Strymon TimeLine / Guitar Lesson Giveaway!

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Jordan Yeo from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

Our friend Justin from is teaming up with us for a super sweet giveaway!

Want to add studio-class, musically inspirational delay sounds to your rig, and brush up on your guitar playing abilities at the same time? Now you can. Enter to win a shiny brand new Strymon TimeLine multidimensional delay pedal, $200 in guitar lessons (your choice: DVD, eBook, Books, downloads or mp3), and an exclusive one-on-one Skype guitar lesson with Justin!

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Winner will be chosen randomly from the list of qualified entrants. Contest ends December 12, 2011. Ok, go!

About TimeLine:

When we decided to create a studio-class stereo delay effects pedal, we knew we must go well beyond what has been done in the past. We spent months locked up in the Strymon sound design labs with an intense focus on dreaming up the most lush, creative, and musically inspirational delay effects ever heard. | learn more here |



Justin Sandercoe is touted as “One of the most influential guitar teachers in history” by The Independent newspaper. went live in 2003 and has grown to well over 100 million YouTube views of his online lessons, helping hundreds of thousands of guitarists across the globe. | learn more here |

The rules:

  • Enter the contest form below.
  • That’s it!

The prizes:

  • Strymon TimeLine multidimensional delay pedal and 9V power supply ($449 value)
  • Strymon t-shirt ($15 value)
  • $200 in guitar lessons (your choice: DVD, eBook, Books, downloads or mp3)
  • An exclusive one-on-one Skype guitar lesson with Justin!

The terms:

Enter the contest:

Enter the form below.

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Jordan Yeo from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

26 Responses

  1. Pat Troise says:

    Er, um… am I missing whether it’s one entry per contestant or we can enter multiple times? Could make a big difference in the odds….

  2. rahiti says:

    Big big up from Tahiti ! ^^

  3. Sami Khaldi says:

    Thank you Justin,

    I wish i could win for only once in life

  4. GIBSTRAT says:



  5. Justin says:

    Gibstrat: The definition of pessimism.

  6. andy says:

    If I don’t win , I haven’t lost anything. I can only break even or gain. Luuuvly!!!

  7. Robert says:

    I think this is a giveaway that could be distributed among the four lucky people. Because is so very rich… :))))

  8. Colin says:

    I already have Justin’s newsletter…
    Now, I’ve forgotten what I had to say…

  9. Colin says:

    I recently had surgery on my left hand, (my chord making hand). Now, I have to learn how to play again. Justin’s a big help inspiration-wise.. That’s what I had to say.

  10. matthew says:

    gotta love a State Shirt Timeline example. Thanks Ethan

  11. Jimm says:

    Win or loose, thanks for the oportunity.

  12. Dejan says:

    Good luck everybody,but i hope i will win :))

  13. dave bloke says:

    i too hope i win something, but if i don’t its not the end of the world!

  14. Josh says:

    I sooooo need this!

  15. Neri says:

    I am an online student and bought his beginner’s pack. Awesome instructor! Would truly be nice to win this for the Skype lesson alone!! Everything else is a bonus. Hope I’m lucky and good luck to all others who entered.

  16. Chandler says:

    Super stoked, this is an awesome contest! Hope I win!

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  18. Paul says:

    If this is only half as good as the DC Glass Nexus it’ll still be awesome.

  19. Josh Rigaud says:

    Seriously, I need this…. I need the Ice MAchine!!!!!!!

  20. I’ve several Strymon effects, but not this baby… And I’m sure that as a Radiohead fan, the sounds of this pedal would make me crazy ! ;o)

  21. Franc J. says:


  22. Bruce says:

    I might have entered multiple times by mistake 🙂 something went crazy with my browser…

    Good to know only one entry counts 🙂

  23. Bruce says:

    Oh, and I hope my entry counts as it’s still December 12 here 🙂 I see it’s just after 00:00 there.

  24. Nico says:

    Can the runner up prize just be that the Timeline we already pre-ordered gets pushed to the front of the shippinig line? I would love to have it for some shows I’m playing in January.

  25. Ethan says:

    Congratulations to Jordan Yeo from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

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