Artist Feature: Let’s Dance

Strymon Artist Feature Dance Music

Are you ready to get up and dance? If you aren’t inside the electronic music scene, you may not realize that pedals are often used. Here are some of the finest creators/performers of live electronic music showing off their talent and sharing some wonderful, energetic music to keep us all on our feet.

What better way to start this blog than with this infectious groove from Injuvik!

Ok, Burg isn’t quite “let’s dance,” but his movements are fantastic to listen to and watch. This is just #1—there are 13 more to enjoy over at his YouTube page!

This one definitely pulls at my nostalgia strings. Fran Vives captures the feel of those Miami Vice days, and I like it!

Project Soda! has my foot tapping and head nodding to this delightful tune.

Casualidox has a lot of interesting elements going on in “Darkminded.” Will keep your brain and ears busy.  🙂

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