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Enter to win a Strymon holiday care package!

Contest has ended. Stay tuned for other giveaways! Congratulations to:
Wayne Paterson — Toronto, Ontario, Canada — (Grand Prize Winner)
Adam Smale — New York, NY, USA — (Second Prize Winner)
Arturo Padilla — Encinitas, CA, USA — (Runner Up)
Jason Waggoner — Clarkston, MI, USA — (Runner Up)
Matt Ness — Louisville, KY, USA — (Runner Up)
Allan Williams — Maffra, Victoria, Australia — (Runner Up)
Ron Rosenberger — Newton, PA, USA — (Runner Up)

Present from StrymonNow that the holidays are upon us, we wanted to give thanks and celebrate the season by giving you the chance to win a Strymon holiday care package.

Enter to win a Grand Prize package consisting of our brand new BigSky Reverberator, El Capistan dTape Echo, our OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost, plus our Strymon “Clear Skies Ahead” t-shirt, and a nice cozy Strymon American Apparel hoodie. I’m not sure what we were thinking— that’s over a $1000 value!

Second prize is our OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost, “Clear Skies Ahead” t-shirt, and a Strymon hoodie. And five Runner Ups will receive a t-shirt! 🙂

All you need to do is fill out the form below. Contest ends on Wednesday December 11. Good luck and happy holidays.

Enter to win a Strymon Holiday Care Package!

The rules:

  • Enter the contest form below.
  • Please only enter once. Entering more than once will not improve your odds.
  • That’s it!

Grand prize:

One winner will receive:
grand prize

Second prize:

One winner will receive:
second prize

Runner Up Prizes:

Five winners will receive:
Strymon Clear Skies Ahead t-shirt BigSky

The terms:

Enter the contest:

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333 Responses

  1. Nice giveaway, would really love an El Capistan. The other stuff would be icing on the cake, and what a nice cake it would be.

  2. These pedals would make a major update and breakthrough in our sound.
    We would love to experiment new soundscapes with these on our upcoming album.
    Very, very interesting. Big sounds with easy to use pedals. Makes great soundart.
    We wanna feel it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! This would be so amazing to win the grand prize. It would definitely take my capabilities to a whole new level! Thanks everyone you are the best#

  4. Thanks for making great pedals and creating a new sounds scape in which players can take their creativity to an entirely new level! Not only are Strymon pedals great, but the customer support team and company has been extremely helpful as well!

  5. I bought a Strymon Flint from you guys last year. It is amazing. I love what you guys are doing and how you present your products.

    Thanks for being awesome, and keep up the good work!

  6. Entering this competition as not only do I love what I’ve heard and seen of your pedals, but this post was made on 27th November which is my birthday!

    I’ve had my eye on the El Capistan, BigSky and Flint for a while now, but just haven’t had the money to buy any of them as yet. If by some miracle I won this, it would certainly be the best birthday present ever!

    I find the pedals not only sound amazing, but the attention to detail with their physical design is also beautiful and above all, refreshing. The amount of work that has gone into designing these things is clearly communicated.

    Keep up the great work Strymon!

    Kind regards,

  7. Just few words to say thanks for this holiday giveaway and for the beautiful and delightful work you perform through all your products. They are like a silky cloud of sound you bring to synthesists like me.
    Wish you all a great holiday season!


  8. What an AMAZING Competition!!!!!!
    I doubt i’ll win though because i’ve never won a thing in my life (and i enter LOADS of comps!) but i suppose i can live in hope.

    Those three pedals would transform my setup into a whole new beast, and a much improved one at that! What a way to start the New Year. 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to enter this great competition and i wish all of you at Strymon/Damage Control a very Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year!!!! 😉


  9. It’s hard to say anything about Strymon that hasn’t already been said.
    But for the record, my fantasy pedalboard would consist of all Strymon pedals. I own a Lex and simply love it!

    Thanks for the shot at winning some of the best gear in the world. Maybe my luck will change:)

  10. Since owning the Flint, I have not used or have gotten rid of my other reverb or tremolo pedals. It has made my life easier; wish more pedals had two pedals built into one. But I couldn’t use it unless it sounded great. And it does. No more hassles with setting up a board with various revs or trems before a gig depending on what amp I want to use. I just have the Flint now all the time, even if I use a blackface. Thanks Strymon, great pedal.

  11. Enter this wonderful giveaway from those talented (and obviously generous!!) people at Strymon! Top drawer effects which are equally at home in a live or studio environment. share with all your musician friends…..and happy holidays!

  12. If I win, I’m going to have to buy a bigger pedalboard!

    On a serious note though, this is a fantastic prize, and congratulations to whoever the lucky winner is.

    Though I hope it’s me.

  13. Being a gear junkie, I always had a fascination for Strymon pedals but also being college student buying stuff off his pocket money, it’s really hard to collect cash for buying one. Hope I win!
    Thanks for the contest and the chance!

  14. My son had a Timeline from Strymon and made some amazing sounds with his guitar. Unfortunately someone broke into his car and stole everything. It would be awesome to surprise him with this!!

  15. I love strymon! And if I win I will make a video with the sounds I created with the pedals I got and share it with everyone I know!

