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Mobius receives the Premier Gear award!

Mobius - Premier Gear awardWe just read Premier Guitar magazine’s review of our new Mobius modulation— and we we’re extremely excited to announce that Mobius has received their coveted Premier Gear award!

Here’s what they had to say:

“The Mobius is a pedal of very deep capabilities that exponentially widens the sound potential of a pedalboard, opens up studio and production possibilities, and can inspire whole tunes.”

“The sonic undulations are deep and complex, and at times sound impossibly real—to the point of being confounding. Just how is a 4′ tall Leslie with wildly spinning drum and horn speakers hiding behind that practice amp?”

“The quality of the Mobius is superb. It’s dead silent—quiet enough to use for outboard mix buss duties. And it’s difficult to imagine a modulation unit doing much more as capably as the Mobius does.”

“If you’re an incurable studio tinkerer, session expert, or a gigging guitarist who plays in a classic rock cover band one night and a post-rock project the next, the Mobius gives you just about every modulation weapon you could ever need.”

Check out the full review below:

Read the review!

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5 Responses

  1. Mine arrived this week and WOW, it is amazing. I am very pleased with it. Keep the great pedals coming Strymon. You guys rock!

  2. Got mine a few weeks ago. Unbelievable. Still delving into the chorus, flanger and phaser options, The roto is sick. Pre/Post allows for some quick and extremely versatile options. I thought the timeline was deep but this Mobius blows it away. What is next?

    My set up sounds great with it.

    PRS Custom 24 — Polytune Mini — OB.1 — TS-808HW — Vox HW Wah — Mobius (Pre) — Timmy — Wolftone Helium Octafuzz — Vox AC-30CC2x (blending top boost/normal channels) — FX Loop Out — Mobius (Post) — Timeline — Bluesky — FX Loop In

    This allows me to drop the mobius before or after pre-amp and before or after overdrive/distortion fuzz and wah, with a click. Sick.

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