Enter to win the first TimeLine.

Congratulations to Dave Young of La Vista, NE. You are the winner of TimeLine Serial #0001. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

Enter to Win - TimeLine Serial 0001

Here’s your chance to win the very first Strymon TimeLine delay pedal, to be built during our upcoming production run. Complete with a custom laser engraved serial number 0001 design on the bottom panel. Last year we gave away the very last Damage Control TimeLine pedal, the spiritual precursor to the Strymon TimeLine. We felt it was only fitting to offer up the very first Strymon TimeLine!

About TimeLine:
The continuous study and pursuit of innovative, creative, spacious, lush, tweakable, and musically inspirational delay sounds. Crisp and clear, studio-quality digital delays all the way to the saturated and fluctuating sounds of tape delay. Warm and fuzzy smeared repeats all the way to shimmery and sparkling ice delays. And everything in between.

It’s true we haven’t yet provided a lot of information about our upcoming delay pedal, but we’re hoping you’ll be excited to enter to win anyway! (Stay tuned, we will have more info, along with audio and video clips up soon—really!).

The rules:

No purchase necessary to enter or win. The winner will be chosen randomly from the list of qualified entrants. Contest ends May 31, 2011. All you need to do is enter the contest form below. Ok, go!

The prize:

Strymon TimeLine
Strymon TimeLine pedal (serial #0001) and 9V power supply ($449 value), to be built during the first production build in June.

Enter the contest:

Congratulations to Dave Young of La Vista, NE. You are the winner of TimeLine Serial #0001. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

The terms:

Good luck! We’ll announce the winner right after the contest ends. 🙂


About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

66 Responses

  1. CAJ says:

    In it to win it! W00t!

  2. TRI says:

    Me me me!!! I want that baby..aby..aby..aby (fade)

  3. joshua q says:

    if I won this pedal I bet I’d sell at least 15 of them just by having my friends play it

  4. MSchmidt says:

    I have the first version…..need the 2nd one!!

  5. Thomas says:

    I can’t wait until everyone asks how i get these cool sounds! It’s finally here!

  6. soli says:

    oh please. please. i don’t ask for much and i don’t ask often..

  7. kelly q says:

    hope to get my husband this for his birthday so he can shut up about having to sell all his possesions to get one haha

  8. Russ says:

    I’d be happy to just win a place in line to buy a Timeline

  9. vytas says:

    That looks suh-weeeet…!

  10. DJ says:

    Just send me the pedal, Im gonna win!!!!!

  11. Devin DeVore says:

    I was just wondering when this bad boy is going to be ready to go!

    This is awesome!


  12. Snouter says:

    I just saw an email with the word TimeLine in it! The time is approaching! 😉

  13. Percy Harrell says:

    I currently own and use a variety of your effects pedals, Damage Control Glass Nexus / EL Capistan d Tape Echo / And The / Blue Sky Reverberator. Keep up the good work. You guys are very innovative and creative and Extensive(can I use that term) Smile y’all Know what I mean. It is very nice of You to give a few Pedals away. I wish you much success in Strymon’s Proggression with your Music Business. Peace / Love / And Success. Percy Harrell alias percydeemyspace.com

  14. I’m glad to hear that the TimeLine is about to be reincarnated. I look forward to checking out the new version. For several years now, I have been enjoying my trusty and beautiful sounding Damage Control Glass Nexus, and have admired the TimeLine in hopes of one day being able to have one to complement the Glass Nexus. Cool!

  15. Jarrod says:

    Don’t care if I win, I’m getting one!

  16. Richard Ebinger says:

    Love these contests and I appreciate the generosity of Strymon!

  17. Andrew says:

    Win one… ya, that would be awesome! Buying one will be awesome too.

  18. Pete says:

    You guys rock!

  19. Donie says:

    Frickin’ broke and I need this. Pray for me!

  20. Jesse says:

    Does this mean the Timeline won’t be released until after May 31st?

  21. Beau says:

    Will trade one of my kids for one of these!!! No not really, but I will be buying one ASAP…

  22. Steve says:

    How about I slip you guys an extra 20 bucks? What will that get me?

  23. stephen sawall says:

    I’m in ….

  24. Jane says:

    I would feel like such a Queen with this pedal! I only need one pedal, this one thru my stereo set up!!! I will love her and treat her well!

  25. Todd says:

    I’m looking forward to the TimeLine!

  26. Danny says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!!!

  27. One delay to rule them all

  28. Michael M says:


  29. Paul says:

    I am so excited about the Timeline! The first one sounded awesome! What are the specs/resolution on this one

  30. tele27 says:

    Hopefully this will be my Time!

  31. Kyler says:

    Maybe one day, I’ll have a pedalboard full of Strymon gear.

