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Artist Feature: Modular Synths (Second Edition)

As we noted in our first Modular Synth post, Strymon pedals aren’t just for guitarists. In addition to bassists, vocalists and percussionists, our pedals are being put to interesting and downright innovative use by modular synth musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. In fact, we’ve discovered so many wonderful Strymon-tagged modular synth clips online since that first post, that we decided a second edition was needed. Feast your eyes and ears on the collection below and make sure to tag Strymon should you post your own modular synth creation.


Science Patrol aka Craig Anthony Perkins of Genshi Media Group starts us off with a trippy live performance rich in resonant drone and glorious harmonic swells.

There is a whole lot of creative modular synth goodness going on in this live remix of Zibra’s “Girls Like You” by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER. You’ll find a treasure trove of modular synth innovation on LMNC’s YouTube page and, trust me, you want to see it if you haven’t already. You’ll find everything from the synth bike 2.0 vids to my favorite – how to modify/hack a singing trout. All videos include comprehensive explanations of what’s used and how.

Richard Devine makes our list once again with his “Harmonic Symmetry”. Not only is it a funky little tune, but seeing the synths at work makes for a great visual accompaniment. And as is the case with Richard’s other videos, a thorough description of everything used accompanies the track.

Modular Landing pairs modular synth with BigSky in this informative and detailed demo. Mind the cat :).

Le Comte masterfully incorporates paper strip music box with modular synth in the sweet-sounding and symphonic “Eva.”

Juli Amore AKA The Synth Witch works some Moog and modular synth magic in this collaboration with Kevin Meyer

Pitch Black and Phallen bring liquid sound to life in the dark and ominous “Filling the Void.”

OzashikiTECHNO demos a Buchla Music Easel with BigSky and El Capistan in this haunting musical tribute to Don Buchla.

Dimitrios Sismanis lets the funky groove roll in this snippet from his Instagram page. You can also find more of his music on his YouTube page.

Annuki Signal gives us a brief but intense driving track at what sounds like the sonic equivalent of warp speed.

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