  16. I have been LUSTING after all three of these pedals… if I won this, my head just might explode, and then re-assemble, then explode again. FOREVER.

  17. Thank’s à lot Strymon!
    Your products are so awesome! Love it!
    I hope I will win thé first price, I’m in à music scholl to Be professional guitarist ans I need to have things like this!
    Continu your work, we love you!!

  18. Always wanted to buy a Strymon pedal. A friend of mine has the Blue Sky pedal and it sounds AWESOME!! It would be a nice addition to my pedal board. Happy Holidays!!

  19. Hi, i’m foton Janika band from den haag. Ik zou graag de strymon bigsky willen winnen.

    Deze sound past super goed bij mijn muziek, ik kan het pedaal helaas niet betalen. En hoop hem te winnen.

    Gr. Steven Meurs

  20. I’ll be recording a couple of new tracks in the studio this week using my timeline , mobius and orbit flanger. Can’t wait to get in there and let loose with these creativity these pedals inspire!! Yeaahh!!

  21. These guys make the best pedals available. Innovation and quality craftsmanship wrapped inside each little beastie.

  22. Nice! I would love to try the compressor!The rest is too good to be true,but ive already heard what is sounds like inerson. But i havent got the chance to try that compressor!And i would get buried in that hoodie;-)

  23. I love the Big Sky I won at the social. Thanks for that! That being said, the 2nd place prize will complete my rig nicely!

  24. A line in a recent tune says it all…..
    “Like rainbows in my ears”
    Proud owner of 3 of your incredible units.
    Thank you

  25. My husband is brave (later on in life at the age of 37) and is starting a band again. This kit would get him well on his way and would love for him to win it as a surprise. He never gives up…and he is following the dream again that he stopped when he was 17:) Please give him a chance to make great music!!!xxxxThanks

  26. This is an unbelievable give away. Sadly your amazing products aren’t avaliable in Hungary. Hope to either win or purchase something somehow.

  27. Already have el capistan but being able to gift my brother some t hing that cool would leave me with major brotherly bonus points.

  28. Generous giveaway of some truly fine machines. If it’s time for me to win something, this something would be righteous.

  29. Thanks for the opportunity guys! All would make great additiona to my board and wardrobe! Good luck everybody.

  30. Been longing for an el capistan and Big Sky for a long time! These would definitely make a huge impact on my rig and overall sound. Plus if i win, i’ll have finally won a contest of this nature! You guys are great.

  31. Oh my… these pedals just have a complexity and subtlety that I’ve heard nowhere else. Incredible quality. My dear friend owns Timeline and the Mobius and it is my greatest pleasure listening to him play on these…it’s a sound that remains unrivaled!
    Well, he is coming to visit me very soon, and we haven’t seen each other in too long. I was hoping to find a perfect gift with my limited resources, and I hear you guys are having such an awesome giveaway, got so excited seeing this page!
    These gifts is definitely going to brighten up someone’s life, cheers to this ! I hope that whoever gets them shares the good sound

  32. Strymon…… The best!!!
    Strymon really encouraged me to really explore new sounds
    I am glad for the day I bumped into them on you tube

  33. I wish I was Santa I would give this package to everyone leaving a comment including me. OK OK so I would prolly give myself one first. These pedals are so sweet like candy cane. 😛

  34. Fingers crossed!!! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for giving! Thanks for making GREAT gear! Hope to own all of your pedals one day soon!

  35. I’m still loving my Timeline and BigSky right next to each on my pedal board… they play off of each other nicely!

  36. I’d love a Flint…the best of both worlds. I’d get a Pedaltrain Nano, and load it with a BlackArts ‘Pharaoh Fuzz’, Strymon ‘Flint’, and Caroline ‘Kilobyte Delay’, and be all set. m/

  37. Your pedal are heaven-sent and a gift to the world! Loving the Lex and Ola on my board. Happy holidays to all the awesome people at Strymon! Cheers from the other side of the world from sunny Singapore. 😉

  38. This is unbelievable I was just thinking today strymon should do a holiday givaway! Low and behold you guy’s came through with flying color’s

  39. I have never won anything and I have never wanted to win anything more than this giveaway!have been dieng to get a big sky

  40. I already have a Timeline and a Mobius, and this contest has my other top three most wanted Strymon machines.

    Also, to the dude that asked about the lack of a submission button: try a different browser. Google Chrome doesn’t show the form, which is ironic since it was a Google form.

  41. just wanted to leave an honest comment to say how amazing your pedals are! I own the el capistan, ola and blue sky and they have made an incredible impact on my recordings and sounds.

  42. Thanks for putting this contest up, Strymon! I own a möbius and it is by far the best effects purchase I ave made thus far. Happy holidays to everyone over there!

  43. I pray I get to win this pedals, it’ll be used to glorify Jesus name. Strymon I love your pedals and all you guys create. I own a Bluesky.

  44. My husband would have a very exciting Christmas!
    Thanks for your kindness guys! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  45. What a great giveaway!! Mad props Jonathan F, for telling me about this!! Thank you strymon team, and merry Christmas!

