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Ambient Patches with BigSky: New Course from Groove3

Groove3 - BigSky Tutorials

Groove3, offering training videos specifically targeted to the pro audio community, has just released a new video tutorial course entitled “Ambient Patches with Strymon BigSky,” and the author of the course is friend of Strymon and frequent blog contributor Matt Piper! Matt has years of experience leading clinics at music schools and recording studios as well as creating tutorial videos, and he currently teaches at the Los Angeles College of Music. We think he explains things in a way that’s easy to understand!

“Ambient Patches with Strymon BigSky” starts with an overview of BigSky that’s perfect for anyone just becoming acquainted with the pedal. Subsequent videos in the course dig into designing ambient sounds using the Bloom, Shimmer, and Cloud reverb machines. If you’ve been mostly using presets and want to start designing more of your own sounds, this could be just what you’re looking for. The first video in the course can be viewed for free below.

Watch the first video:

In addition to exploring the parameters and sounds available within the Bloom, Shimmer, and Cloud reverb machines, the course also demonstrates expression pedal assignment, assigning the Param 1 & 2 knobs, and shows settings such as Persist and Hold (demonstrating the difference between Infinite and Freeze).

Enjoy a 30 Day All-Access Pass, courtesy of Strymon and Groove3.

For a limited time, to celebrate the release of their first ever Strymon-themed course, Groove3 has worked with us to offer Strymon customers a free 30 day all-access pass to their entire online course catalog. To get your pass, click here.

Please note:

  • Offer limited to new Groove3 subscribers only.
  • Offer expires July 31, 2016.


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