterson Strobe Tuner here

Sinasoid Cables

And don’t forget the cables! Sinasoid makes some great high-quality cables to choose from for all your worship guitarist’s needs. Price: $9.99-$36

Buy Sinasoid Cables here

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