  46. I’ve got a Timeline and Mobius and love them both; I would love to get (win) the Blue Sky, the El Capitstan and the compressor (the T-shirt and the hoodie would be a nice bonus). This would be all I want for Christmas. 🙂

  47. I Love all Strymon pedals, especially the TimeLine. Congratulations team, keep up the excellent work. Greetings from Mexico

  48. This is unbelievable I was thinking Strymon should do a holiday givaway. Low and behold you guy’s came through in flying color’s

  49. Thank you Strymon….you make great looking pedals. I hope to play 3 soon to hear their inner beauty as well .

  50. Man. You fellas sure know how to make a prize. Loved your big sky! Would really like to see what happens from the el cap and comp/boost!

  51. Strymon having this pedals, would be my firts analog pedals and that would be awesome. Thanks for extending this invitation. I hope I get the grand prize.

  52. Thank you Strymon forof your great pedals I have four and counting. It needs a good home I will give the Big Sky a great home and advertise it’s abilities on stage.

  53. This would be such a great win. Need a verb and a comp desperately. And been wanting an El Cap. Fingers crossed

  54. Nothing would be finer for Christmas than the best! Keep up the great work…looking forward to seeing what you have planned for next year. 🙂

  55. WOW! I would so much need some good pedals like El and ob.1! And what a sheer beauty the BigSky is!
    yesterday my pedal board ruined everything in the gig – I hope this will be the end of it!
    Thank you Strymon!

  56. WOW!!!! and its so great to see a contest that is FINALLY INTERNATIONAL!!!! and not only Restricted to the US!!!! what sweeeeeet giveaway!!!! really hoping i win this!!!!!!!

  57. woah impressive list of people already entering this competition, this shows how much they are desired by all of us….obviously I DREAM to win too!!

  58. Wow! I just learned about Strymon as I’ve been learning about pedals. Part of a church startup and playing electric, have limited funds and only a ds2 distortion pedal right now, so heck yeah, a setup like this would be epic. Crossing my fingers.

  59. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you guys so much for an opportunity like this. I recently got all my gear stolen (including a timeline) and these pedals would fill out my new board so well! Your stuff is amazing I loved the timeline while I had it.

  60. Strymon pedals would be an awesome addition to anyone’s pedal board, preferably mine…Lol. They are known for their outstanding quality and performance, with endless possibilities for sound creations and inhansements…

  61. Would be soooo happyyy to win these currently studying music at University so these would help indeed!!!

  62. Been drooling over the El Capistan for a long while now. If it wasn’t for this year being the worst ever I’d have one by now. It can’t stay this bad forever, can it?

    1. Hi Warland, It should say you submitted, but I did check and you are entered in the contest, so it did work 😀 Thanks!

  63. Great giveaway! I use my Flint and Ola for bass all the time and have a feeling these would be just as great!

  64. At this time of year, this is one give away that rates at the top, as there are a lot of ‘give away’ promotions out there, but this one has great items, of great quality, from a great staff and crew. Thanks you guys, for continuously raising the bar on quality products, for professional musicians, and novices as well. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

  65. m/ As a psychedelic rock artist, this would be the sweetest package of electronics to find under the christmas tree!!! Could always use a new t-shirt as well. Winning is winning in my book, whether it be big or small m/

  66. What a brilliant give away. I’d give my right arm for a big sky… Well metaphorically at least. It’d kind of mess up my guitar technique if I was literal about the limb sacrifice!

  67. I own the El Capistan, never had anything like it! Endles possibilities! If I win the first price I would probably trade it for another strymon pedal 🙂

  68. Happy Holidays from The Millers in Bloomington Illinois. Hope I win some pedals. I’ve never won a drawing.

  69. I already own a Strymon Big Sky, and i simply love it. I guess winning a Big Sky would help me make someone i know, less fortunate, to own one. It would make that person smile and that would warm my heart. Specially during X-mas time. Merci beaucoup Strymon!

  70. Any of these pedals would be a great addition to my studio. I have used a friends Big Sky. It is a fantastic unit & I only had a couple of days to use it…

  71. What a gift it would be to win this contest. I’d love to explore the limits of what these pedals have to offer, and use them to create some wonderful art. Good luck to everyone!

  72. Thank goodness for Pacific Standard Time! I’m up late in Indiana and luckily made it in the contest with less than an hour to spare! My whole pedal board fell out of the back of my truck after a gig one night… so I’m doing some experimenting with new pedals… O what a care package this would be! I hope santa checks his list three or four times this year!

  73. I make photos for a living and to do so what counts more than anything, LIGHT! To keep sane I play guitar with my band as often as I can. For that I use SOUND! Oh… and what beautiful sound comes from anything STRYMON! :->

  74. Guys I’m getting married 🙂 And thats why I need to have an ability to use optical compressor all the time when sg with my wife go wrong :):) The reverb it’s also needed – this is gonna be a hard time for me, BigSky make it more soft and warm:) And the mostly needed echo – to delay the wedding and also to scare my mother in law 🙂 I hope you fully understood the utmost importance and seriousness of this post :):):) Yeah – I’m going to be a perfect husband – but only with outstanding Strymon effects in my pedalboard 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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