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Frippertronics – A Retro Look at Sound on Sound

Although it was not the first account of experimenting with sound-on-sound tape looping, Frippertronics, the brainchild of guitarist Robert Fripp (and fellow artist Brian Eno), remains an important breakthrough in the practice of live looping.

Remember, you can enter the El Capistan’s Sound on Sound Mode by setting your TAPE HEAD switch to SINGLE and your MODE switch to C!

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Michael Callas spent some time writing for Strymon in 2014, and is now off making a name for himself in the film industry.

5 Responses

  1. sir says:

    Any Frippertronics timeline setting to share?

    • Hugo says:

      @sir – Although not the same as the Sound-on-Sound tape looping available on the El Capistan, you can use the TimeLine’s looper to record, playback, and overdub layers of audio for a similar effect.

  2. Erik says:

    That’s amazing! He has the same sound than Mike Oldfield… Love this principle

  3. Bubba Jones says:

    Yes please… anyone figured out how to get the timeline to do frippertronics?

    • Hugo says:

      @Bubba Jones – You can use the TimeLine looper to record a loop and layer the loop with additional overdubs to simulate Frippertronics, although you will not have the tape echo sound with the repeats getting darker over time. The El Capistan’s Sound-on-Sound mode does a great job of getting this sound.

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