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The Many Sounds of Magneto: Your Videos and Photos

We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the sonic landscapes Magneto has inspired folks to create since the dTape Echo and Looper Eurorack module made its official debut this past January. Thank you for sharing and tagging your Magneto demos and photos so we can see them.

We’ve watched so many wonderful Magneto videos since the beginning of the year that we couldn’t help but put a few of our favorites together for you to enjoy as well. Happy listening and may you find yourself inspired to make a little Magneto music of your own.

First up, the dreamy and mesmerizing sounds crafted by Chicago musician Nick Turner AKA Tyresta. The colorful array of light and patch cables in this video makes for the perfect visual accompaniment to the totally awesome 80s-vibe of the music.


New Orleans composer Scott Campbell creates a delightful synth soundscape in this brief clip from Instagram. Be sure to check out Scott’s other musical project Bell Mountain with Geoff Dumont.


noctambulance treats us with a playful and somewhat menacing improvisation created with Magneto just minutes after taking it out of its box.


Ruiner takes us on a sonic journey through the celestial heavens in this sneak peek of a new track. The composition is a nice layering of guitar, synth, and percussion and highlights the warmth and richness of Magneto as it is the only delay used. Some really cool visuals, too, especially when the camera pushes in to capture the finer details of the individual modules and patches of his setup.

Milwaukee music-maker Brandon Logic shows what interesting octave sounds and rhythms can be created by altering tape head speeds using Magneto’s shift head settings.
Composer and improviser Bryan Noll AKA Lightbath makes musical Magneto magic in this short but very sweet sonic elixir of synth harmony.

Dimitrios Sismanis deftly demos how Magneto can take a simple sound sequence and transform it into an engaging and complex layer of textures and rhythms. Listening with headphones is recommended!


Sit back and relax as you listen to the gentle and ambient sound of “The Magnetic Sea” from r beny. Close your eyes and hear what the sparkle of sunlight on calm waters sounds like.


Now that you’ve relaxed a bit, get ready to move and groove as we step back in time with Inside People’s funky little arrangement of John Baker’s “ToeJam Jammin’” from the classic Sega Genesis video game ToeJam and Earl. The clip features a diagram of the signal flow used to create the track as well as a detailed explanation in the comments. Okay, and the skeleton gloves are pretty rad, too :).


Kurt Kurasaki creates a sonic palette of robotic percussion and space-age pulses in this clip. Close your eyes and let the sounds transport to the cockpit of your favorite spacecraft.

Magneto is looking sharp in this great shot from David Knight.

Magneto is brand-spankin’ new and ready to go do good creative work in this post from music producer and software developer Eagle Eyed Tiger;

Have a Magneto creation of your own? Please be sure to tag your post with #StrymonMagneto so we can see it.

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