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Happy New Year from the Strymon team!

Happy New Year 2016 from Strymon Engineering!

Happy new year from all of us at Strymon. We hope your 2016 will be filled with meaningful musical creations.

Take a listen to our 2015 recap playlist on Spotify. Looking forward to hearing your new songs this year!

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3 Responses

  1. Happy new year Strymon people. You look like a nice bunch. I hope you all have a great year. Make us another cool pedal for 2016!

  2. Thanks for the greeting – I really like your products…they seem to always be a cut above the field. Primarily due to quality, sound and expanded functionality. Happy New Year! Roger

  3. Happy New Year to the good folks at Strymon. I never did get over my obsession with the Blue Sky and El Cap. I’m still reveling in those tones.

    Is 2016 the year of the Pod killer? Hmmm? Come on! I know you’re thinking about it! One knob selects from 8-12 amp models another for cabinet variations, Gain, EQ and volume. Add Strymon effects to taste….Simple but done the Strymon way (killer tone).

    Sorry for imposing seeds. All the best to you!

    Peace – Gary

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