Strymon’s First NAMM Show


The Arrival

Riding the line between excited and nervous, I arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center on the eve of January 21st – less than 24 hours before Strymon’s (and my own) first NAMM show.  I was greeted by two Strymon team members standing in front of our well-manicured booth, which contained six demo stations and looked like it had been transplanted directly from our engineering office in Westlake Village, CA.

As Convention Center employees laid the finishing touches on the show floor – rolling out carpets, cleaning up trash, etc. – I dropped off some last minute items needed for NAMM 2015.  Then, I headed off to get some rest.  Tomorrow is showtime.

The Show 


I arrived at Hall E booth 1735 a little before 9Am.  Folks had clearly been working on the show floor as well as the booths throughout the night because the massive hall looked pristine.  I polished the pedalboards at our demo stations and took a few warm up photos.  Before I knew it, the show had begun.








IMG_1174 lightened

IMG_1257 lighter








The fun had started as droves of guitarists, bass players, keyboardists, fans, and new friends poured into the Strymon booth – each one of them as excited as we were to just hang out, converse, and jam.  Over the course of the four-day show, we met people from all over the world – professional musicians, aspiring artists, you name it!  Among these new friends, we also saw some familiar faces such as Joel Van Dijk from The Grand Scheme (above, top right).  It was incredible seeing so many different types of people come together through a shared love for music and creativity.

IMG_1317Chapman Stick and BigSky.

IMG_1423 croppedlightenedAlyson Montez’s electric violin meets Deco.  http://instagram.com/alysonmontez

IMG_1488Adrian Belew demoing MobiusTimeLine, and BigSky.  http://www.adrianbelew.net/

IMG_1414 lightened

Nick Grammaticos (@nicgrammaticos) his Flint art.








I’d like to give a shout out to our awesome neighboring booths at NAMM 2015! Thanks to Berndt Guitars for lending us one of your custom guitars for our demo station, and thanks to Bob McNally from Strumstick for coming to jam with us!

And now, for your enjoyment – some of the weekend’s more interesting getups.


IMG_1519NAMM can get a little crazy.  Especially when Daniel Tyack shows up.


The Aftermath 

As much fun as we had at NAMM, it was definitely a marathon.  Everybody over here at Strymon is pretty wiped out.  So let me wrap this up with one more huge thank you to everybody who hung out at our booth and followed our NAMM show on social media.  Our mission going into NAMM 2015 was to connect with our fans, make new friends, hang out with our dealers, and inspire creativity, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for being awesome and keep doing what you’re doing!

I’ll leave you with some lovely photos from those who visited us at NAMM 2015!

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