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Artists Feature: Ambient Music

Ambient music can be anywhere from relaxing to inspiring to mind boggling (in a fun way). While listening to a good ambient song, we can sit back, close our eyes and have the most interesting images fly through our heads. Below is just a small sampling of some of the great artists out there who are teasing our minds with their ambient goodness.

Don’t close your eyes for this one. Hammock stimulates your ears and eyes with their haunting tale “Cold Front” from their album “Departure Songs.”

Mikhail Medvedev doesn’t just have an amazing cat, he has created a beautiful song called “Memories.”

You can learn a lot from Andy – really you can.  His site has video tips to help you if you are just starting to tinker in ambient sounds.  Andy has so many good videos to feature, but we had to go with “Famine and the Death of a Mother” from his new album “This Is For Our Sins,” which captures a sense of isolation and loss.

This is a perfect one to close your eyes to and let the song take you away. “Gravitáció” by …A Többi Néma Csend is a perfect journey through your mind.

Maybe a gallop on the beach or a run through the poppies, On Mountains provides the soundtrack for a gorgeous day.

Want to hear more? Also check out Ivan Ujević, Chords of Orion, and Jon Carolino. If you have any of your own ambient songs or enjoy someone else’s that you’d like to share, please post the link below.

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22 Responses

    1. @Tyler, Thanks for the download. Just had the first listen through and really enjoyed all the tracks. Will be giving them all many more listens 😀

  1. I did a collection of vignettes with the BigSky shortly after I got it and went crazy and did a 25 minute youtube video of various things I worked on. The video isn’t much to look at, just a collection of still shots.

    Anyway, all of this is basically processed electric guitar and it wouldn’t sound like this without the Big Sky as the end of the chain:


  2. Mikhail Medvedev is cheating… it is obvious that the Cat is a bioneural interface and even though I want to believe it can all be done with just strymon pedals, I know in my heart that it would only be a pale imitation of the true sound. I am so happy you posted this video because now I can prove to my boyfriend that my music will truly suffer if I don’t get a cat that one.

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