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Meet Jorge, the newest addition to the Strymon team

Strymon’s newest team member:
Jorge Aguila – Senior Manufacturing Engineer / Underground DJ


Strymon - JorgeWe think like the legendary Rat Pack group when it comes to the Strymon team. We certainly had a firm nod of conviction when we chose our recent addition to the group.

“This is the one. The eagle has landed.”

We are proud to introduce our newest team member, Jorge Aguila. Not only is he a long time close friend but is also the best and the brightest in manufacturing ops. We know quality for our customers is of the highest importance, and this is the man that will ensure it.


Here’s a little bit more about Jorge:

# of birthday parties you’ve attended in 1 year alone?
I’ve lost count. I would have to approximate two a month on average. That’s not counting all the parties my wife goes to alone.

What’s your dream car?
An Audi R8.

Kobe or Gasol?
“The Black Mamba”

What is your dog’s name? (and stop blaming your wife Memory!)
Munchkin, came with the package.

Musical weapon of choice?
My cheap acoustic guitar I play for the kids.

Aaaaand, what was your first instrument?
The Accordion. Played the accordion from age 9 -12, was forced by parents.

Nicknames you’ve had growing up?
Dad called me Rey (means king in Spanish).

The craziest sneakers you’ve ever owned?
During the breakdancing era, I owned several colored Converse All Stars. Some colors are too embarrassing to mention!

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3 Responses

  1. Best of the best, Strymon is extremely lucky to have him. Quite the All Star team you have going on there, best of luck to you guys in 2011.

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