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Building Zuma Power Supplies!

EDIT: Zuma and Ojai available now!

Buy Zuma ($249) |  Buy Ojai ($149)

Zuma - High Current DC Pedal Power Supply

The third-party safety certification process for our Zuma high current DC power supply is finally complete. This means we can begin our first build, and work our way towards getting these into your hands!

We’ve just started building circuit boards:

Zuma build

And our Zuma audio testing equipment is ready to go:

Zuma audio precision test

And our boxes are being printed up:

Zuma box

We hope to start taking pre-orders within the next several weeks. We’ll make an announcement in our email newsletter and on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Stay tuned. Thanks so much for your patience. 🙂

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EDIT: Zuma and Ojai available now! Buy Zuma ($249) |  Buy Ojai ($149) We’ve been getting quite a few questions regarding the status of our Zuma high

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8 Responses

    1. Hey Cliff,

      Zuma will not ship with mounting brackets. However, we have started production on mounting brackets for Pedaltrain pedalboards which will go on sale when Zuma is released.

      Hope this helps!

  1. Just checking back in about the Sweetwater Zuma shipment, I placed my order on 10/18/16 and am now seeing people posting on social media that they are now receiving their Zuma’s, however Sweetwater is still showing backorders… any guess of when or why theses particular Sweetwater units are being overlooked and not shipping while you have had them available direct for a while now? Was hoping for a Zuma Christmas but not looking so great from here… I think it would be a good idea when (or if) the units ship that they should come with bonus Pedaltrain mounting brackets for your loyal customers which I am certainly one as I own the Big Sky, Timeline, Mobius, Deco, Blue Sky, El Capistan, Brigadier, Lex and Ojai and am Looking at the Riverside…

  2. I believe a rule of thumb is that the power supply should be rated at twice the current demands of the device. I see the timeline, mobius, big sky are rated at 300mA minimum. What are the average and peak current draws? Is there any need for concern that these strymon pedal might be approaching the limit of the zuma? Is there any chance of accelerated aging of the PS from this?


    1. @Jeff – The average and peak current draw of the TimeLine is below 300mA which is why we recommend power supplies that provide a minimum of 300mA of current to operate reliably. Powering a TimeLine with a single output of the Zuma is nowhere near the limit of the Zuma’s power outputs and is no cause for concern.

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