  32. zontar says:

    It would be cool to win this…

  33. Tim says:

    The only thing cooler than a pedal giveaway contest is the fact that the pedal will actually sound mind-bogglingly fantastic!

  34. Attaporn (e-flat) says:

    Can’t wait to received ^^

  35. David says:

    I almost bought the Damage Control version (but was short $) Glad that its back and better! Strymon is making awesome effect units

  36. jan says:

    nice!I want one!

  37. George says:

    All I need Is a Little Luck Right.Here’s keeping my Fingers Crossed.

  38. Carl says:

    Its mine all mine……

  39. olie says:

    I hope you’re prepared for the massive demand of this pedals. If I win, ill name my child.’strymon’

  40. gaby says:

    I want a friend for my al capistan.

    Thanks for your works.

  41. valerio de paola says:

    let it arrive in italy… it would be a consolation prize for an italian guitarist who has such a disgusting prime minister.

  42. Elusiverick says:

    I’ll be waltzing outa here with Jack The Dancer soon enough & I would luv to try one of your Beautiful pedals before they box me up.59 & I aint never won a contest EVER man, comon have pity on an old man with Cancer.

  43. Francesco says:

    I wanna win!!!!!!! I really love Timeline!!!!!!!!!

  44. Sonny says:

    I pay close attention to TimeLines:)

  45. PabloHoney says:

    Damage Control ruled, this stuff is even better! Didn’t think that possible!

  46. echopool says:

    Welp… Here’s a list of about a hundred people who WON’T be buying my TimeFactor on Ebay. Boo. Hiss.
    Vigilantly awaiting the day that these little masterpieces go on sale.

  47. Julian says:

    there will be tears of joy, tears of joy…

  48. Ryan says:

    @Russ – too funny, “I’d be happy to just win a place in line to buy a Timeline” I laughed heartily at that. This pedal will be glorious!!! Maybe Strymon should hold a “hold your spot” contest as well. That would be great!!

  49. Rob says:

    TOTAL AGREE WITH RYAN, Do you Hear us Strymon

  50. Bob Guido says:

    If I win, I’m going to invite Jonsi & Alex over!

  51. Rob says:

    I got my fingers crossed to win the Timeline! Already have the Blue Sky Reverberator….best darned reverb on the market!…been looking for a reverb like the Blue Sky for 10 years…my search is finally over! I’m sure the Timeline will be equally as impressive…you guys at Strymon really have it figured out!

  52. Jason Hobbs says:

    I just received my Blue Sky reverb! I’m just blown away. You guys seem to be way ahead of your competition, great stuff! If the new “TImeLine” looks awesome!

  53. simon kitson says:

    I want to try thee time with vocals, keyboard and drum machine. I think it will make some impressive new textures and sounds…..hope I win so I can start experimenting. Simon

  54. Rob says:

    If I win, my best friend Craig can borrow it. 😉

  55. jason says:

    if i win ill probably cry tears of joy

  56. simon says:

    if i win, hopefully i can use it on a music missions trip as i tour guatemala or honduras!

  57. I need an Orbit Flanger and Strymon is out of stock! What on earth shall I do? I am lost in Orbit!

  58. Ben says:

    I’m quite excited for the announcement…

  59. jason says:

    i just want to say i love your pedals so much….i just ordered the blue sky a el cap today….they are the only pedals i own now…i sold all my stuff and bought a fender super reverb the other day and i just couldnt wait on these two pedals….and i still cant wait till i hear the mail man knock on my door!!!

  60. Devan says:

    And the winner is…????

  61. Pete says:

    C’mon. Give us a Name 😉

  62. Jon says:

    Ive never won anything in my life, if I win the Strymon Timeline I’ll be the happiest person in the world! Cant wait for my Strymon Lex to get here!

  63. Josh Rigaud says:

    I literally prayed today to win this!!!! I just moved to Brazil and buying on here will be out of the question….. i NNEEED a timeline!

  64. Ron Thompson says:

    Yea,and if I win it,I’ll have at least 4 or 5 friends that will be over to listen to it. It’s not that we are gear snobs ( that was pretty lame), it’s just we love the beautiful tone you can get from high end gear, AND not to offend anyone, yes,I have heard plenty of lower priced gear that sounded great. We just like to sound as good as we can when going through multiple 5000.00 amps in stereo.Imagine the Blue Sky and the Timeline in that effects loop.GLORIOUS!!!! I know Strymon will make it righteous!!!!…..

  65. Ethan says:

    Congratulations to Dave Young of La Vista, Nebraska. You are the winner of TimeLine serial #0001! 🙂

    Stay tuned for other giveaways in the future.

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