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TimeLine Looper Revisited

While I can’t say I possess the looping skills of the guy across the office (State Shirt), I am definitely a fan of looping – whether done live or in the studio.   This week, let’s take a look at some artists who are putting TimeLine’s built-in Looper to good use.

Mikhail Medvedev builds an amazing ambient song using just TimeLine and his guitar.

Using TimeLine’s dTape delay machine, PyAdrian loops an intricate rhythm part before soloing on top of it.

We love hearing our effects coupled with less common instruments. In this video, David Gerald Sutton runs his electric violin through TimeLine and blueSky to create some beautiful, soaring textures.

Injuvik gets super creative in this live looping jam, using a combination of synth drums, live percussion, and Strymon effects.

Using TimeLine’s Looper and El Capistan‘s Sound-on-Sound mode, Dennis Kayzer builds two separate loops and creates some awesome, experimental layers.

@jorgepulido shows off his rig with a little late night looping.  Name that tune!

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11 Responses

  1. Is it possible to quantize the loop to an incoming midi clock similar to the way the EHX looper and Eventide Timefactor work?

    1. @JB – Sorry to say that the Looper on the TimeLine does not have the ability to quantize to any MIDI clock signals. This is just not a feature that is available on the pedal.

  2. Something I’d love to see on the Timeline as well. The Eventide Timefactor doesn’t do it either. I don’t know where you’ve heard otherwise. They say it is in the workings though and I hope it is in the workings for Strymon as well.

    1. @Francisco – Thanks for supporting Strymon! 🙂 The Looper on the TimeLine actually does not have the ability to sync to MIDI Clock. Only the delay repeats of the TimeLine will sync to MIDI Clock.

  3. Hi, sorry to ask as above but some time has passed: does the TimeLine looper quantizes/sync to midi clock? If so, I would get this over the “competitors”. Cheers, L.

    1. @Luciano – The Looper on the TimeLine does not quantize or sync to MIDI clock. The best way to have the looper sync would be by controlling it with MIDI CC messages that are programmed and sent from an external sequencer.

      1. Hi Hugo, can you elaborate on this please? Do you mean sending the record, play etc commands via an external sequencer that is tempo synced?

        1. @Jimmy – Yes, you would need to program a sequencer to send the MIDI CC messages that control the looper. This way, the MIDI CC messages are sent in time to the tempo of the sequencer.

  4. Almost sounds like people would REALLY like it if you updated the firmware to include midi clock sync .This has gotta be a firmware update you can do, right? There’s no way the hardware would prevent this I don’t think, someone just needs to write a bit of code?

    COME OOOOOOON. There’s so many times I feel like I could have used this… but i just go “cest la vie, I don’t really wanna add another huge loop pedal to my board”. but it’s getting to the point where I just wanna sell my timeline and trade it for a timefactor or H9. This one seems like a no brainer, and people have been asking for it since it came out.

    1. Agree! I love the looper on this thing, particularly with the extension pedal, but it’s very limiting unless you can midi sync it to an external clock.. This is sad because it’s almost there, but that’s a big compromise. The time factor is much older and has it. Com’on guys! Allow the timeline to be the best it can be. 🙂

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