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Reviews Roll in for the Strymon Flint Reverb and Tremolo Pedal


Equal parts reverb pedal and tremolo pedal, the unique Flint guitar effects pedal combines three decades of historic vintage reverb and tremolo guitar effects into a single, pedal-board-friendly format. Expanded tone-shaping capabilities, true bypass and other modern features make this magical combination of guitar effects the perfect partner for every guitarist.

The advent of reverb and tremolo in the 1960s forever changed the sound of the guitar, and “Flint nails those vintage tones,” says Premier Guitar magazine. “There’s no better time to revisit the effects that started it all,” states Guitarist magazine, because Flint’s special tremolo reverb effects deliver “several decades of killer guitar tone.”

With vintage tremolo and reverb effects running together or separately, and in either direction, Flint provides a modern take on this classic combination. The effects pedal “enables delicious combinations of vintage colors and contemporary tones that invite creative exploration,” explains Premier Guitar. But, don’t worry, they continued, “You don’t have to dig too deep to reap sonic rewards.” Just like the original reverb and tremolo effects it celebrates, Flint is really easy to use.

Flint’s choice reverb effects are described as “intoxicating” by Premier Guitar, and its 60’s-style tremolo effects are characterized as “wonderfully organic,” “lovely” and “blooming.” Flint’s “jaw-dropping digital renderings of hard-to-capture analog classics” are “unbelievably musical and infinitely usable,” writes Guitar Player magazine. “It all sounds great,” concurs The Deli magazine. “Simply put, I love this pedal,” states Guitar Noize blog.

Guitarist digs the separate effects but it’s combination of the two that stopped them in their tracks. “Playing around with reverb and tremolo combinations,” says Guitarist, “is an easy way to spend an hour or two with a big grin on your face.” We agree, and we’re glad you’re enjoying it!

As if they’re mimicking a Flint tremolo setting, the reviews have been coming in steady waves. We’re thrilled to be getting the attention – but we’re beside ourselves from the overwhelming positivity and support. “It’s a rare piece of gear that unites the whole office into one slavering mass of expectation,” says Guitarist, “However, the Strymon Flint is one such pedal … [it’s] simply an inspiration.”

Flint is “bound to change the minds of more than a few analog purists,” writes Premier Guitar. “It’s been fun to watch Strymon confound analog dogmatists over the last few years.” Happy to help. 🙂

To top it off, Flint received Premier Guitar magazine’s prestigious “Premier Gear” award and Guitar Player magazine’s coveted “Editors’ Pick” award. (Thanks, PG and GP!)


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Strymon is a creator and manufacturer of high-end, boutique music electronics, and is a division of Damage Control Engineering. For more information, please visit


Ethan Tufts
[email protected]
(805) 496-5115

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