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How to Use Strymon Impulse Manager

Strymon Impulse Manager for Iridium

You probably already know that Iridium comes pre-loaded with a carefully curated collection of premium cabinet IRs from OwnHammer, Celestion, cabIR, and Valhallir. But did you know you can load your own? With Strymon Impulse Manager, you can edit the IR speaker cabinets in your Iridium pedal, or replace them with your own 24-bit 96kHz impulse response wave files of up to 500ms in duration. Download Strymon Impulse Manager for macOS or Windows here. Check out the video below to see how it works!


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One Response

  1. I am a recovering Boss pedal user. I don’t mean to suggest that Boss’ pedals are inferior. That’s subjective. They’re just different. But since buying the Strymon El Capistan, Timeline, Big Sky and Iridium, I am standing on my chair applauding and celebrating the quantum difference in the level of support between that of Boss and Strymon. With my decades of experience in the music industry I can attest that Strymon is THE industry leader in the quantity and variety of support blogs, spec sheets/manuals and tutorials for their products. The truly defining distinction, however, is the quality of those products. The details you provide about each pedal’s functions don’t assume user knowledge. Instead, the information is shared in clear, concise language that is remarkably uncluttered with esoteric industry nomenclature. It’s actually readable.

    One final point. I use midi extensively on my pedal board. It can be confusing to the uninitiated. I know that from experience. Unfortunately, MOST manufacturers provide midi info as an afterthought. This can be extremely frustrating when setting up cc messages on my controller. So imagine my surprise when I went to your site and discovered a basic intro to midi and a clear explanation of the codes associated with your pedals. OMG!!! The time you save me is immeasurable.

    I just wanted to share my perspective and to give Strymon a shout out from the trenches. I am a Strymon fan and proponent. Thank you.



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