On Tour: Of Monsters and Men

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir

I was hooked on Of Monsters and Men the first time I heard “Little Talk” on the radio. I listened to My Head is an Animal on repeat. I always get a little nervous before the first listen of a follow-up release to an album I have loved so much, hoping that the new album will be just as fantastic and repeat-worthy. Luckily, Of Monsters and Men’s second release, Beneath The Skin, was just that: truly excellent and deserving of all day on repeat. One of my instant favorites on the new album is “Wolves Without Teeth.” So when Of Monsters and Men gave me the opportunity to have a photo pass to their Greek Theatre L.A. show, needless to say, I was beyond excited. Below are some of the pictures I took. If you get a chance to check them out on tour, I highly recommend it. The stage was filled with nine amazing musicians all lending their special touch to each song.

Brynjar Leifsson Of Monsters and Men Pedalboard

Check out more about Of Monsters and Men at http://ofmonstersandmen.com

And get a behind the scenes look with each band members Instagram:

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson
Brynjar Leifsson
Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson
Kristján “Kiddi” Páll Kristjánsson
Bjarni Þór Jensson
Ragnhildur “Ragga Gunn” Gunnarsdóttir
Steingrímur “Steini” Karl Teague

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