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This Week’s Preset: A Delay That’s Not A Delay

Preset - TimeLine Delay
So I wanted to come up with a sound that really pushes the boundaries of what TimeLine can do. Let’s create something that doesn’t even sound like a delay! The sound you get here is more like a weird modulated ambience that floats around your signal.

This sound utilizes the very versatile Filter machine. First, let’s crank the Time all the way down to 60ms. Now let’s turn the LFO Speed all the way to 32/1. Because the LFO is set so fast it doesn’t really matter which LFO you choose.  The goal here is to really remove the delay and turn it more into a wash of sound that occurs around your signal. Next I dialed in a small amount of filter and grit, and a good amount of modulation to really move the sound around.

Listen here:

Audio clip starts out with TimeLine bypassed. Effect is engaged at 0:05.

Preset details:

Here are the knob and parameter settings. Dial it up on your TimeLine and give it a try.

This Week's Preset - TimeLine Float Around

Download the preset:

Are you using the Strymon Librarian? Download the preset and load it up into your TimeLine.

What have you created?

Have any TimeLine presets that you’ve created that don’t sound like delays? Post your settings below, or hashtag them with #strymonpreset on Twitter or Facebook, and you might be featured on our blog.

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11 Responses

  1. The pedals you make are tremendous pedal the strymon Mobious is my favorite but my wife said that is to much money to pay at my age 63 yrs thanks for the great videos i enjoy so much……..

    1. Hey Paul, I just dialed it up again here and it sounds like the audio clip. Do you have the Filter machine selected? Do you have the time set to the lowest setting (60ms)? And are all of your menu parameters (LFO, Speed, Depth, Filt-Q, Location, etc) set as shown?

  2. I just love this preset effect! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Timeline! I should be ordering one pretty soon. Reminds me of a reverb effect.

    Ethan, would you be able to do something similar to this preset on the BigSky. Wouldn’t you agree it’s very reverb-like? Can you achieve nice, ambient, reverb sounds with the Timeline?

    1. @Roberto – thanks for the kind words, glad you like it! I won’t be able to dial in something exactly like this, but we might be able to get in the ballpark. Will add it to the list of BigSky presets and maybe we’ll get something up here soon.

      Yes you can get some very reverb-like sounds with TimeLine, especially with the Pattern machine. Pattern #16 is perfect for that kind of thing.

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

    1. @Martin L. – Try dialing back the MOD SPEED just a bit to slow down the modulation on the effect. Please give this a try and let me know if you still feel that it does not sound right.

    1. @john – Use the settings found in the image above for the settings, however, try dialing the MOD SPEED back just a little to get closer to the sound of the recorded example.

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