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A Chorus of Praise for the Strymon Mobius Mod Pedal


The Mobius mod pedal provides the richest, thickest modulation effects our mod-obsessed engineers could muster. Not just a juicy chorus pedal. Not just a colorful flanger pedal. Not just an orbit-inducing phaser pedal. Mobius delivers a refined collection of historic mod effects, updates them with a little DSP magic and places them at your feet to so you can swirl, swell and shiver your way to modulation ecstasy.

Featuring 12 different types of modulations – chorus effects, flanger effects, phaser effects, a uniquely flexible rotary effect and more – “the amount of high-quality effects [Mobius] crams inside is amazing,” writes guitar blog Within each modulation type lays a wealth of mod effects that Premier Guitar magazine describes as “shockingly accurate.” The “sonic undulations” of the rotary effect, PG continued, are “deep and complex, and at times sound impossibly real.”

We’re deeply honored to receive the Premier Guitar “Premier Gear” award, which the magazine bestowed upon Mobius earlier this year.

In its popular audio blog, The Deli magazine is “extremely excited” about Mobius’ release. It calls the mod pedal “super diverse” thanks to its wide variety of classic mod effects including “everything from lush choruses to pulsating tremolo as well as unlikely additions” – a few deep cuts we included to inspire even the most discerning mod mavens.

In a shootout versus some classic mod pedals, Mobius won Sound On Sound magazine’s praises for its “clarity, warmth, smoothness and depth.” With “sounds as glorious as its tech-spec suggests,” Mobius “more than held its own” against its predecessors. SOS ranks Mobius “among the best [mod pedals] of its type.”

Aside from its collection of mod effects, Mobius provides a solid tactile experience including the “satisfying click” of the Type knob (Premier Guitar) and the “good balance” Mobius strikes between editability and ease (Sound On Sound). We worked hard to make sure that Mobius feels as good as it sounds.

Our friends at Premier Guitar think “it’s getting harder to surprise folks with how good Strymon pedals sound,” which makes us really happy. Sound On Sound noted that we’ve “quickly gained a loyal following” in the three years since we began making pedals. And The Deli made us blush when they called us “one of the sickest companies making stompboxes right now.” Thanks, guys!

The guitar media’s positive response to Mobius is really exciting for us. But there’s another contingent of people whose enthusiasm for our little mod monster we find especially thrilling: the guitarist community:








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Strymon is a creator and manufacturer of high-end, boutique music electronics, and is a division of Damage Control Engineering, LLC. For more information, please visit


Ethan Tufts
[email protected]
(805) 496-5115

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Ethan,

    The Strymon Timeline is definitely #1 on my acquisition list and I would love to get a Mobius too, but:

    As the Mobius doesn’t seem to have the same kind of “analog dry path … never converted to digital” throughput of the guitar signal, as featured in the Timeline, one thing that concerns me is it’s capability of handling very dynamic analog signals (as from a compressor, booster, overdrive, or any other pedal) without producing
    digital distortion.

    In other words: I would want to be able to place the Mobius in front OR after any pedal, at my discretion, without creating gain issues. Is that possible?

    As I’m quite serious about buying the Mobius, I would be very thankful for your comment on that topic.

    Best regards,


    1. @John – All of our pedals, including the Mobius, are designed to handle up to +8dBu of input level signal. As long as you make sure to keep the signal feeding into the Mobius below this threshold, you should not run into problems.

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