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Volante With Almost Any Synth You Can Think Of!

Last year we took a look at all the wonderful videos so many of you created, and we put together a playlist featuring a wide variety of synths being played through blueSky. Afterward, we received a request to make a similar playlist with synths and Volante. Challenge accepted!!

If you got a chance to check out the blueSky playlist, you might recognize some of the same musicians here. There are quite a number of videos to dive into, so if you watch one and like it make sure to click on that artist, because chances are that they have many additional awesome videos you’ll enjoy checking out. This playlist has 110 videos featuring at least 60 unique synths (and also maybe a couple that aren’t really synths, but are unique and fun).

So sit back (or get ready to dance to some of these!) and enjoy all the different sounds you can make with Volante and a synth.

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