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We’re doing a Reddit AMA!

Reddit Ask Us Anything!

We’re going to be doing a Reddit AMA “Ask Me Anything” Tuesday June 24 at 12:00PM PDT (3PM EDT). Have any questions for us? Just about all of us here will be available to answer any questions that you might have.

Mobius Modulation pedalOn that day we’ll also be giving away a Mobius Modulation pedal to one lucky Redditor. Stay tuned for more details.

This post will be updated on June 24 with the link to the AMA. See you there soon!

EDIT: Here is the link!

Ask Us Anything

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33 Responses

  1. Hi Strymon team!

    First of all compliments for the great pedals!
    I own 3 strymon pedals, the Flint, the Ola and the timeline.
    For a while I am searching for the 80′ tri chorus sound from the dytronics CS-5 19″ unit.
    Fulltone is remaking this unit called “that 80’s rack chorus”
    Is it possible for Strymon to program this exact sound into a new pedal?
    The multi chorus setting from my Ola comes close but is not the exact sound.

    Best regards,
    Niels Juursema

    1. @Niels Juursema – Thanks for being a Strymon customer and for the feature request! 🙂 We can’t make any guarantees about the development of any feature or product requests, but we do listen to our customers. Also, the effect algorithms are not necessarily designed to sound like an existing piece of gear as much as being crafted to provide you with an array of great sounds.

  2. I love your vision, products, design, demo videos, demo video guy with the Taylor Electric that plays lots of “sus” triads…

    I’m too tired at the moment to conjure a clever question. Today my wife and I discovered we are having twin baby girls! Very excited. A little freaked out to know that we will be parents for the very 1st time this Oct (due date is Nov 13, but she will most likely deliver in mid Oct).
    I also received an email this evening, I am accepted to Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. I’m so excitrd. I’ll be attending the fall semester and applying for the bachelor of radiologic technology program.
    Also, I stumbled on a duesenberg fullerton cc in April. This guitar was made with me in mind. The best playing/ looking/ sounding es335 EVAH!
    Keep doing what you do Strymers.

    With lerve,
    Nate Briggsy
    (I like t-shirts size L)

    1. @Nate Briggsy – It’s totally ok not to ask a question here as you have a ton of wonderful life events to look forward to. Congratulations and thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂

  3. Congrats to your twins and your Wayne State U acceptance!!
    My wife and I have triplet 4.5 year old boys so huge congrats
    and wish you all the sleep you can get before November!!

    Play Your axe onwrx and through Strymon peds and they will
    sleep Peacefully (6 months or so they will sleep all night – girls
    less chaotic I hear!! Phew!)

    Best of health and luck and jam loud and hard eve of their birth
    As I did!

  4. Hey everybody!
    Ok I LOVE all your pedals! I wish I just had the chance to play with any of your pedals but I will probably never get that chance because I can’t afford one. Will there be any pedals that you guys will be making for the lower class working guitar player. If so that would be amazing! Thanks for everything you guys do and God bless!

    1. Hi Brian, We don’t usually discuss what is or isn’t in the works, but appreciate the feedback. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, we do contests here and there and we will be having one during the Reddit AMA 😀 Thanks!

  5. John…Help out a bass player here, can you guys posts some videos demonstrating the Strymon line with a bass.

    1. We need to do that! Just need to get John out from behind the computer 😀 We will work on that. Thanks.

  6. Hey guys,

    It might not get as much traffic, but if you can do the AMA in /r/guitarpedals or stop by and show the sub some love sometime that would be great!


  7. Lex with a blend. That’s my desire. If cost were no object, I’d be splitting my signal between guitar amp and Leslie, so that’s what I’m after.

  8. As more of a hands-on synth guy than guitarist, I’ve always wanted to know why the Mobius has two less control knobs that the Timeline/Bigsky?

    1. Hi Andy, This is a great question for our Reddit AMA, are you going to be able to join, because would love to answer this then. Let us know 😀

  9. Anything? Ok, so the EE geek/guitar player wants to know what development tool chain you use for all your software development? Do you use any advanced tools like Simulink or automatic code generation?

    And I’d love to see some of the theory and publications related to the theory behind some of the models you’ve used. Now, that’s geeky 🙂 .

  10. hi i bought a timeline and love if but im kind of a beginner with pedals it seems really complicated in getting the sound im looking for- I am only playing is church group doing songs from Jesus culture, hillsong, and various christian artists, and I love the ice and dbucket setting. Im trying to get the dotted 8ths figured out too so is there a print out for electronic dummies like me? yes Ive read and looked at you tube but not much luck unless i spend hours. Hey I know how bout inventing a pedal that you could plug in a song and it would give you the right settings??

  11. First of all, great work on all of your pedals! I have a couple and use them religiously. So, is there any chance you guys will release a firmware update for the timeline that will allow for a chorus effect using the dbucket algorithm by decreasing the ms delay setting allowed?

  12. @Angela. I posted my question from above on the AMA. Bit disappointed it didn’t get answered. I realize there were a lots of questions, but only because there are clearly many Strymon fans. Why was there was no clear cutoff given? I think the least you guys could have done was stated a time where no new questions would be answered, but then answered the remaining ones. Not cool guys.

    1. Hi Andy, We did put up a post when we stopped answering questions, though we have hopped back on and answered some more. It is very time-consuming to answer all of them, so we were trying out best to answer all the “up voted” ones. We are still periodically going back in and answering some more as we have time, which question was yours?

  13. @Angela. Ethan answered my questions and some others too. My faith is restored. Many thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. good afternoon, I would like to know if there is a way to access different banks in Mobius, without having to step on two switches at the same time. can see that with an external pedal as Tap ?? or some secret setting to start the pedal ??? I hope I expressed myself well, my writing in English language is not very good. Greetings and thanks

    1. @John – Thanks for supporting Strymon! At this time, the only way to access the different banks of presets is by pressing 2 switches on the pedal at a time. There is no other way to access the different banks on the 3 button Strymon pedals at this time. You can use MIDI access other presets directly by sending MIDI Program Change messages, however, there is no MIDI message to change banks.

  15. Hi All, I have the Mobius and Timeline. I Use a third party midi pedal to control the tap tempo on these. I was wondering if it is possible to add to Midi Receiving a Tap On/Off per preset to the Parameters section of TL and MO to separate the two as needed? I currently use an expression pedal to compensate but the biggest flexibility would be to have the midi presets to free up the expression pedal.
    Thankyou for the time spent on these pedals and firmware upgrades.

    1. @Dave – Thank you for the feedback on our MIDI equipped pedals. I will be passing this on to our team. I can’t guarantee the development of this feature, but we do listen to our customers. 🙂

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